Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, UAE has witnessed an incessant boom in online shopping and in the coming years, UAE’s e-commerce market is estimated to be worth billions. With such significant growth comes massive competition and the utter need to be aware as a consumer. With this facility too comes the sprouting of hundreds of coupon code sites for you to sift through. In order to figure the validity and which coupon code works is an irksome task that is sometimes worth it and sometimes not. But with the introduction of CouponBot, an online extension, you will automatically get the codes on your browser extension.

Here’s all you need to know about CouponBot, your online shopping tool

The card transaction leads to hasty spending and savings take a backseat. But along with the rise of e-commerce comes the simultaneous growth of coupon code sites that urge you to use their coupon codes and save some amount by avoiding to pay full price.

CouponBot - checkout

What is CouponBot Chat?

CouponBot is a ‘free of cost’ browser extension which can be added to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or almost any web browser. It helps you find discounts, coupons, and deals to bring you the best prices every time you shop without manually testing and typing the codes. Simply put, it is your online shopping best friend!

How to get the CouponBot extension:

Step 1: Go to CouponBot.com.

Step 2: Click on ‘Get CouponBot.’

CouponBot - first step

Finally, Step 3: Install it.

How does CouponBot work?

Step 1: Open the website you want to shop from. Coupon Chat Bot automatically traces all the deals and coupons available on the site. When you click on the icon (in the top right-hand corner of your screen), a drop-down list will appear which displays all the working offers.

CouponBot - how it works

(Eg. CouponBot recommends the coupons for Noon)

Step 2: When you are on an e-commerce website especially in the Middle East, CouponBot will let you know the number of voucher codes available for that website. Use the Coupon that best suits your purchase. Just click on one of the offers, and copy the most relevant code. Then just paste it on the checkout page and get your discount!

CouponBot Chat

There you go! Your online shopping best friend has just helped you save big.

What do you get out of CouponBot?

With this innovative tool, you never have to overpay or pay the full price of any product. Valid over thousands of brands and sites, the deals are exclusively handpicked for you and since it is just an extension, there is zero effort wasted on finding the perfect code.

Who should use CouponBot?

Are you an avid online shopper or know someone who is? Actually, everyone nowadays is getting there so CouponBot is actually made for all of you. When you are hunting for that perfect pair of jeans or the latest gadgets, you no longer have to hunt for the perfect discount. Saving you time as well as money, CouponBot is a handy tool that will always provide you with the best codes that are relevant to your purchase.

In case you don’t want to download the extension and try out the facility, you can simply head to the site and chat with the CouponBot. The programmed ChatBot will respond to your code queries with the mention of the brand you are looking for. The irksome task of rummaging is done and sorted, and all you have to do is enjoy deals. This will impress you and you will install the extension, we bet!

Why CouponBot?

The answer to this question is simple— because it is the best! Finding deals, coupons and codes is never as easy as it is with Coupon Chat Bot. And the best part is, you don’t even have to do anything. Just install the CouponBot extension and let it find you all the possible deals and coupons online. Save smart and save big!

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