How far can you go to prove your love for mangoes? You may indulge in multiple mango varieties, order mango  online throughout the season, or add them to all your summer recipes! But would you buy mango online in UAE at the price of diamonds or have it delivered on a luxury vehicle?

VoucherCodesUAE brings you two incredible stories about how precious The King of Fruit really is to some people. Can you beat them to become the ultimate mango lover? Or are you a regular mango eater who would rather order some mangoes online? Read on to find out.

1. A Task Force To Protect Your Mango?

miyazaki mango

In the past month, a couple has been creating headlines in India. Here’s why.

The two fruit lovers from Madhya Pradesh, India have hired nine dogs and two guards to protect their two mango trees! Why has the couple taken this draconian measure one might question?

Well, the mangoes that the Indian couple has grown belong to the Miyazaki Mango variety.  This means that these belong to the breed of most expensive mangoes in the World. There are many importers selling the best mangoes in UAE. So you may have enjoyed crates of Alphonso Mangoes from India over the last few summers. But with news surfacing of Miyazaki mango cultivation in India, you may soon be able to enjoy the most expensive mango in UAE too!

What Is The Miyazaki Mango?

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This special mango variety originates in the Fukuoka Island, Japan. Miyazaki mangoes are named after the Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu where this variety is extensively grown since 1984. The Japanese call these mangoes “Taiyo no Tomago” or “Eggs of Sunshine”. Unlike regular pelican mangoes, the Fukuoka mango variety will enrapture you with its flaming red flesh. The inside has a jelly-like consistency which makes the Miyazaki mango taste sweet and airy.

Why Is The Fukuoka Mango So Expensive?

Miyazaki mango in UAE

The International prices of these mangoes have been pegged at INR 2.7 lakh per kilogram! Which means these Japanese Miyazaki Mango price in UAE will be a fortune of around AED 10000! These mangoes require special climatic conditions to grow in. So they are currently found in only a few countries in South East Asia such as Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Can You Order Miyazaki Mango online in UAE?

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There are some websites in UAE offering Premium Japanese mangoes, but they are not Fukuoka. If you’re a mango lover in UAE, you may still enjoy the best quality mangoes this season on many home delivery websites. Choose from a range of competitive prices on noon daily. The home delivery service in Dubai offers fresh groceries, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and more to your doorstep.

2. A Lamborghini to Deliver Your Mangoes?

Lamborghini mango delivery

Are you bored in the house during a lockdown? Or do you have kids who are bored with you? Well, This Pakistani Super Market in Dubai has come up with an interesting remedy to cheer you up!

Enjoy Pakistani Mangoes Straight Outta Lambo

mango on a lambo

Order your mango fruit online in UAE and get it delivered on a Lamborghini. The initiative was started by the Pakistan Supermarket during the 2020 lockdown. The service still continues in 2021. So you can experience a taste of luxury and chase your lockdown blues away. The Lamborghini home delivery service is only operational in Dubai as of now.

How to Order Mangoes on a Lamborghini?

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The ordering process is simple. All you need to do is log in to Facebook and like the Pakistan Supermarket UAE page. After that just send a message saying you want to order mangoes online. And Voila! The customer representatives will have your king of fruit delivered royally.

3. UAE Order Mango Online Via noon Services

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Prefer the ordinary more than luxury? Well, you can still have good quality mangoes home delivered to you from noon daily or NowNow. Here are some delicious mangoes in UAE available from importers all over the World. Order them via the noon daily app and website and save with a noon daily coupon code.  You can also opt for instant delivery with the NowNow app.

Kesar Mango

Indian mango online in uae

noon Daily-AED 12.50

This mango variety originates in India. Kesar means “Saffron”, so you’ll be able to taste a flowery and delicious sweetness in these Indian mangoes.

Dasheri Mango


Dasheri mangoes are another special offering from the Indian variety. These are longish and oval shaped. Dasheri mangoes taste incredibly sweet and smell fragrant too.

Order Alphonso Mango Online in UAE

order Alphonso mango online UAE

Carrefour UAE- AED 8.40

The Alphonso Mango is known As the King of mangoes. The best Alphonso mangoes in India are imported to the United Arab Emirates every year. This year too, you can order Alphonso mango online in Dubai via Carrefour UAE.

Sindri Mango from Pakistan


noon Daily-AED 7

Get the best mangoes from Pakistan from BarakatFresh UAE. You can enjoy these unripe by pickling them, or store them for up to a week and enjoy them as ripe mangoes.

Brazil Mangoes

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noon Daily- AED 75

These half ripe mangoes are originate in Brazil. They are a popular variety much loved by UAE residents.

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