Raksha Bandhan is here, and it’s that time of the year when you cannot fool your siblings into thinking that you don’t love them. Besides showing affection, you really need to pamper them with Rakhi gifts, not because it concretizes your bond, but because there’s a certain joy in gifting and receiving gifts, whether late or early.

This Rakhi, bring a smile on her face by gifting the best Rakhi gifts for sister.

What is Raksha Bandhan?

The religious ceremony, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi translates to ‘bond of protection’ and is all about the love brothers and sisters have for one another. During this ceremony, the sister puts ’tilak’, which is a mark created by the application of kumkum powder, on her brother’s forehead. She then ties a talisman or amulet called Rakhi. This ritual reaffirms the bond, protection, and support of the brother.

In return, the brother presents his sister a gift in cash or kind and pledges to shield her from any difficulties in life. Customarily, this festival bestows the brother with the responsibility to protect her and care for her in times of need. This ceremony strengthens the bond between the siblings and renews the vow of the brother to support his sister.

Raksha Bandhan is traditionally a Hindu annual rite that is observed in the Indian subcontinent and among people in different corners of the world influenced by the Hindu culture. On this day sisters tie a rakhi around their brothers’ wrist and pray for their well-being.

Historical significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a festival with a vast historical background. One of the greatest historical references behind the Raksha Bandhan was carved when Alexander visited India. When Alexander was defeated in India at the hands of the great Hindu Purushottam of Punjab, Alexander’s wife tied a Rakhi to Purushottam. She did this to protect her husband from being slain. Raksha Bandhan is thereby a festival that links brothers and sisters in holy bondage and builds an unmatched bond of respect between them.

When is Raakhi celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan is observed every year on the last day of the Hindu Lunar Calendar in the month of Shraavana. It falls in the month of August. This year it happens to fall on August 3, 2020.

The message of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan conveys the message of creating an unmatched bond furnished by love, care, and respect between a brother and his sister. In a broader perspective, Rakhi spreads the message of universal brotherhood and sisterhood. The festival of Raksha Bandhan conveys a message that is communally as well as spiritually significant. It highlights the endless need for welcoming purity in thought, word, and deed.

Raksha Bandhan not only creates a festive environment in your home, but it also builds up the relationship you have with your sister.

Best Rakhi Gifts for your sister

In order to make it even more special for your sister, VoucherCodesUAE brings you 6 ideal Rakhi gift ideas.

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Chocolate hamper

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How wonderful would it be to begin a special occasion on a sweet note! Chocolates are a great relief to everybody. A chocolate hamper comes in handy when you do not know what gift would please your sister the most.  Add in a few dry fruits and your hamper will be even more appreciated. You can get yourself one from the nearest store or even make one yourself by putting in your sister’s favorite chocolates. Give a sweet start to her day during the quarantine.

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If your sister has been a lot into home decor lately, why not gift her a beautiful flower vase to adorn her coffee table? You can choose from a number of beautiful vases on sites like noon and pick the one that best fits your room decor. You could even place your sister’s favorite flowers before presenting your gift to her.

Photo frame

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A photo frame is one of the most beautiful ways of preserving memories captured in pictures. You could re-create one of your childhood pictures and put them in a collage with the original photograph and set it in a beautiful frame. An air of nostalgia will be created once your sister unwraps her present. You can choose from a number of photo frames at noon or buy one from any store in your neighborhood. Make this Raksha Bandhan special for your sister by taking her for a stroll down memory lane.

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Zodiac stoned pendants

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If your sister loves trinkets, then by far a pendant is the best gift you can give her. All you need to do is find out her zodiac stone and pick the design that suits her the most. She can pair it up with her favorite outfits. You can look for beautiful pendants on Vogacloset.

Your sister will remember you every time she wears it. This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister something she can hold close to her heart.

Customized giftsbest rakhi gifts

Customized gifts work great. The thought and love you put into personalized gifts are what matters the most to your sister. Such gifts have a really special impact on your sister because it comes straight from your heart and touches her’s.

Appreciate every tiny thing that she has done for you by personalizing her favorite goods, be it pillow covers, photo frames, or even pendants with her name etched on them.


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Colognes are not only statement gifts to present your sister with but they also have an emotional touch to them. When you gift someone a perfume, it means that you have put a lot of thought into the kind of fragrance they might like. With elegant packaging, amazing scents, and a renowned brand name, perfumes signal that the recipient is worth all the expense.

You can make your sister feel loved and special that day by gifting her a perfume. You can find a variety of great cologne options on feel unique.

Giftcards from AI giftcards

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Giftcards can make amazing presents if you want to open the door to a world of happiness for your sister. You can gift perfect gifts to your sibling using a gift card. You can give her a wardrobe makeover by presenting her with a gift card from Splash Fashion, Max, and Lifestyle. Every girl loves looking good for special occasions. Get your sister a gift card from Sephora to help her ease out her life a bit with some good skincare and makeup products. You could even help her pick her favorite footwear from a number of great options available on Shoemart or Steve Madden

Giftcards easily multiply the number of gift options and the risk of the recipient not liking the gift is out of the question. They are not only easy to use but are also highly reliable. Your sister can choose her gift from a variety of options and place her order conveniently.

Al giftcards are the best among the other giftcards because they offer special e-gift cards for the leading brands like Noon, Steve Madden, Centrepoint, Max, and many more. Gift your sister products of her choice from the leading brands using al gift cards and make this day special for her!