Nothing can be as fun as sharing rooms and a special bond with your sibling. While occasional arguments and fights amongst siblings are a common thing, deep down we all know we love our kinfolk, and we will always be grateful for having a friend within the family.

April 10 is celebrated as Siblings Day every year. On this special occasion, let your brother or sister know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Besides giving them the message verbally, if you’re not sure how to do it (I am awkward), VoucherCodesUAE presents to you perfect gift ideas that you can give your siblings. Choose yours from any of these and show them that despite how annoying they are, or how much you fight, they would always hold a special corner in your heart.

You know your sibling well enough to know what makes them laugh and what makes them cry, their likes and dislikes. Pick your specific gift keeping your sibling’s best interests in mind.

Best Gifts for Siblings Day

For your bookworm sibling

Sibling Day gift ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have a brother or a sister, gifting books work well for both. If your sibling is not a book person, well, you can always tell them to start! Books are an amazing source of endless knowledge, and reading is a fine way to develop our thoughts. Moreover, in a digitized world like this, you need not worry about electricity or a good internet connection. You can have access to books anytime. If not for anything else, one good reason to gift a book is that they’re way easier to wrap than footballs or handbags! Check out this wide range of books and get yours with a 30% off from Book Depository. No code needed.

For your fashionista sibling

Sibling Day gifts

If your sibling is a religious follower of what’s in vogue and dresses according to the latest fashion trends, nothing would please them as much as clothes, shoes and accessories that have just arrived. Shop from the new arrivals on Namshi. The products have just arrived and are oh-so-trendy! You know what suits your brothers and sisters best. So select whatever you think they’d be pleased with. You can use our code “NA56” to get a flat 25% off on selected items from Namshi.

For your gamer sibling

Siblings Day gifts

If your sibling is into gaming, we have good news for you! is offering up to 60% off on all products in their gaming hub. Gift your sibling the latest video games or accessories to aid in their playing. You could even gift them products to revamp their gaming room. Let them play smart with these gaming titles, consoles, and accessories. Get all these for less with our noon coupon codes. You can use our code “DO1S” to get up to a 60% discount on all these gaming items from This code is valid on all orders above AED 100. Existing users can even get an extra 5% off.

For your culinarian sibling

gifts for siblings

If your sibling loves spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals and feeding the whole family, now is the time to thank them for all those delicious meals made with love. Gift them an accessory that would come in handy and aid in their cooking. 6th Street offers a whole range of kitchenware. From juicers and mixers to pasta makers, they’ve got it all covered for you! A gift meant for your sibling, but beneficial to everyone at home! So if you’re looking forward to more delightful meals in the future, take your pick from any of these. Use our code “6ST008” and get 15% off on all orders from 6th Street.

For your techie sibling

gifts for National Siblings Day

If your sibling is easily fascinated by the latest technological inventions and gadgets, don’t think twice about gifting them a cool product from the tech section on AliExpress. From smart-watches to Bluetooth headphones, take your pick. If you’re looking to really splurge, you can also opt for mobile phones and other electronic devices. If you’ve decided on gifting any of these to your sibling, you’re in luck! This is the Tech Brands Week on Ali Express and you can use our code “ali001” to get up to 60% off on all items.

Aromatherapy for all

best gifts for Siblings Day

If it weren’t for this global situation going on right now, we’d probably suggest places you could take your sibling to as a surprise for some quality sibling time together. But the occasion is just around the corner, and everyone’s probably gonna stay indoors for quite a while now. So you might as well gift your sibling some aromatherapy products to help them relax at home. You can get your stress relief candles, essential oils, and diffusers from Amazon with up to 60% off on all items.

On a side note, a gift is a gift. Doesn’t matter how big or small, just make sure you give it to them wrapped with lots of love!

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