The holidays are bound to ruin some diet plans with all the delicious spread and delicacies from family dinners. Don’t wait for the new year to make an excuse as the “New Year’s resolution”. The question is: how to stay fit and healthy? Plan your day and walk through with us for accessories to help you and tips to stay fit after Christmas!

Based on studies, the holiday season from Thanksgiving to the new year’s celebration is the time when most people gain weight. Now, we don’t blame you. Lack of physical inactivity and exercise, which has been the theme of the year, is the main reason. Always keep in mind, enjoying the holidays while staying fit is absolutely possible for you!

Along with that, we understand, the holiday season is bound to leave a dent in your budget. With the gifts, decorations, and a lavish meal, the budget seems to vanish in between. To help you save, VoucherCodesUAE brings you coupon codes and discount deals from all the brands you love. Now, let’s dive into a few tips to stay fit after the holidays.

Tips to stay fit post-holidays

1. Avoid skipping meals

Stay fit - proper meals

It is a very tempting idea to skip meals or go on intermittent fasting. We say, don’t avoid any meals, especially breakfast! Make healthy choices but skipping certain meals will lead to counterproductive results. Skipping meals can lead to cause your metabolism to slow down. Which can cause weight gain or just harder to lose weight in the long run.

When you try not to eat or skip a meal, your cells starve as well and they do not care about your diet. Your body will kick into survival mode and you will eat a lot, next time you see food. The case may be that you’re running late or don’t have enough time in the morning to prepare food. For that, you can simply schedule a delivery in the morning with Deliveroo and get an acai bowl delivered. They are healthy, full of nutrients, and will keep you fueled for the day.

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2. Set realistic goals

Stay fit - plan your exercices

Setting realistic goals for yourself is important while planning your diet plan. Be it the number of calories, you are going to consume or the amount of time you are going to work out.  For example, you cannot push yourself to work put for more than an hour when you are starting. You will feel disappointed and dejected as you fail to do so.

Setting smart goals that are specific, measured, timely, and attainable leads to the long-term vision and short-term motivation. You can make the most of it when you sit down and plan thoroughly. Your time and resources should be organized to make the most of them. These tips to stay fit will work in your favor if you plan them correctly.

3. Treat yourself (a little)

Stay fit - healthy snack

Staying fit after Christmas, or in general, does not imply to leave all your treats. You can enjoy yourself. When you restrain yourself from eating some food, it will only make you crave it more. Once the goals are set, it is important to be aware and celebrate each achievement at the end of the day.

Feel free and enjoy the treats you love without any guilt. Make sure that they are in lesser portions than you usually consume and you will be good to go. Oh yes, don’t you forget to add some extra squats in the end for the treat you had.

4. Stay hydrated

Stay fit - drink water

Water! We cannot begin to emphasize how important it is! While planning your diet to stay fit for Christmas, just in bold letters at the top “Drinking lots of water”. At least eight 8-ounce glasses per day can perform miracles for you.

Cold, clear water is essential to your health. As it is a part of every bodily function including digestion, it becomes to consume an adequate amount. It acts as a weight loss aid because it makes you eat less.  Switch any carbonated drinks and sweetened juices with water as it provides hydration without unwanted calories. Besides, it will replace the snacks and unnecessary food calories, if you allow it to. Drinking lots of water will help you flush out waste as well. It is an important factor in terms of fat metabolism and weight loss.

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5. Workout is essential

Stay fit - workout

Under normal circumstances, we would advise you to hit the gym. But, as the situation states, let’s move down to home workouts. Tip: do your workout early in the morning and avoid others telling you it is the holiday season, and you need a break. If they don’t stop hovering over you, just get out of the house. Not too far though, you know, COVID! Just simply walk around the block more, park your car a little farther away from the store or avoid elevators and escalators every time.

One of the other great tips to stay fit is including your fitness routine sneakily around the holiday cheer. Make it a family affair, include outdoor activities in your backyard, and get everyone involved! Games will keep the kids entertained and burn a lot of calories in the process.

If you are someone who has muscle training going on, don’t miss out on your strength training. Can’t hit the gym? Bring everything to get those muscles at home. Lightweights and cardio sound quite tempting but why would you give up on those muscles you trained so hard to build?

6. Take care of your eating habits and patterns

Stay fit - avoid bad food

Two tips to stay fit, you need to include in your daily eating pattern. Eating less, eating more often, and eating before you head out, sounds easy? It is, once you get used to it.

How to stay fit and healthy?

Eating before you head out may seem rude when you are invited for dinner or a party. It helps in not only resisting but also makes you aware of your threshold of overindulging. You can eat just the perfect amount and enjoy it without the guilt of overeating.

Eating less more often translates into splitting the traditional three-course meal into more portions. A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that the blood concentration of “bad” and total cholesterol decreases steadily with the increase in the number of meals per day. However, eating more also links with higher calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein consumption. Now, it is in your hand to plan out the diet, with a help of a nutritionist.

On the bright side, consuming five or six meals a day has shown a lot of positive benefits.  Your body will convert the food into energy faster, which will make it less likely to be stored as fat. This leads to, No extra fat gain and a constant blood-sugar level, which means no periods of lethargy or low energy. Just remember not to eat the same-sized portion you consume right now. Half it or make it less.

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and looking forward to the New year’s celebrations! Make sure to remember these tips on how to stay fit and healthy and motivated for the year to come. Save and shop with us, while making the best of the deals and discounts for you to discover. Check out our blog for content related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and much more.