With a new celebrity product seemingly dropping every day, the sheer number of products and potions out there can feel downright overwhelming. Sure, good marketing and an attached-celebrity name can help sell units. But it’s far more important for us to know if these are products that actually work before dropping cash on them. 

That’s why VoucherCodesUAE is breaking down 9 everyday products that actually work & truly perform as promised and actually deliver what they claim. No false advertising is necessary. Seriously, there’s nothing on this list that does not deliver what it truly claims! Shop your favorite products using coupon codes from us and get amazing deals on the products listed below.

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A set of space saver vacuum bags

A pack of Space Saver Vaccum Bags with suction pump

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A space-saving vacuum bag set that will remove all the bulky winter clothes that take up too much room in your wardrobe. Space bags reduce volume by up to 85%. Vacuum bag clothes give more space and help you organize your clothes and give a super neat and tidy look.

Price: AED 69.00

A microfiber hair wrap

products that actually work

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A super absorbent microfiber hair wrap that will dry your hair much faster so you won’t have to leave your house with dripping wet hair. Coral fleece is fluffy and soft, and the spaces between the fibers can quickly absorb the moisture between the hair. This hair towel is naturally soft and skin-friendly for long hair with a cottony touch.

Price: AED 25.99

Toothpaste squeezer

Rolling Tube Toothpaste Squeezer

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A toothpaste squeezer that allows you to extract every bit of toothpaste without having to roll it in the sink until your hands hurt. You can simply insert your toothpaste into the rolling shaft, then rotate the handle. There’s no need for any extra strength and is convenient and easy. This toothpaste squeezer is made with good quality plastic and is durable and safe to use.

Price: AED 8.85

An Electric toothbrush

Oral B Pink Vitality Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Experience Oral-B VITALITY 100 from the #1 dentist-recommended brand worldwide. This electric toothbrush helps you brush with a professional timer and notifies you every 30 seconds to change the area you brush. As you move the brush around your mouth, the Cross Action toothbrush head surrounds each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees, and the 2D cleaning action oscillates and rotates to remove plaque better than a regular manual toothbrush. 

Price: AED 106.90

A spiral charger cable protector

products that actually work

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A spiral charger protector set will make your cables last much longer and prevent them from fraying. This cable protector is designed with highly flexible silicone, which can be applied as a phone charger saver and charger protector to completely protect cables for all devices such as cell phones, computers, laptops, mouse cables, etc.

Price: AED 6.00

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Self-watering pots

3 Self watering plants with transparent pots

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This well-designed self-watering planter makes a distinction between the water tank and the growing medium. These drainage holes provide space for roots to pass directly into the reservoir for continued access to water and nutrients, and directly to the reservoir to prevent continued flooding of the delicate root system. When you plant in self-watering pots, you should water the potting soil thoroughly from the top. Then, as plants release water from their leaves, more water is drawn from the plant roots to replace it with capillary action.

Price: AED 81.82

Hair scalp massager brush

products that actually work

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A scalp massage brush that will do exactly what it says on the tin and make you feel much more relaxed so you’re ready for the day! This scalp massager comes with soft, thick silicone bristles to stimulate scalp circulation to promote natural hair growth. Whether you want to use your scalp massage brush for hair growth or dandruff, using it with every shampoo application will provide the best care for your hair.

Price: AED 14.90

An expandable shelf

White Expandable Shelf Cabinet Rack Storage

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This Expandable shelf is a versatile option for managing space and providing optimal organization. Simple and minimal in design, this shelf is a great choice for doubling the storage space of your kitchen cabinets. Stylish build and nice thinness aside, this shelf offers functionality like no other. It’ll add much more space to your closet and help you organize your things much better.

Price: AED 79.00

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Bag sealing clips

Muticolor sealing clips for wrapping food packages

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The sealing clips are ideal for keeping scraps completely closed or for wrapping food packages, cereal packets, etc. It is easy to use and is reusable. Seal Bag Clips can be used for different kinds of plastic bags, milk powder bags, food bags, paper bags, etc. 

Price: AED 13.00

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