Surprise her with the perfect Valentine’s Day basket with everything she finds adorable- yes, you too! We will help you look through the best items to add to your basket that will make her smile! You can add other creative and unique Valentine’s gift ideas into the mix, which we have readily curated for your taste.

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What you need for your Valentine’s Day basket

gift ideas

We combed through everything the internet had to offer and choose the ones you need in your Valentine’s Day basket. We offer you the best of products from all the sites you love. Look out for codes and deals, it might make shopping a lot easier.

1. Basket

Valentine's day basket

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The most important part, duh! Choosing the right basket is important to set the mood right. You can go for themed baskets, or make one yourself. We chose to go a little bit neutral theme for this Valentine’s day basket. A little something that almost anyone would love. If you are having trouble choosing one, you can buy this small pink decorative woven basket from Amazon. (AED 72.25)

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2. Tumbler

Valentine's day basket

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Before you say anything… Our question is why not? Keep her hydrated with this 20 oz Teami Tea tumbler with infuser! (AED 276.90) Tumblers are practical and thoughtful gift ideas, not sure why is it not more done. Adding an aesthetic rose gold into the mix, what more do you need? Also, it is not just for tea, it can store whatever she likes. The double-layer keeps the cold beverage cold and warm drinks are keep warm.

This tumbler has a unique filtering design, to let you infuse anything you want, from teas, fruit, citrus, or other goodies inside. Also, you have a secret storage space at the bottom of the tumbler. A BPA-free and Eco-friendly approach to never have that weird plastic taste to your infused drink. 

3. Reusable Straws

Valentine's Day basket

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If she doesn’t already own it, remind her about the turtles and make her use it. Get a matching one as well. Reusable stainless steel straws with aluminum keychain cases are the ultimate route to that sustainable lifestyle we should be following. It is easy and also, easy to maintain. (AED 49.99) The best way of introducing sustainability with lots of love in Valentine’s day basket

This straw is made of BPA-Free material, which meets food grade and medical grade. Unlike disposable straw, stainless steel drinking straw is a reusable collapsible straw. Well, straws, be it plastic or steel need to clean. Don’t want her to have that harmful bacteria in the system right? You get a cleaning brush in the package, you can get your straw clear and clean right away. Brush in and out, a few seconds, doneļ¼

4. Flowers from 800flowers

Valentine's Day Basket

HelloLove bouquet from 800Flowers

Wait, did you think we would forget the best gift? We know exactly where and what flowers and chocolate you can get your valentine! We chose the Hello Love Bouquet from the Valentine collection of 800 Flowers to complete your Valentine’s Day basket. 800 flowers have been trusted to deliver flowers across UAE since 2009. Now, it is here to make your loved one happy.

The standard bouquet contains a flower bouquet and a standard message card. You can add extra gifts and complete the perfect gifts. Choose from chocolates, teddy bears, flower toppers, cards, and even a marble vase to store the flower in. It can be delivered as fast as the same day! Use the code “GIVE” to get up to 15% off on all your orders from 800flowers.

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