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The gaming industry is booming with incredible games to try for everyone.

The Middle East Gaming Boom

The Middle Eastern region is at the forefront of the international gaming market with leading countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In these countries, the governments are aware of the weight of the growing gaming market. Consider that about 60% of the local population call themselves gaming fans, while about 40% account for half of gaming app downloads, as the Boston Consulting Group reveals in its Game Changer report.

Thus, the Middle East is a significant destination for investors in this segment. The region is also a favorite destination for pro gamers who aim to join relevant esports clubs. The market in the Middle Eastern countries is expanding at a rapid speed. If you want to view some numbers, consider that Saudi Arabia alone represents about 45% of the entire gaming market in the region, with over $1.8 billion in profit. Also, 65% of the market revenue comes from the mobile gaming area.

The UAE Gaming Scene

The UAE is the Arab world’s second-largest economy after Saudi Arabia. The kingdom is working to attract global businesses to the local gaming market by supporting young gamers with significant incentives and access to the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre’s Gaming Centre, the country’s cutting-edge gamer-dedicated hub. In December 2023, the Centre partnered with Yalla Exports to support the growth of the gaming segment in Dubai by offering businesses a way to access Arab talent.

The UAE shows appreciation for the gaming environment and its titanic potential revenue. The kingdom has led several international gaming development studios, such as French Ubisoft or Chinese Tencent, to establish their headquarters in the UAE.

The kingdom is also spending its resources to develop a competitive esports infrastructure and metaverse-oriented gaming hub, which reveals the firm resolve of the local government to invest in this market, which is expected to account for $6 billion by the end of 2027.

Top Video Games in UAE

According to Noushad Pattillath, founder of Dubai’s gaming store IX Gamers, the UAE gaming community has focused on some best-seller titles:

1) FIFA 2023 (PS5)

The last FIFA version seems to attract millions of Arab gamers. The evergreen football-based game offers a realistic simulation to relive the 2022 World Cup games.

2) Elden Ring (Xbox One)

For those who love role-playing games, Elden Ring is a must-try game. The dark atmosphere of the fantasy world is a creative interpretation that will lead you into a war scenario with a destroyed kingdom to restore to become the Elden Lord.

3) Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Nintendo Switch)

Kirby is a lovely character who will lead the whole family into an exciting adventure. Gamers must defeat the final boss to level up the game. Also, the Joy-Con controller can activate Kirby’s friend, Banana Waddle Dee, for more fun.

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