Ever since the dawn of the “woke” era, the famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret has been shrouded with bad news. Despite its dire effort to make an epic comeback in the world of diversity and body positivity, the sale continues to slump and lay off dozens of employees at the headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Victoria’s Secret Fragrances for women

The legendary glamorous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was not only canceled this year but has been despised since 2018, when the show hit the lowest rating ever since its time of inception in 1995. While there may or may not be hope for Victoria’s Secret in the near future, some fans aren’t just ready to let go of their inclusive product – perfumes!

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you the best 10 Victoria’s Secret perfumes from the brand and also gives you an exclusive Victoria’s Secret promo code to get 10% off on all perfumes at Victoria’s Secret AE.

Top 10 Victoria’s Secret perfumes of 2019


Victoria's Secret perfumes
The best-selling perfume from the brand has been a raving favorite of women around the world, thanks to the harmonious blend of fruity and flowery aroma. The prominent notes are that of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony, and Vanilla Orchid. It is instantly lovable and the signature packaging adds to the overall aesthetics, making the pink striped bottle a flagship product of the brand.


Victoria's Secret perfumes for women

Without being fruity, Heavenly is a summer fragrance. Sweet, mild and beachy, this ethereal elixir provides an escape to the world of cocktail flavors. The breezy perfume has a high mix of White Musk and White Peony, with sweetness rendered by Vanilla. A soft undernote of Sandalwood makes this summer perfume a warm winter selection as well. The bottle looks like an ode to the high-fashion Victoria’s Secret fashion show with angel wings and embellished crystals.


Victorias Secret perfumes

A delight for autumn, Tease is a love marriage between juicy notes and musk. The flirtatious fragrance features Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear and Gardenia. However, the heart notes include spring floral scents of magnolia, pear, and jasmine followed by a tone down center of amber and sandalwood. This warm scent is packed like an ultimate seductress and maintains a day’s longevity.

So In Love

Victoria's Secret perfumes VoucherCodesUAE

The discontinued perfume is back on the market because of its popular demand. Winner of the FiFi Award for Fragrance of the Year in 2006, So In Love, is a blast of floral bliss. This timeless classic has undertones of rose, violet leaves, jasmine, honey, cognac, and ylang-ylang. If you love the smell of roses then So In love is the perfume for you.


Victorias Secret perfumes VoucherCodesUAE
Throwback to the ‘90s, hence perfect for 2019. The blend of Pink Peppercorn, Peony and Ashok Flowers is a simple pleasant perfume. Crush does not try too hard to stand out, which makes it all the more reason to stand out. The cool bottle design excludes the traditional cap and replaces it with an atomizer to puff it gently on the skin.


Victoria's Secret fragrances

Let’s call it a dark mode of Crush. Wicked gives an edgy twist to the sweet-sweet Crush, thanks to notes such as Freesia, Black Sugar and Tahitian Vanilla. The black and white bottle almost guarantees the mood, as it is neither floral nor fruity but sweet nevertheless. Reviewed to be the sweetest among all of Victoria’s Secret perfumes, Wicked has been hailed for its lovable dry-down notes.

Very Sexy

Victoria's Secret fragrances for women

As the name suggests, this perfume is hot and spicy, combining notes of Vanilla Orchid, Sun-drenched Clementine and Midnight Blackberry. The peppery fragrance is not only adored by women, but also by men so we can call it to be a unisex scent. The perfume comes off very strong and may not have a universal appeal, but lasts longer than the mild varieties.


Best Victoria's Secret perfumes
The fruity and tangy combination has made Love a long-standing perfume for the brand. The playful notes of Juniper and Apricot Blush, has a slightly unisex appeal, but the bottle is feminine and artsy. The powder-pink bottle and a clear enamel cap will make you hold on to it even after your perfume is over. And if you get used to Love, there is nothing that can help you.

Dream Angels Divine

Best Victoria's Secret perfumes in 2019
Ideal for daytime in the summer, Dream Angels Divine has been around since 2000. The earthier notes of this perfume make it stand out from rest of the candy-smelling varieties. Breathe amber, hyacinth, lily, rose, and jasmine with Dream Angels Divine. You will find a musky undertone to the formula as the dry-down lingers.


Best Victoria's Secret fragrances

The recent addition to the line-up of Victoria’s Secret perfumes is this floral and fruity scent that redefines the standards of what is sexy. Black Peony, Raspberry, Praline, and Liqueur comes in a beautiful embellished pink bottle, capped with gold and black bow. Scandalous in every sensual way, this dramatic perfume begs you to slay every day or night you plan to go out.h1