Natural hazards can be unpredictable, often impacting the community with devastating consequences. Just this weekend, UAE was hit by heavy rain and most of the major highways and airports have shut down.

Having an emergency kit is an important step to ensure that your household remains safe in unforeseen events such as these. It can at least provide a short term relief for your family and your household in the direst of conditions.

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What is inside an Emergency Kit?

Your emergency kit should include the essential items that you will be needing during a time of emergency. Often emergency situations and natural disasters lead to a disruption in the supply of power, gas, and water. So these items should be on top of your list. You should keep your emergency kit in a handy place. Be sure to have a pet emergency kit ready if you are a pet owner. It should include all the essential items that your pet requires on a daily basis. You should also rotate the supplies and keep them in stock so that they are safe for consumption. When dealing with floods, waterproof containers, bags, and gumboots are a must.

Items to be included in your emergency kit

The following items can come really handy in all emergency situations. The size of the kit may vary on the size of your household. However, it’s always good to have a little bit extra as you might be able to help others in need.

Emergency Kit VoucherCodesUAE


Food and water

Water can become a rare commodity during an emergency and your kit should be stocked with at least 12 liters of water per person, which should last for four days. You should also have a stock of non-perishable food items along with some cutlery, can openers and cooking equipment. Be sure to rotate your stock every twelve months for safe consumption.

Medical and sanitation supplies

Along with food and water, this should be another top priority item. Always have a first-aid kit at your disposal along with other essential prescription medicines and disposable gloves.  You should also throw in some basic toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste and toilet papers. Staying clean and hygienic lifts up your spirits in times of emergency.

Other essential items

Items like garbage bags, dust masks, blankets, and sleeping bags are extremely important. Keep those handy.

Supplies for babies

If you have an infant in your family, it is very essential to keep a stock of baby food, formula, and drink. Moreover, infants do not have a strong immune system so it is important to keep them clean and hygienic. Keep fresh clothes and diapers stored for times of emergency. Also, keep a few toys in the store to keep the infants calm and distracted, this will make your life a lot easier.


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Always include a torch or some other kind of light in your kit along with a supply of batteries. You should go for those lights which run on both battery and solar power. You can also include some candles with water-proof matches.

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Always keep some solar power banks and make sure to keep them charged. Also, keep some extra chargers with at least one extra cell phone. A basic cell phone along with a sim card that lets you make calls will do. However, it is important to save all the important contact numbers on the phone. For the case of extreme emergencies, keep a battery-operated FM radio along with extra batteries.

Important Documents

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Make a photocopy of all your important documents such as passports, certificates, personal CDs, and any other document of value and keep it in your kit. It will be a lifesaver if you do not have access to the original ones in case of emergencies.

Clothes and footwear

Emergency Kit VoucherCodesUAE

It is a good idea to include a pair of appropriate clothes and footwear in your kit. When dealing with floods keep gumboots and warm clothes. It is also an important part of your personal hygiene and will keep you safe in harsh weather conditions.

Cards and board gamesEmergency Kit VoucherCodesUAE

If you get stuck in a place because of the flood, it can be hard to pass the time. The cards and the board games will be a welcome distraction while you wait for the flood to pass.

Tools and last minute preparation:

Emergency Kit VoucherCodesUAE

In situations like these, a versatile tool like the Swiss Army Knife can come very much handy. For better options, you can also add a whole toolkit to your emergency kit. It is very important to also keep a spare of your house and car keys. In the last minute preparations, you need to keep some details in mind including;

  • Cash and cards
  • Sentimental items
  • Special requirements for the elderly, infants, and injured
  • Household emergency plans

It is always better to be safe than to be sorry, so prepare your emergency kits and keep it in handy because natural disasters come without a warning.