Magic! The advanced technology of our generation is indistinguishable from magic. With these must-have apps, you won’t have to step out of the house, during quarantine, and maybe even after that!

VoucherCodesUAE brings you the list of apps that will get everything done for you. Being in a lockdown gives us nothing but time, and these must-have quarantine apps will make sure your time is managed perfectly.

A pandemic can keep us at home but it certainly cannot stop us from doing what we want. Keep your mind filled with optimistic thoughts, and enjoy your time with yourself.

Here are the 18 must-have quarantine apps for you:

  • Noon

Must-have apps

Noon offers a variety of assortments, fashion, electronics, kitchenware, homeware, grocery, and baby products. With a collection of modern gadgets and electronic goods crafted for Millenials. The best part? Super fast delivery!

You can avail an extra 10% off on Noon using the code, “6DLQ”. The offer is valid for UAE & KSA only.

  •  6th Street

Must-have quarantine apps

6thStreet App is the one-stop destination for fashion enthusiasts. Shop your favorite brands for your inner fashionista. Ignite the influencer in you to get your hands on the latest collections from 200+ international brands.

Get yourself an extra 15% off on 6th Street for all orders with the code, “6ST008”. Valid for UAE, KSA & Kuwait.

  • Amazon

Must-have quarantine apps

The Amazon shopping app is trusted for its shopping experience, thanks to a wide range of products from fashion, kitchenware, and electronics. Faster and safer options with Amazon Pay UPI, instant money transfer, easy recharge, and bill payments help you experience the best of Amazon. This exclusive benefit makes it a must-have quarantine app!

  • UberEats

Must-have quarantine apps

Your favorite restaurant is closed and your craving the food? Don’t worry, All your cravings will be answered by UberEats. Get your favorite dishes, at any instant. Browse through your favorite cuisine, or order the dish of your favorite local restaurants. Track your delivery in real-time! A must-have quarantine app for the food lovers out there.

  •  SPRII

Quarantine app

A boon for modern moms, SPRII is an app for moms, from post-pregnancy essentials to baby basics, you will find everything here. If the lockdown worries a mom, don’t worry, SPRII has you covered with the essentials.

  • Golden Scents

Must-have quarantine apps

A paradise for your olfactory senses, if you have a keen nose, then you’ve got the perfect app for you. Choose Golden Scents for the latest and trendy beauty products and fragrances. You have an option of more than 120 brands to choose from. We have kept all the brands at your fingertips.

You can use “DC125” to avail yourself of an extra 5% off on Golden Scents. The offer is valid for UAE, KSA & Kuwait.

  • Deliveroo

Must-have quarantine apps

Food freedom is the ultimate aim of Deliveroo. They will get you your food, whatever you like,  whenever you like, wherever you like. Browse by the fastest delivery time for your munchies, then track your order in real-time. During this Quarantine, to make their delivery experience even safer, they’ve introduced a contact-free delivery option. Lessened contact to help keep everyone healthy. A certainly fair spot for the must-have quarantine app.

  • GAP

Quarantine apps

An app that celebrates the individuality of each person. Gap is an approach to a mindset, attitude, and the coolest updates in your wardrobe. For him and her, the little ones, the style range is immense and is an ultimate way to find the effortless wardrobe ringing for you.

  • PharmacyFirst

Must-have quarantine apps

In a time where it is barely even safe to go outside, PharmacyFirst might just be the one app out of this list you might want to get. The online pharmacy boasts prompt deliveries and competitively priced products. Choose from their extensive selection of health and beauty products and after you do so, have it delivered right to your doorstep. “Convenience in healthcare” among other things is proof we’re living in the 21st century.

  • VoucherCodesUAE

Must-have quarantine apps

Want to have a shopping spree, on a lighter wallet? Guess what? VoucherCodesUAE has got you covered. VoucherCodesUAE is the ultimate coupon app that can help you save money while you shop online from thousands of brands. Food, fashion, rentals, travel (after the lockdown, of course!), beauty, toys, electronics, name it and VoucherCodesUAE has got the best deal for you. Get ready to save up to 50% with the codes on VoucherCodesUAE.

  • Groupon- Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons

Quarantine apps

Imagine having a friend who knows all the best places in town to shop eat, party, and much more, and the best part of it, your friend gets you a discount at each of these places. Groupon is that friend of yours. Boasting a 4.6 rating on Google Play with a million reviews and more than fifty million downloads, Groupon brings you undisputed deals on almost all the things you might want to spend your money on. From restaurants, salons, major events, entertainment, hotels, flights, and more, Groupon helps you save up to 70% on all the things mentioned above in more than 500 cities all over the globe.

  • Sephora

Must-have quarantine apps

Saving the world by staying at home is your superhero move. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t play around and experiment with new makeup ideas! What about your social media feed? The Sephora mobile app is here to help you with just that. The app features like ‘Virtual Artist’ lets you try on hundreds of lip shades, ‘Shade finder’ to find your perfect foundation, and expert tutorials, bringing the store experience right to you. With consistent delivery updates, app-exclusive offers, and access to brands that may not be available in your nearest store, Sephora mobile app gives you one more reason to look your best anytime, anywhere.

  • Mothercare

Mothercare app

Parenting can feel like being at two opposite sides of the spectrum at the same time. The Mothercare mobile app is here to help you in every step of the journey. Packed with features like digital loyalty card allowing you to track reward points, predictive search, and access to parenting advice, buyer’s guide, and Mothercare’s Blogs. The app is a must if you’re expecting to welcome a little one into the family in the coming months. You can avail of a discount of up to 20% OFF  on Mothercare with the code “MCD414”. Offer valid for UAE, KSA & Kuwait

  • AliExpress

Must-have quarantine apps

The need to stay home has given us the one thing, all of us have asked at least once during our life, and that is ‘time.’ Whether you’re using your time to do household work or to start a YouTube Channel, the AliExpress mobile app is your one-stop to getting everything. You will find everything you need, from paper towels to cosplay supplies, delivered right to your doorstep. You can get up to AED14 off with the code “ali001”.


  • Better world books

Must-have quarantine apps

Reading books make a social, economic, and environmental impact on the world. What’s better than reading any book you want? How will you find them? Just buy books from Better World Books app; because the books sold here help to fund literacy campaigns all over the world. Moreover, their Book for Book campaign donates a book to someone in need for every purchase. They even carbon balance the eco-footprints that might be left after delivering the book to your doorstep because at Better World Books they believe that social and environmental responsibilities are in our DNA.a

With all the amazing things, to offer, you can avail a discount of 20% and get used books with code “SAVE20”.

  • Homebox

Homebox app

The Home Box app brings you a wide range of affordable home products, with over 4,000 stylish, value furniture, furnishings, and home décor. A spot on must-have quarantine apps for the people who love to decorate their homes. Use this time to declutter your home and get these home decors to complete the look. Also, you can schedule your furniture delivery and get a free assembly.

  • ToysRUs

ToysRUs app

ToysRUs is the ultimate destination for the little ones! The kids locked in with you during this lockdown must feel like an eternity. The little ones must be already bored with their existing toys. So what should you do? You can just buy some new ones! Get everything from the latest action figures, dolls, and plushies for the little ones, to board games and arts and crafts for the whole family.

  • Bath & Body Works

Bath and body works app

Quarantine and the state of the world is no excuse to give up on your daily routines. My Bath & Body Works app will have you feeling fresh as always with world-class bathroom products delivered right to you should you run out of bathroom supplies during these times. Whether if it is meant for you or as a gift for Easter, with the My Bath & Body app you can see all your offers in one place, earn points toward freebies, and avail app-exclusive previews.

You can get up to 10% off on lotions, creams, massage oils, and face care, use code “BBW561” to avail of the discounts.

Be safe during this lockdown. Let technology do its work for you, to free you from the burden of going out for essentials. We hope you have a safe quarantine with these must-have quarantine apps.