When is daughter’s day 2020 in UAE?

Children are possibly the best gift parents can receive. The joy of having little ones cannot compare to anything. No doubt time flies, and it seems as if they grow up in the blink of an eye. With the ever-growing busy schedule in everyone’s lives, occasions like these give you the opportunity to catch up with your little or maybe not-so-little ones. When is daughter day 2020 in UAE? This celebration is observed every year on the 4th Sunday of September. This year, it falls on September 27 and VoucherCodesUAE presents to you ways you can celebrate having a daughter in your life.

What you can do for your daughter on Daughter’s Day in UAE?

Plan a day out

Daughter's Day in UAE in 2020

Doesn’t matter what age your daughter is, you can always plan for a day out with her. Besides, this could make for the perfect opportunity to spend some parent-daughter quality time. You could take her to places that’ll amuse her. If your daughter is older, how about going somewhere you went when she was little? You can relive the memories and have an amazing time together. Book tickets to the best of attractions from TicketsToDo.com and get the best prices like no other.

Shower them with gifts

when is Daughter's Day in UAE celebration of 2020

What could be better or more pleasing than receiving something one really likes? Literally nothing! There are just so many things you can surprise your daughter with depending on their age. Here are some amazing gift ideas to please your little ones:

For the really young ones

Little children would obviously prefer nothing better than toys for gifts, right? Here’s a list of some of the best toys for kids. Present these to your little one and let playtime begin! Not only will these amuse them, but the list also includes puzzles and tumbling blocks that are good for sharpening young minds. So it’s a win-win both ways!

Also, here are some really pretty casual wear from H&M you can get for your daughter.

For the teens and older

Teenage daughters would like to be presented anything from fashion goods to cosmetics, perfumes, books, electronics, and well, the list might go on.

For the latest products in fashion, you can check out VogaCloset. They have the trendiest of stuff and a lot of options for you to choose from. Pick just anything at all and we’re pretty sure your daughter is gonna love it! Use the code “BXB22” to get a 40%+an extra 15% off on a wide range of women’s fashion items. It will be an awesome gift for a daughters day in UAE!

For the widest variety of fragrances, lotions, shower gels, gift sets, and more, Bath & Body Works has to be your go-to site. Also, if you plan to shop form here, you’re in luck! There’s a massive sale going on with products starting at just AED 12. You can use the code “DC060” to get an extra 10% off on all items.

For books, electronics, and the latest gadgets, it has to be Amazon. Use the code “AMAZON15” to get an extra 15% off on your first purchase.

Gift Cards

Still not sure what to gift your little one on Daughter’s Day? This option will definitely not fail you. A gift card from al giftcards would make the perfect gift for you to present to her. From versatile global brands to the best UAE-based houses, they have it all. With so many top brands available, you will never run out of options while looking for the ideal gift cards on the website.

Prepare her favorite meal

Daughter's Day in UAE ideas how to celebrate

You sure know what your daughter relishes, so prepare her favorite meal and let her eat to her heart’s content. Besides, if she loves binging on fast food, you must be telling her not to all the time because of health reasons. But this is her day so for once, maybe you can let her binge on whatever she wants. If you’re not up for some cooking, you can always order in whatever she likes. Whether its pizzas or burgers have those delivered right at your doorstep by Deliveroo.

Use the code “NEW2DLVR1” and get AED 10 off on your first 2 orders.

Spend some quality time

when is a day to celebrate Daughter's Day in UAE

Celebrating doesn’t only mean with fancy parties and lavish gifts. You can even celebrate Daughter’s Day in UAE right at home spending some quality time and catching up with your daughter. Watch movies, paint, read, cook, or bake together, organize a family game night and end it with some delicious dinner. It’s all about having a nice time with your daughter and making the most out of this day.

You can probably end the day telling her how special she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life. The point is to make this day all about her!

Here’s wishing all the Daughters in the world, a very Happy Daughter’s Day 2020 in UAE!

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