Iftar, also known as futoor, is the evening meal during Ramadan, with which Muslims end their daily fast at sunset. Futoor is very much a social event and involves family and community gatherings. It is common for people to host dinners for others or gather as a community for a potluck.

If you’re invited to join someone for Iftar, gifts are a nice gesture that conveys your gratitude in the best way possible. So what’s a thoughtful gift other than a Majhool? Here below, you can find some of the best gifts you can bring in for an Iftar.  VoucherCodesUAE lists the craziest offers and deals from your favorite brands that are sure to make your shopping much merrier. Check our top discounts on brands and express your affection towards your loved ones this Ramadan.

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 10 beautiful gifts to bring in for an Iftar party

1. Bouquets from 800Flower

800 Flower

White purity bouquet

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Nothing says Thank You better than a mesmerizing arrangement of fresh flowers from 800Flower. Flowers look pretty, smell great, and fill every place with calm and positive vibes. This beautiful purity bouquet is the perfect example. 800Flowers’ signature collection has the most natural flowers sourced directly from farms across the world. This White purity bouquet can also be customized easily to contain chocolates or nuts of different types.

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Price: AED 495.00

2. A leatherette box of assorted dates

Assorted Dates

Box of assorted mixed dates

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This authentic Emarati homegrown date from ‘The Date Room’ is produced and packed to luxury standards. These dates are created with an emphasis on promoting healthy dietary dates, especially for date lovers. The sugar content on these dates will be a perfect reward for your host every time they break their fast. 

Price: AED 135

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3. Colorful abayas for her

Colourful Abayas

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A beautiful set of abayas from SIVVI would make an excellent gift for your hostess during the Iftar party. With the arrival of Ramadan, modest clothing is encouraged during this holy month. Gifting these colorful abayas to ladies can ease their Ramadan routine a little. 

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4. Prayer rug, cap, and Tasbeeh

Prayer Rug

Turkish prayer rug

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Dhikr is a form of Islamic meditation and is also known to be the soul of Ramadan. Therefore, there can’t be any better present than a prayer rug and a Tasbeeh. You can gift anyone with this beautiful Ramadan prayer set from Amazon. This will surely enhance their praying experience during the month of Ramadan.

Price: AED 177.68

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5. An aroma lamp

Aroma Lamp

Soapstone lamp

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During Ramadan, a traditional fragrance lamp is lit in every house. These lamps from Amazon are not only beautiful but also affordable. You can gift this amazing aroma soapstone lamp as a gift to your loved ones this holy month. Simply place some water in the soapstone bowl. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and relax as the scent slowly diffuses in your room.

Price: AED 44.99

6. Turkish bowl set

Turkish set

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Each of these ceramic bowls is hand-painted for you by the best Turkish artisans. These bowls are a great gift idea especially if you’ve been invited over for an Iftar. The best thing about these ceramic bowls by Ladem Group is that they are Cadmium & lead-free.

Price: AED 70.00

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7. Attar by Amouage for him


Amouage attar from Perfume UAE

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Attars are known to be one of the best perfumes because they are alcohol-free and also have a very soothing smell. Attar by Amouage has a supreme opulence of Saffron that coils around a deeply sensual Rose Centifolia. It is a luxurious blend of saffron & rose under leathery fumes of burning Cade wood. You can present this attar from Perfume UAE to your host which is sure to keep him smelling fresh all day long.

Price: AED 2,349.00

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8. A Turkish coffee set

Coffee Set

Sufi star coffee-set

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After an Iftar, some people stick to their regular drinking habits of tea or coffee. This 6-piece Turkish set from noon is:

  • Perfect for serving tea and coffee
  • It is crafted with premium quality material 
  • An attractive finish makes it a great addition to a serve ware collection

The color that’s most suited as a gift to give in Ramadan is ‘gold’ as this color shrieks the vibe of Ramadan and its culture.

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Price: AED 96.00

9. Scented reed diffuser


Scented reed diffuser

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Reed diffusers are a smoke-free, healthy way to fragrance your home with your favorite essential oil. If your friends have not already invested in a scented reed diffuser, you can give them one from noon!

Highlights of the product:

  • Noon east’s Scented Reed Diffuser has an elusive yet blissful fragrance 
  • It’s not just known for its fancy ingredients but also sets the occasional mood right
  • This gorgeous reed diffuser has no flame or heat
  • This diffuser is suitable for homes, offices, and settings where candles aren’t permissible

You can choose from various colors including rose, lavender, sandalwood, orange blossom, citrus, and many more!

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Price: AED 14.00

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10. Giftcards to fulfill the needs of your loved one

Gift Cards

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During an Iftar party, if you cannot think of any particular gift, then shopping for a gift card from al giftcards is the best option. Browse through the various e gift card options and choose the one you want to send your host. You can have an easy interface and secure payment gateway to send the gift card of your choice. Since these e-gift cards are valid for a long period, your host can use them at their convenience. 

We hope that your host will fall in love with one of these amazing gifts for which he/she will be eternally grateful to you.

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