Sprii, the one-stop destination for all mums, will remain to be so during the lockdown period.

The brand will be delivering “essential items” during the quarantine period and that includes everything needed for your baby. With the ongoing situation, it is rather normal to feel apprehensive, especially for mothers.

However, adhering to the policies of safety health measures implemented in the UAE, Sprii will deliver the following essential items during this lockdown.

Baby formula

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Breast is best they say, but for those of you used to formula-feeding your baby, we understand the anxiety that you, as a parent might be facing right now. You can now keep aside your worries regarding the health and safety of your infant. Sprii will still be delivering baby formulas just so you can continue to keep your baby full, happy and healthy. From Nestle to PediaSure to Similac, Sprii’s got it all covered for you. Shop for your baby formula here and get up to 70% off.

Disposable diapers

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For the parents of not-yet-potty-trained babies, running out of diapers might have been a reason to worry. No doubt, the introduction of disposable diapers has made life so much easier. Easy, the no-mess design has made it convenient for quick changes anytime and anywhere. Keep your baby comfortable and clean all day with this range of disposable diapers. Diapers from brands like Pampers, Novelino, Huggies and many others for all ages are available and ready to be delivered.

Baby wipes

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Apart from baby formulas and diapers, wipes are an essential part of your baby’s well-being and cleaning-up processes. A super useful product for maintaining the personal hygiene of your baby, these are specially designed keeping in mind babies’ sensitive and tender skin. It not only helps keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy but is also a convenient use-and-throw essential. Besides, these wipes are not only meant for exclusive baby use. These are used by a majority of adults too and whether you have a baby in the house or not, you sure can have baby wipes. From removing makeup to cleaning off household dust, the uses are endless.

Household Cleaners

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Although household hygiene is important otherwise too, it is of utmost importance at times like these, when we are vulnerable to this novel disease that is spreading like wildfire. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is listed as one of the best practice measures to keep our houses germ-free. Sprii’s supply of household cleaners will aid to your household hygiene. Here are some household products that we deem are necessary for keeping your home clean.

•Hand wash

It has been mentioned time and again that you need to wash your hands as often as possible in order to kill viruses that may be present on your hands. The World Health Organization suggests washing your hands with soap, hand wash or using alcohol-based hand rub to keep them germ-free.

•Floor cleaners

Not only are floor cleaners used for the removal of stains and beautifying purposes, but these disinfectant liquids are also meant for getting rid of germs too. They come with different fragrances that leave your floors as well as the home environment clean and fragrant while disinfecting them.

•Anti-Bacterial surface cleaner

These are common cleaning products that not only remove dirt and soil but also kill germs that may cause illness. Clean your furniture, windows and other household goods with these anti-bacterial cleaners to keep your home environment fresh and germ-free.

•Kitchen cleaner

Our kitchen is a part of the house that is capable of accumulating a lot of germs. It is essential to keep this area clean in order to avoid spreading germs to other parts of the house. Kitchen cleaners are powerful cleaners that are made to cut through greases and dirt in seconds, leaving no residue. Use these to clean your kitchen cupboards, workshops, tiles and anywhere that grease and dirt can collect.

•Sink & drain unblocker

Sinks and drains that tend to get blocked often can be a good breeding place for germs and harmful bacteria which tend to cause various illnesses along with foul odour. These unblockers are made with a powerful, fast-acting formula to keep your sink and drain free from blockages and thus, aid to your household hygiene.

•Toilet cleaners

Toilets are mostly moist and serve well for the development of bacteria and mold. Toilet cleaners are manufactured to remove stubborn stains and biological debris. It is important to keep toilets clean because this is where harmful germs and bacteria tend to accumulate and multiply quickly.

Besides these products, there is also a range of dishwashing liquids, washing machine cleaners, dishwasher detergents, and other household cleaning items you can check.

Cleaning products play an important role in our daily lives and help us stay healthy. By safely and effectively removing dirt, germs and other contaminants, they help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergens. While cleaning products are safe and effective, please ensure to use them appropriately and with care.