Spike on electricity bills during summer is so unapologetic. You either pay heavy bills for the air conditioners or you tolerate the scorching heat. However, with the introduction of energy efficient air conditioners you can save a lot of money while beating the heat. The key is to find the right one.

VoucherCodesUAE is here to help filter the top-rated energy efficient air conditioners.

LG Dualcool Split Air Conditioner

Price:  AED 2199

Power: 240/50 V

Weight: 11.6 Kg

Rated 5 star in EER, the dual inverter compressor constantly adjusts to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation. The AC cools 60% faster than others which means there is 65% energy saving or more. It works smoothly even in soaring temperatures above 50 degrees, so we know, it is one of the best AC’s to own in the lethal weather of UAE. Added to that, the compressor has the world s most low sound-producing vibration technology, so the function is silent, durable and efficient. Buy on Noon.com and get extra 10% off from VoucherCodesUAE.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton AR18KCFHRWK

Price: AED 1446.90

Power: 2510 watts

Weight: 70 Kg

The fast cooling mode of this AC cools the room 16 times faster than the general mode, ensuring you get instant relief from the sweltering heat. Crafted with an energy-efficient digital inverter with a SEER 10.1 rating, the desired temperature is maintained without you having to frequently switch the AC on and off, therefore ensuring the energy consumption is way less. The 3 care filter helps to keep the air fresh and clean by eliminating 99% of allergens.

Generic Mini Portable Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Price: AED 125.95

Power: unknown

Weight: 912 g

Talk about easy comfort with Mini Portable Energy Efficient Air Conditioner with a water capacity of 380 ml. Simple, lightweight and portable design has this mini air conditioner become an ultimate favorite of travellers and campers. Suitable for outdoor activities, you can carry the portable AC where ever you go. It is not only energy efficient but efficient in all levels. Noon has an exclusive offer of over 15% off and VoucherCodesUAE has an added 10% off for anything and everything.

Super General Window Air Conditioner

Price: AED 944.50

Power: 220-240 V

Weight: 61 Kg

Featuring a high-quality rotary compressor, Super General Window AC is designed to be energy-efficient, producing low noise and rendering consistent cooling throughout the room. Direct cooling system is best to beat the humidity in UAE. Noon.com offers the best deal for this AC compared to other platforms where the price of the same product is almost 20% more. Plus, it comes with a year’s warranty.

Hitachi 2 Ton Split AC Conditioner

Price: AED 2099

Power: 230 V

Weight: 69.3 Kg

This split AC is rated 5-star when it comes to Energy Efficiency Ratio and reviewers have hailed the good cooling capacity of the product. Note, that because it cools fast, it saves electricity consumption. Its feature also boasts a Lambda heat exchanger as an energy efficient function besides air purifier with Nano Titanium WASABI Air Purifying Filter. It comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.

Blue Star Split Air Conditioner 24000 Btu – E2Hw24Chyra

Price: AED 1651.20

Power: 230 V

Weight: 14 Kg

Its neat and meticulous design of the air outlet guarantees powerful airflow, almost instantly cooling the room. The anti-dust filters assures clean air circulation, so this is the air conditioner which is high on efficiency but low on energy consumption. It has a capacity of 2 ton and comes with one year warranty.