Finding sparkling offers and discount deals in the holiday season is not a surprise. Getting distracted and buying more than you need can severely disrupt your saving streaks. Be a responsible and smart shopper with us. Get on board with our Christmas shopping guide and know what kind of gifts to buy and what not to buy for this Christmas.

What kind of gifts to buy for Christmas 2022

Let’s start with what you should buy for Christmas by using up those amazing discounts that don’t around for another year. Obviously, we can’t let you go on the shopping spree alone. VoucherCodesUAE will help you save with the best coupon codes and discount deals. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a good pace and mindset.

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1. Winter Skincare

gifts for christmas - Winter Skincare

The holiday season brings out the best deals on everything. Take your time and find out your favorite skincare products from your favorite brands at a good price. It would be a good idea for Christmas gifts. As you may know, skincare is more expensive than makeup products in general. With the winter approaching quickly, keep your healthy glow intact.

Check out Bath & Body Works for a little loving time for your skin. From the exclusive holiday collection, you will love the smell of the festive season that they have to offer. Use the code “GO9” to avail of 5% off sitewide.

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2. Giftcards

gifts for christmas - Giftcards

Gift cards are the best way to shop and endure that the gift is something they need and will use in the future. How about their favorite brand’s gift cards? With al giftcards, you can easily choose gift cards from dozens of brands according to your budget and comfort. These gift cards have a validity of a year, so they can use them according to their needs at any time of the year. And remember you of course.

Handing money looks a little bit tacky so why not just email them the gift cards? It is convenient for the loved ones who live away from you and even you can get some for yourself!

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3. Home decor (not Seasonal or Christmas-themed)

gifts for christmas - Home decor

Premium Flicker Flameless Wax Pillar Candle from Pottery Barn

You can find classy timeless home decor items during the holiday season. It is a great addition to your home and can be used throughout the year. Remember to only buy it, if it fits the aesthetic of your home perfectly or you really need it. The discounts are awesome and you shouldn’t miss the chance.

Look for the items in the Pottery Barn’s holiday collection. We think you will love it. Avoid buying anything themed or seasonal, or it may just have to be stuck wrapped in a box for the entire year, except a day or two. Use the code “APB4BQ” to get free shipping sitewide

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Not so good ideas for Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time for pampering yourself and giving to others. There are times you can get carried away and spend way more than you need to. That’s why to help you we brought the perfect gift for the Christmas guide that you need for this season.

1. Socks

gifts for christmas - Socks

Socks are never a good gift option for Christmas, it is more of a daily utility item anyone can buy on their own. If you have socks on your exclusive Christmas wishlist, you need to get rid of them now. No ifs and no buts allowed!

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2. New one-time use Christmas Decorations

gifts for christmas - Decorations

Any decoration with a one-time use validity should be omitted that including colored paper items, plastic items, and such. This year, go green with nature’s bounty. Have fresh flowers, pine cones, and ferns are delivered in your footsteps. Choose from Holly jolly collection range from Ferns n Petals and surprise Santa as well.

Use the code “P60” and enjoy 12% off sitewide.

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3. Christmas Crackers

gifts for christmas - Crackers

This is already a huge no-no. As tempting and pretty firecrackers may seem to be, they are harmful. Adding that extra dollar to that item, for Christmas, well, seems like wasting some budget.

4. Little gifts for everyone

gifts for Christmas - Little gifts for everyone

We know, Christmas season is filled with generosity, and giving is the ultimate joy. This year, take a step back and think about what are you buying and who are you buying for. Buying for everyone just because it feels like it, isn’t an excuse a smart shopper like you should give. The items on their own, might not cause a problem, but all of them combined can be a tidy sum to shift your budget.

Ask the three questions:

  • Do they really need it?
  • Is it something they have asked for?
  • Am I buying it just to feel generous?

We don’t know about others but this Christmas shopping guide is more about you than about them. Also, try your hand at DIY, a gift hand-made with love that easily outshines one with a big price tag.

Saving tips with the Christmas shopping guide

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