The holiday season is over, and the next big thing on the calendar is Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 14th of February every year. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the special bond, whether that’s going out on a romantic lunch date to a nice restaurant or setting up a special dinner at home. But if you’re looking for exciting Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make the special people in your life, feel all the more special, then we’re here to help.

Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or something sentimental, our list spans a variety of options. We’ve picked the 10 best gift ideas while considering factors such as quality, personalization, pricing, and practicality. Each gift idea is picked to grant your day together a dash of romance. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Top 10 exciting Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your loved ones

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1. Perfumes

Valentines day gift ideas

Tease Candy Noir Eau de Parfum for Women, AED: 375

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Whether you have big plans for Valentine’s Day or just want a low-key celebration at home, a good gift can lift the mood. And when it comes to gifting, perfumes are a universal option perfect for any occasion. A new fragrance is surely going to make your special one happy. And, if you’re struggling with a decent perfume, this luxe number from Victoria’s secret is an excellent choice. Offering a distinctive composition of juicy fruits like pear, litchi, orange, and red apple, and charming flowers like sweet pea, jasmine, and freesia, it makes a perfect gift.

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2. A watch

grey watch for men

Daniel Hechter CARRE Round Dial Analog Watch, AED: 293

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Watches make a great gift, thanks to their practicality. Unlike many others, it’s a splendorous mechanical marvel and can mark a special romantic milestone. Beyond that, watches also happens to make an irresistibly stylish accessory that can complement any outfit choice. Most importantly, gifting a watch is also a constant reminder to the recipient of your presence each time they glance at their wrist. Plus, there’s a watch to suit every style and personality, so you can always find something excellent for your special person.

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3. Flower arrangements

roses for valentine's day

Majestic Roses, AED: 379

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Our Valentine’s Day gift ideas list is incomplete without the classic flower arrangements. Flowers are a delight to gift and receive for Valentine’s Day and every special occasion. You just need to choose the right bouquet to make any loved one smile. Opt for the sophisticated arrangement of red roses or something bright and cheery like sunflowers. You can even order them online. Ferns and Petal houses an exquisite arrangement of flowers that you can order and has sent to your loved ones.

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4. Savory Chocolates

chocolates in golden wrapper in a platter

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Chocolates are a universal language for a good reason: they symbolize affection, attraction, love, luxury, passion, and sensuality. And historically speaking no other gift can represent love like chocolates. Gifting chocolate has been infused into the celebration between lovebirds for a long time. And it just works, as it’s a treat that most enjoy, especially if your loved ones have a sweet tooth then it’ll surely pique their interest. So, this chocolate day gift your loved ones a box of savory chocolates. 

5.  Jewelry

Jewelry for valentines day

Una pendant: Heart, Medium, Pink, Rhodium plated, AED: 432.50


6. A feature-packed gadget

gift for valentines day

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (512 GB) – Deep Purple, AED: 3599

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While traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas such as flowers, and chocolates are great, tech gadgets make one useful and cool gift. So, if you have a gadget nerd in your life, you might want to pick a feature-packed gadget that your other half can use.

From the latest cameras to nice-sounding speakers, and handy massagers to health-tracking fitness watches, there is a wide variety of options. If you want to go the extra mile, you can gift a spectacular mobile phone like the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Don’t forget to use our discount code to save on your purchase.

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7. A beauty kit

Beauty kit

TATCHA Clarifying Essentials, AED: 342

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If the special person in your life is a beauty fanatic, then we can assure you that a beauty kit makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. They’re universally appreciated, thanks to their usefulness. However, make sure that you do thorough research before buying a beauty kit.

A few things to consider are your partner’s skin type, texture, review of the products, and product ingredients. There are also beauty kits comprising mini-size and full-size in a single kit, so you can opt for those for a better value. And when it comes to premium quality beauty products, Sephora is the perfect store to rely on.

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8. A message in a bottle

Valentines day gift ideas

Capsule Letters Message in Bottle Love Letter Half Color Pill 30 Pcs, AED: 75.39

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Customize a sentimental gift for your loved ones by gifting them a bottle filled with cute and romantic messages. Whether it’s for a significant other, parent, friend, or child, handwritten notes are a sincere way to show your appreciation. And this bottle of capsule pills will be the best choice.

The bottle contains 30 pcs of capsules, with a blank note inside each pill where you can jot down your messages. So, if you want to gift something meaningful and sentimental, it makes for a perfect gift.

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9. A Gift card

giftcard for valentine's day

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While gift cards don’t make for a romantic gift like flowers and chocolates, it’s still a safe option, especially if you’re still confused or afraid you might not get it right. Such, times call for getting something unique and innovative to woo your loved ones. Instead of giving them whatever you’ve picked for them, you give them the freedom to choose exactly what they want. Plus, with gift cards, you don’t have to worry about going wrong with gifting.

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10. A romantic gateway

Valentine's day gift ideas

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, it doesn’t have to be limited to materialistic gifts. Rather, you can gift a surprise trip, that you both can go on and spend some quality time together. Just ensure that the schedules are clear before making a booking. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, it can be a quick weekend getaway to a favorite attraction or activity.

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With that, we conclude our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. We hope that our list was able to help you make a choice. There are various other options that you can consider, however, giving gifts is just a tradition, the most important gift is the love, affection, care, and respect you have for each other. But a little something is always appreciated. Happy Valentine’s Day!