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  • 1 Say Hello to Big Savings:


    Online shopping is incredibly secure and does not consume nearly as much time as regular shopping. You can buy almost everything online - from new household appliances to clothing, or even accessories for your car, from the same website.

    There’s nothing better than indulging in retail therapy from the comfort of your own home. It’s just so easy! All you need to do is find the website of a store you like, add items to your cart, and click checkout.

    Besides being incredibly efficient, online shopping gives you the advantage of using sites such as  VoucherCodesUAE, which not only helps you save time but also aids in saving money, big time!

    VoucherCodesUAE is the number 1 coupon site for massive daily discounts offered on different categories such as foodfashion, and electronics. Whether you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, VoucherCodesUAE has got you covered. The coupon codes are available across all Emirates for top brands, including  Noon Coupon Code,  6th Street coupon code Amazon UAE Promo Code, Groupon UAE Promo Code,and NowNow Coupon Code

  • 2 How is VoucherCodesUAE different from other sites?

    VoucherCodesUAE is always the first website to get coupon codes from all of your favorite stores. We are the most extensive database for discount codes in the U.A.E and the most used. We have a simple and effective user interface that allows for natural movement across the site, regardless of a person's level of competence with technologies. Our goal is to make things as time-efficient and as straightforward as possible. We have the best deals on travelactivitiesfashionfood and so much more. To put it quite simply, VoucherCodesUAE is different from other voucher code websites because we are bigger and better. We hope to give our customers the best deals and superb customer service. 

    How do you save with VoucherCodesUAE?

    VoucherCodesUAE brings you exclusive promotional codes and discount deals. A promotional code is a unique set of numbers, letters, or words that an online website understands as a means to lower the price of your order. A deal is usually more reliable and specific. An example of a deal is 'buy one get one free' or 'buy one get one 50% off.’ No unique sequence of numbers or letters is needed for a deal to work. You need to follow the requirements.

    Promotional codes are used at checkout. When checking out on the website of your choice, look for the specific section that says 'Add a coupon,' 'coupon code,' 'discount deals,' or something else of the sort. It will usually be a small space that you can click and type in the code. Copy the code from the VoucherCodesUAE website, and paste it on the bar. The final checkout price is automatically reduced. For example, if your total bill before using the coupon was 50 AED, using the coupon code offering 10% off will reduce the price to AED 45.

    How do you find a promo code on VoucherCodesUAE?

    Go to the home page, find a brand that you like, and click it. There will be descriptions of several offers/deals and buttons that say “Show online code” or “Get the online deal.” Click one of these, and the code will be made available to you. In another tab, you will be redirected to the home page of the brand you chose, so that you may quickly start to shop, without the worry of using the wrong website. If you have any questions or concerns, you can take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us. We will get back to you with an answer, a detailed set of instructions, or whatever else you may need as soon as possible. The search bar on the top of the page helps you locate the exact coupon code for the correct store you are looking for.


    Did someone say cashback?

    During certain offers, you can win Gift Cards when you shop online with promo codes from VoucherCodesUAE. You can also share your account code with friends, and whenever they buy, you will earn cashback. The amount of cashback will vary depending on your purchase, the deal, and the frequency at which you use VoucherCodesUAE deals. If you have any comments or questions, please Contact Us.

  • 3 Growing E-commerce in the Middle East

    There is no need to worry about shopping online. Cautious, yes. Scared? No. As mentioned above, it is always wise to do Cash On Delivery or use a credit card to make an online purchase. The growth of e-commerce in the Middle East has been comparatively slow as compared to other developed countries. However, researchers have opined that MENA is going to be the next big growth market for e-commerce. Amazon’s penetration in the market, as well as Noon’s fierce competition to the e-commerce giant, proves the statement. It is time to get over your fear of buying things online because it not only gives you an added advantage of offers and discounts, but it is the future of the market. Be cautious, and be aware, that is all it takes to become a smart shopper today. 

  • 4 Student discounts


    University students get exclusive voucher codes with extra discounts on select offers. Sign in to VoucherCodesUAE with a valid university email address (usually ending with .edu or .ac), input your information and wait for a confirmation email. Once this is complete, you'll have access to the special student discounts on VoucherCodesUAE Students. You will not be able to access student discount codes without a valid email address from an educational facility. 

  • 5 Price comparison

    It is important to us that our customers find the very best deals on whatever items they wish to own. For this reason, we suggest comparing prices of an item across several different stores in the UAE. This can be done on sites such as or by contacting the brand of a specific item. Our aim is to help you save big on any item, regardless of whether we have a voucher for it or not. 

    Products of the week

    This section contains some of the most popular products of the month from leading websites. VoucherCodesUAE ensures you get access to the products, so the featured products come attached with the best possible deal on the site.

  • 6 Things to do


    There are thousands of fun activities to indulge in across the U.A.E. VoucherCodesUAE has deals for many of these, including water parks like Aquaventure and Yas Waterworld. We also have codes and deals for some of the biggest attractions in the U.A.E, including La PerleKidzania and the Dubai Frame. Be especially aware of seasonal deals, as more discounts are often available during holidays. 

    Travel deals

    VoucherCodesUAE has deals and codes from some of the biggest travel brands in the region, such as Emirates and Etihad Airlines. You will save money on flights across the world, hotels, and activities. Thanks to VoucherCodesUAE, you'll never again have to worry about overspending on your trip. Fly wherever you like, stay wherever you like, do whatever you like. 

  • 7 Share your codes

    If you'd like VoucherCodesUAE to display your companies' codes on our website, please Contact Us with all necessary information and details. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • 8 Smart Online Shopping Tips
    1. To stay in the loop about new trends in fashion, and new awesome deals on food, we suggest you sign up for our newsletter and follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will be the first to learn about amazing deals and discounts from major brands. We also suggest taking a look at our Blog for information on hand-picked items, how to stay up to date with trends, and lots of other articles and interesting, useful information. 
    2. Clear your browsing history between shopping excursions. Websites collect cookies and alter their prices based on their audience. This is especially important to remember when buying airline tickets. Clear your browsing history before checking prices again, and they're likely to be lower.
    3. Do your research. Make sure that the website you purchase items from is real and safe. VoucherCodesUAE takes care of this for you when we automatically redirect you to a page, but it is important to be careful on your own. Look at the reviews for a website if you've never used it before and make sure it's not a scam site.
    4. Read the fine print. Check for the https:// in the URL. That is an indication of a reputable website. Make sure you read the privacy notice, product details and return policy. The aim is to know everything about your item before you buy it.
    5. Always keep documentation and proof of your order. Write down your order number, screenshot pages and save confirmation emails. It's always better to have information and not need it than need information and not have it.
    6. Beware of online deals (especially on social media) that look suspicious. If a company is advertising rare or special items for extremely low prices, or for free (usually with just shipping charge) it's often a scam. They will either take your money and not send you an item, or send you an item that is definitely not what you ordered.
    7. If you have issues with an online site scamming you or not sending you the (correct) product, don't hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau. Make sure you know your rights.
    8. Don't click suspicious links, they could easily be phishing scams. Sometimes fraudulent websites pretending to be reputable ones in an attempt to get personal information like credit card numbers. This is a phishing scam, be aware of it.
    9. Make sure your computer is protected with reputable and effective anti-virus software. Don't accept a download into your computer if you don't know what it is.
    10. Always use either credit card or cash on delivery. Optimally, the website you are purchasing items from will have an option to pay cash on delivery. If this is possible, choose it. That way, if anything goes wrong, you will be protected. If cash on delivery is not an option, use your credit card instead. It is much easier to dispute a charge on a credit card than on a debit or Gift Card. This is a simple way to protect yourself.
    11. Always be sure to have a secure personal internet/wifi connection before shopping online. Using open, not secure or public wifi puts your personal information like credit card numbers, name, home address and contact information at risk.
    12. Look at shipping information before you check out. Not only should you be certain that you've put the correct address or are sending your package to the right place, but you must also check for shipping fees. If you are shipping internationally, often the cost will be quite expensive. Use external shipping companies if you want overseas delivery in order to combat the high prices.
    13. Prices fluctuate based on the day. Often, prices will be higher on weekends than on weekdays. Make sure you know the right day(s) to shop for any given item in order to get the best price. This is especially important when buying airline tickets.
    14. Compare. Compare. Always compare prices among several different websites. Websites will hike up the prices for increased profit margin, but other websites will have the true, low price. 
    15. Don't forget to use coupons! VoucherCodesUAE has new deals every day and all of our websites and redirecting links are completely safe and reputable!
  • 9 VoucherCodesUAE Blog

    We have one of the most efficient blogs to keep you engaged on all that is trending. We share stories, tips, news, fashion and lifestyle on our daily blog besides sharing exclusive coupon codes and deals of the day. Checking our blog keeps you updated with trends and delivers codes which you may have missed. Subscribing to our blog means you get the weekly newsletter on your mail every Tuesday with leading stories and hyped promotional codes.

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