In less than a year, East by Noon has won over the UAE customers, thanks to its wide range of products. The home-grown e-commerce has challenged the likes of Amazon in the region, and the winning streak happens to be their own brand; east.

Launching with over 100 items, noon was aware of the competition and swiftly beat the competitors at competitive prices. Customers have loved the ‘east by noon items’ collection because of its simplicity and sensibility. The designs are classic and suit anyone with a fine taste.

VoucherCodesUAE handpicks nine noon’s east items for you to check it out. It may be hard to resist, but it is totally worth it, and who knew, you never knew you needed!

Your entire kitchen set only at AED 135 or less!

18-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

East by Boon best items - check it out.

Just name the kitchen essential and you’ll have it in this set. From saucepan to casseroles, to steamer and heat resistant mat, this set includes 18 kitchen items in total. If you have recently moved to a new house, or revamped your kitchen, then this is a must-buy noon’s east collection. Grabbing the product now will help you avail of 50% off on-site, and with added discounts from VoucherCodesUAE, these mirror-finished sets will be worth every money spent and saved.

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20000 mAh Compact Power Bank

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We often underestimate the importance of power banks in our lives. Your phone dying on you just when you need to make an urgent call is definitely an alarming situation. For safety reasons and more, a power bank can come in extremely handy for travelers and for those who need to be on top of their game. The higher the power capacity, the simpler the design and portability, the better the power bank is. Noon’s east 20000 mAh high capacity power bank is lightweight and long-lasting. The dual charge power bank comes in four brilliant colors; black, white, green and grey.

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12-Piece Arabic Cawa Cup Set

Delicate, beautifully designed East by Noon items.

Want to make a lasting impression when guests come over? Then don’t hesitate to invest in a good set of teacups. Noon’s east has a unique fusion tea set comprising of porcelain cups that holds 70 ml of beverage and comes in gold and silver variety. The jar looks a bit like Alladin’s lamp, perfect for an Arabian tea experience in the comfort of your house.

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Black Fitted Bedsheet with Pillowcase

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The brand has surprisingly excelled at home décor, and the King Black bedsheet is the clear winner. The dynamic black bedsheet and pillow cover adds the aesthetics to any given room, but more importantly, the microfiber fabric is ideal for winter weather. The soft texture of the sheet not only makes you have an endless love affair with your bed but also helps modulate temperature similar to that of a weatherproof jacket. If black isn’t your color then there are pastel alternatives that will have you raving for your bedroom’s makeover.

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Backpack among east by noon items.

The evolution of backpacks has taught us that bags aren’t just meant to be carried. Backpacks need to protect all your belongings and keep them safe from any harmful exterior conditions. East by noon‘s lightweight backpack is water-resistant and features multifunctions that includes multiple pockets for extra security and spacious compartments for sufficient storage capacity.

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Lightning Cable For iPhone

Innovative east by noon products.

This cable isn’t the one that will cost you your expensive iPhone. The MFi certified Noon’s east cable ensures hassle-free and efficient charging. The braided black cables come in various lengths and is made of sturdy materials so there is no damage incurred despite the reckless bending. The highlight of this charger is the super speed syncing capacity and data transfers at the speed of up to 480 Mbps simultaneously.

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Towel Set Cotton

Towels and other east by noon items.

Never underestimate the power of good hygiene at home, made effective by clean towels. Noon’s east’s cotton towel set for face, hands, and body is a must-buy if you are using a worn-out towel at home. The 8-piece face towel set is designed to make a lasting impression with its plush fabric. It is super absorbent and extra soft to prevent skin from chafing. Available in exotic colors including Aubergine and Anthracite.

Use Noon code: YAS

5-In-1 Breakfast Maker

Appliances and other east by noon products.

Make the most important meal of the day the best meal of the day with Noon’s east’s 5-in-1 Breakfast Maker. Made of stainless steel, the set includes interchangeable plates for toasting sandwiches, making burger patties, waffles, hash browns, donuts and grilling food items. The non-stick body makes the plates easy to clean, making the breakfast ritual easy and efficient. With 54% off on the products, this breakfast maker is definitely worth it.

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6-Piece Granite/Marble Coated Aluminium Cookware Set

Granite pans to buy with east by noon items.

Yet another kitchen item, because Noon’s east has pretty much excelled in rendering affordable and high-quality kitchen items. The marble coated aluminum cookware set is one of the best-selling Noon’s east items, thanks to the specialty of 3 layers of granite hybrid coating with its non-rusty and non-sticky quality. The PTFE and PFOA free utensils make it safe to use over time, and it is very interesting to look at.

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