Bring on your A-game and enter 2021 in style with the most expected fashion trends. Stay ahead of others and upgrade your wardrobe with these fashion pieces we present to you in your budget!

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Fashion trends to get on board in 2021

1. Oversized Jackets and Blazers

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Play with shapes and create a longline silhouette with oversized blazers. We chose the Trendyol oversized double-breasted blazer with padded shoulders to elongate your structure. You can pair them with jeans, shorts or even straight leg trousers for a chic look. Also, you easily go from a minimal aesthetic look to straight forward chic with few statement jewelry pieces. You can tone it down to a casual look with a plain white Tshirt and a pair of straight jeans. Find out the current fashion trends!

Tip: Neutrals and charcoal are the color palette most suited for this trend. But don’t be afraid to play with colors while you are at it. You can get 5% off on all your order even on the already discounted items with the code “OK46”.

2. Conscious Collection

Fashion trends 2021


Conscious consumption is better than anything. Sustainable clothing is here to stay and we are all for it! H&M exclusive clothing collection is making a commendable effort by introducing materials such as Hemp, Tencel lyocell, and nylon blend in their collection. These fashion trends 2021 are not just stylish, but better for the whole world as well!

We chose this Lyocell-blend blouse from their Conscious Clothing collection. Check out other dresses, suits, and even jewelry from the collection to add to your wardrobe. Use the code “DEC553” to get 10% off on your orders from H&M.

3. Painted denim

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Painted and tie-dye denim have made it into our list of fashion trends 2021 to expect this year! The beauty of this trend lies in the DIY aspect. Think it of as the next quarantine hobby, a good way to renew your jeans. Trying to cover up stained jeans? Paint over it! An easy and sustainable way to make your jeans live a little longer and be a lot more aesthetic.

We chose the Boohoo Tie Dye Hooded dress with paint splatter. Pair it with a knee-high boot and hoops, go and get them. Use code “BXB22” to get 15% off on all your orders from Vogacloset.

AED 203

4. Pastels

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Pastel tones will never cease to dominate, and 2021 is not any different. The pastel clothing collection from Vogacloset will make you gleeful. Pastel or sorbet-inspired colors are an amazing option for summer. Not just that, they suit a wide variety of skin tones, from warm or cool undertones. Find out the current fashion trends!

We chose this Pretty Little Thing’s Dusty Blue Jumpsuit from Vogacloset. You can discover from the wide spectrum of colors and we are sure you will love everyone of it! From a suit in soft lavender or a sweater in mint blue. All the soft hues will compliment you and increase your overall aesthetic.

AED 95.00

5. Masks

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6th Street

Find out the current fashion trends!

As long as you are protecting yourself, we are cool with it. But you can score some style points with that too! With fashion heavyweights such as Gucci, LV, and more coming into designing facemasks, we are sure it will become one of the 2021 fashion trends that is a must!

From sleek black mask to rainbow-colored ones, they aim to protect you whenever you head out! We say you should opt for breathable materials, simple is best. Choose from the face masks from 6th Street and look at the choices that will keep you and others safe. You can even add a chain or bedazzle it to add that extra you need. Color block your outfit around the mask and ramp it out!

Use the code “MRC” to get 10% off your order from 6th Street and enjoy shopping!

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