This year’s fall season will not only bring in cooler temperatures but also one of the coolest gadgets from one of the top tech brands— the Apple iPhone 15 series! We know the California-based giant tech company hardly fails to give their customers excellent upgrades with every new release. However, the big question right now is, is the next-gen 5G iPhone 15 really worth the wait? Only the Apple fans know what patience truly means. The new range is expected to bring a couple of amazing upgrades and features.

VoucherCodesUAE is here to map out all we know about the upcoming iPhone 13 range from Apple.

What you need to know about the iPhone 15

When is iPhone 13 getting released?

According to several leaks and rumors, we’re expecting the iPhone 13 to get released in September 2021(at the earliest) and this is seemingly on track. Hopefully this time, the pandemic will not affect its release as it did with its predecessor, the iPhone 12 (fingers crossed).

Hardware and Performance

iPhone 13

With iOS 15 coming this fall, the good news is with the launch, we can expect an enhanced performance as the iPhone 13 series come with Apple’s newest processor, referred to as the A15 Bionic processor. In addition, rumors have it that the iPhone 13 series will also double the storage Apple phones came with earlier. This means they will have massive storage of up to 1 TB. The Pro models could be available in 128GB, 512GB and 1 TB options that create a strong potential at each price point. We think the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini models, however, will retain the same 64/128/256GB storage options.

Models and Display

This upcoming iPhone from Apple will be available in 4 models with the same screen sizes. The ProMotion display in the upcoming series will come with a 120Hz refresh rate for the screens on the Pro models along with a new A15 chipset. This is how the screen size for the (rumored) 2021 iPhone 13 series could come as:

  • 5.4” for the iPhone 13 mini;
  • 6.1” for the iPhone 13;
  • Again 6.1” for iPhone 13 Pro;
  • 6.7” for iPhone 13Pro Max.


One big upgrade we’ve seen with the Apple phones every year is in the improvement in the battery life of these phones. The iPhone 13’s display with ProMotion technology is likely to adopt the LTPO (low-temperature polysilicon and oxide) technology that subsequently lowers its power consumption. So with enhanced features and better performance, this next-gen phone will still offer more battery life.


iPhone 13

Apple phones are known for their superior camera quality that helps capture flawless images. iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max as well as the iPad Pro brought with them the new LiDAR scanner to the back camera array for depth-sensing features. The iPhone 13 needs to keep up to this and offer something bigger and better than ever. The upcoming phone is set to come with an upgraded ultra-wide camera with autofocus going from 5P (f/2.4) and FF (fixed focus) to 6P (f/1.8) and AF (autofocus).

Further, the lenses will highlight upgraded image stabilization and clever beamforming mics. First of all the rear camera might have some interesting changes. Apple will allegedly add a sapphire glass covering all three lenses that make it look like a single camera instead of having three separate lenses.


iPhone 13

iPhone 12 Pro,

The new iPhone 13 design will not be very different from its prior series but will feature a shrunken notch (that section at the top of the device preventing it from having an ‘all-screen display’.) One of the most noticeable highlights in its design will be the eye-opening supersized rear cameras. The smartphone is said to feature flat sides and Apple is also reportedly considering ways to make the back of the devices easier to grip.

Based on popular customer demand, Apple may even release a pink edition of the iPhone 13 models in order to boost sales of the already existing bumper phone.


Regarding prices for the iPhone 13 range, there won’t be a very big margin compared to its predecessors. The range will most likely start from a minimum of AED 3549 for the base model while the pro max model will likely be priced at approximately AED 4300.

New Features

white iPhone 13 with earpods

In nutshell, these are the key features to share and make notes on the upcoming iPhone13 series due to release later this year:

  • 5G enabled;
  • A15 Bionic Processor;
  • Slight variation in design and notch shape;
  • Better battery life;
  • Enhanced cameras.

Will iPhone 13 be worth it?

Yes definitely! While the new series may not exactly be game-changers when it comes to Apple smartphones, they’re coming with some solid upgrades. From what we know (and what you too now know), iPhone 13 will be packed with features like never before and hence, it will definitely be worth the wait. But only time will tell, right?

So stay tuned to us for the latest updates and upgrades on this. For now, you can go and compare it to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 right here.

Please note that these features and all of the statements above are based on leaks and reports from tech reviewers and experts. None of these are confirmed as a fact till a final statement from Apple itself. However, these are most likely to be true.

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