Victoria’s Secret, renowned for its widely popular catalogue, extensive marketing efforts, and the annual yet controversial fashion show featuring the Angels, has garnered adoration for everything they offer—including their perfumes. Recognized for their exceptional quality, Victoria’s Secret has earned 20 prestigious accolades from the Fragrance Foundation. These accolades span categories such as Fragrance of the Year, Best Packaging of the Year, and numerous Consumer’s Choice Awards, a consistent recognition since 2001 for their remarkable perfumes.

We all understand the significance of wearing perfumes, as they not only combat unwanted odours but also uplift our spirits. The best Victoria’s Secret perfumes deliver precisely that experience, boasting iconic fragrances that range from refreshing and playful to alluring and sensual.

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Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Victoria's Secret bombshell perfume

AED: 295

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The reigning champion among Victoria’s Secret perfumes is none other than Victoria Secret Bombshell. This fragrance holds the esteemed title of being the “ICON,” and rightfully so, as it demands attention and guarantees an incredibly rewarding experience.

Bombshell is a delightful blend of fruity notes, combining the allure of purple passion fruit with the elegance of Shangri-la peony and the subtle sweetness of vanilla orchid. This exquisite combination not only exudes an enchanting aroma but also enhances your self-confidence, leaving you with the irresistible charm you desire.

2. Victoria Secret Bombshell Seduction

Fine Fragrance Bombshell Seduction Perfume

AED: 375

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Introducing Bombshell Seduction, the alluring counterpart to the bestselling and highly acclaimed Bombshell fragrance within the Victoria’s Secret perfume collection. Prepare to be captivated by its seductive aura—a tantalizing veil of florals that gracefully lingers on your skin.

This enticing fragrance is a captivating floral oriental blend, featuring prominent notes of Nude Tuberose, Sage, and Velvet Musk. The combination of these exquisite elements creates a sensual symphony that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Let Bombshell Seduction embrace you with its irresistible allure.

3.Victoria Secret Tease

Victoria's secret tease perfume

AED: 375

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Victoria’s Secret Tease returns with a refreshed look while retaining its award-winning fragrance, earning its well-deserved title as “The Rulebreaker.”

Tease is a scent that celebrates and enhances your individuality. It is a harmonious fusion of black vanilla, frozen pear, and blooming gradenia, resulting in a truly distinctive and memorable signature. Let Tease empower you to break free from convention and embrace your unique essence.

4. Victoria’s Secret Tease Candy

Victoria's Secret Tease candy perfume

AED: 210

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Described as the wild and free new sister to the iconic Tease fragrance, the essence of Tease Candy encapsulates a sense of anticipation, edginess, and rebellion. This distinctive floral fragrance stands out as one of the finest offerings among Victoria’s Secret perfumes.

Tease Candy can be characterized as a rebellious floral composition, where the notes of velvety night blooming iris intertwine with rasberry glaze. The signature warm tonka accord adds a sueded, slightly musky touch, further enhancing the fragrance’s unique allure. Indulge in the daring and captivating spirit of Tease Candy.

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5. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense

Victoria's secret bombshell intense

AED: 295

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Experience the allure of Bombshell Intense, the latest provocative addition to the iconic Bombshell Fragrance collection. This captivating fragrance is a vivid embodiment of power, strength, glamour, and passion, symbolized by its perfect shade of red. Bombshell Intense, a Chypre Fruity Floral composition, weaves together a captivating blend of notes.

Indulge in the lush sweetness of cherry, the enchanting allure of red peony, and the seductive warmth of sultry vanilla. This exquisite combination establishes Bombshell Intense as one of the most exceptional Victoria’s Secret perfumes. Unleash your inner bombshell with this captivating fragrance.

6. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy

Very Sexy Eau de Parfum

AED: 375

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Prepare to embrace your sensuality with Very Sexy, a fragrance that leaves a lingering allure on your skin. Channel your inner power and exude confidence. With its revamped appearance and unchanged iconic fragrance, it captivates from the very beginning. Very Sexy is a warm and tantalizing scent, infused with the succulent essence of ripe, sun-drenched Clementine and the alluring allure of midnight blackberry.

As the fragrance unfolds, you’ll be delighted by the comforting embrace of creamy woods and the intoxicating sweetness of vanilla orchids. Let the captivating notes of Very Sexy tantalize your senses and leave a lasting impression.

7. Victoria’s Secret Eau So Sexy

Eau so sexy perfume

AED: 240

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Embrace your self-confidence and revel in your beauty with Eau So Sexy. This fragrance captures the essence of feeling stunning and knowing it. Eau So Sexy is a delectable Gourmand Fruity fragrance that perfectly embodies both sweetness and sexiness, just like you.

Its vibrant composition combines the neon sweetness of juicy fruits, the invigorating freshness of crisp apple bites, and the indulgent allure of vanilla whipped cream notes. Together, they create a harmonious symphony that will make you feel your absolute best. Let Eau So Sexy be your scented celebration of self-assurance and irresistible charm.

8. Victoria’s Secret Just A Kiss

Victoria's secret just a kiss perfume

AED: 141

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Ever wondered what a kiss smell like? In this enchanting fragrance, it is an exquisite blend of glossy lips and delicate peonies. Experience the essence of a kiss captured in scent.

This fragrance, with its fresh and fruity character, embraces you with the delightful combination of glossy lips and soft peonies. To add a touch of invigorating allure, a chill note of pink peppercorn sweeps in like a refreshing breath of fresh air. Allow this captivating fragrance to transport you to a world where kisses are beautifully scented and filled with irresistible charm.

9. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel

Victoria's secret dream angel perfume

AED: 295

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Indulge in the essence of self-belief, untapped potential, and soaring aspirations with Dream Angel. This Oriental Woody Gourmand fragrance ascends to the ranks of the finest Victoria’s Secret perfumes, adorned with the enchanting Rainbow Glow.

Within this captivating fragrance, pure jasmine and amber crystals intertwine, bestowing a floral brilliance and a captivating sparkle. The harmonious blend of golden berries, creamy woods, and vanilla absolue imparts a radiant glow to the composition.

Dream Angel is an olfactory symphony that embraces your dreams and empowers you to reach new heights. Immerse yourself in the luminous beauty of this fragrance, and let it become a fragrant testament to your unwavering belief in yourself and your limitless potential.

10. Victoria’s Secret Love

Victoria's secret love perfume

AED: 115

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LOVE, an iconic fragrance that embodies the essence of fresh air and blushing blooms. This invigorating scent captivates with its refreshing aura, complemented by the harmonious blend of fresh juniper, apricot blush, and the comforting allure of a boyfriend tee.

Embrace the scent of confidence and unleash your desires with these exceptional Victoria’s Secret perfumes. May they inspire you to discover the angel within. Remember to prioritize self-care as you embark on this fragrant journey of self-expression.

Embrace the art of scent and allow these fragrances to become an extension of your own unique persona. With their impeccable blend of elegance and seduction, these perfumes will forever hold a special place in the olfactory landscape, etching their way into the hearts and memories of fragrance enthusiasts worldwide.

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