The lethal Dubai summer has every individual gasping for cool air. While some have taken refuge in the Mediterranean and the Far East for an exotic summer getaway, some are confined in the house, with only an air conditioner to help beat the heat.

At this time, is offering an exclusive offer on home decoration products and we thought, why not use this as an opportunity to summer proof your house? The added discounts and coupon codes available on VoucherCodesUAE gives an extra edge for you to renovate your house in the most cost-effective price for your maximum advantage.

Sheet preferences

With over 50% off on bed sheets, use the offer to get yourself a sheet in light cool colors, so that the sunlight is reflected rather than absorbed. We suggest blue, white, green and beige. Opt for sheets made out of natural fibers such as cotton and linen as the fabric helps soak the moisture off the body, thus making it cool.

Light-absorbing curtains

In stark contrast to light bed sheets, get yourself a dark light-absorbing curtains so that the sunlight is blocked to a good degree. Or if light curtains are more suited to your aesthetics, you can purchase a set of blackout shades that can be slipped behind your draped.

Grow plants

Another trick to keep your home cool in summer is to plant trees and greens in and around your home area. It doesn’t have to be on a massive scale, even a small indoor plant such as aloe vera can help make a major difference.

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Switch to LED lights

The environment friendly lights have so many advantages over incandescent bulbs. Not only is the electricity consumption lesser, cheaper and effective, but LED lights don’t produce heat through carbon emission like that of incandescent bulbs.

Store for space

If you have noticed, heavily adorned and cramped room is way hotter than the rest of the house. That is because the air circulation is inconsistent and the way to avoid that is to get a smart storage. Declutter your house with strategic placing of closets and drawers. Noon has exciting offers on storage and organization category. VoucherCodesUAE gives you over 70% off on those items. Try minimalist living this summer, spend wisely and remain cool throughout the season.