Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate the relationships we hold most dear in our lives, be it platonic or romantic. We know how painful it is to look for great gifts, especially for men. When the day arrives, you may feel like you’ve exhausted all your Valentine’s day gifts for him. 

Choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a husband, fiance, or boyfriend. However, if you really want to get out of the park and save a little extra, you can add some gifts in the ‘under AED 60’ category. But we always argue that there is something your man needs or desires, and VoucherCodesUAE is here to help you find just that under AED 60. 

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Valentine’s Day gift for him in a budget

1. A cozy reminder of your love

Navy Melange Hoodie for Men by Reserved UAE

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One idea is to get a comfortable melange hoodie for the man of your heart from Azadea. This melange hoodie is not only a beautiful and thoughtful gift but it will last a long time, keep your loved one warm on cold days, and will always remind him of you. Melange is a sort of classic chic that will stay in fashion forever.

Price: AED 52.00

2. Outdoor wave print socks

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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You can’t go wrong with Urban Outfitters for a man’s present, in our eyes. We love these navy UO outdoor wave print socks and the blue and beige tones from Azadea.

Price: AED 39.00

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3. Wellness Essentials: In the stars mini gift set

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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Think about how your partner takes care of himself and what he might need in the process. Beard owners will appreciate a quality shaving kit, and everyone wants a comfortable robe. Do you remember the spa? Men love it just as much as women, although some don’t readily admit it. Therefore, an In the stars mini gift set from Bath & Body Works for home use is a great gift idea.

Price: SAR 59.00

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4. A desk organizer

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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If the love of your life is passionate about order and clutter is his nightmare, a nightstand or desk organizer is something he’ll love. These organizers from Noon come in different styles and materials and can accommodate anything from a tablet to keys to a watch.

Price: AED 58.70

5. A Gaming headset

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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If video games are a thing for your partner, don’t try to look for something complicated unless it’s an exact item on his wishlist, otherwise, you’ll end up buying something fancy but not “just right”. Trust us, precision is key for gamers when it comes to gaming. Go for something he might need in bulk like a gaming headset or wireless controllers or something basic like a headphone stand and charging station.

Price: AED 50.00

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6. A leather Passport holder 

Black Printed Leather Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

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Crafted from Faux Leather, this cover from Amazon will cover up any tatty old passport and create a much chicer travel experience for your S.O. Hurry and get them before the stock runs out!

Price: AED 46.99

7. A Leather Wallet

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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Help him keep all of his cards, notes, and coins in one safe place with this luxe leather wallet from Timberland with an attached flip pocket.

Price: AED 46.00

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8. Robert Wood black formal belt

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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This Robert Wood black formal belt keeps things simple. It’s a textured faux leather belt and has an adjustable broad buckle closure.

Price: AED 49.00

9. Nike straw bottle

Black 700ml Nike Hypercharge Straw Bottle

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Keeping hydrated is one of life’s number one rules. So help your partner get his H2O with this lovely Nike straw bottle at Namshi.

Price: AED 59

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10. A mild cologne: Jaguar

Valentines day gift ideas for him

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Perfumes and colognes are universally considered one of the good ideas for gifting, no matter the occasion or the recipient. The reasons for this: When you gift someone perfume, you give the impression that you put a lot of effort into choosing the right one. Gift your man this mild-smelling cologne from Perfume UAE. The notes include:

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, and Coriander

Middle notes: Iris, Patchouli, and Cedarwood

Base notes: Leather, Vanilla, and Musk

Price: AED 44.00

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Luckily, we’ve worked hard for you this year and put together the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him: boyfriends, husbands, and other special men in your life that are affordable, luxurious, and undeniably coveted. From a travel bottle to formals, these gifts are so beautiful you might even want to steal them for yourself. VoucherCodesUAE is a way to shop effectively and save on every purchase. Get coupons and coupons for all your favorite brands in the UAE. Too lazy to look for coupons while shopping online? Well, you can now install the CouponBot Chrome extension and let the BOT help you save money!