It’s time for hot chocolates and Christmas lights, merry thoughts and Christmas carols. Setting into the mood of magic, here ensures you get working on your Christmas tree because Christmas is only a few weeks away.

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But first, here’s a starter pack on Christmas offers and things you need to get you singing “Tis the season to be jolly, falalala.” Check out the best christmas tree for sale in UAE.

Christmas tree for sale in UAE

Christmas Tree

What’s Diwali without lights, and what’s Christmas without a tree? The fir tree, as well as a pine tree, has been used for hundreds of years to celebrate the spirit of Christmas as a sign of everlasting life and a reminder that spring is coming. The evolution of decorating a Christmas tree has evolved and now, you don’t even need the actual tree to express Christmas fever. Curated artificial trees ranging from mini ones to uber tall ones are available at a click of a button.

If you want a Christmas tree that looks like a fir tree, then opt for Patton Fir X-Mas Tree that is 7 feet tall. Seven feet is the ideal height of a Christmas tree because it fits swell in medium-sized homes and apartments. This tree resembles the real fir tree with spikes and gradient, which makes it possible to style it up as authentically as possible.

Christmas tree VoucherCodesUAE

AED: 198

If you would like to make a statement with your Christmas tree and not opt for the basic green fir tree lookalike, then you can experiment on White Christmas with a white Christmas tree. Sprucely crafted white tree allows more room for DIY ideas, but you have to ensure to execute or else it will look a wee-bit barren.

christmas tree uae

AED: 439

Midway between a green Christmas tree and a white one would be a Snow Green tree or a Frosted Hook tree. Our pick is definitely the latter as it stands 7 feet tall, and looks like it is imported directly from the Alps. This Christmas tree would look splendid with any kind and color of decorations.

noon christmas tree

AED: 753

Best christmas tree decorations in UAE

Christmas Star

A star is placed on top of the Christmas tree to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the “three wise men” to Jerusalem. This practice has been recorded by the School Journal in 1897, and the tradition continues till date. The star or the “crown” as it is called, should not be too big, or too small, but should be very prominent. The popular color options are gold and silver.

christmas tree noon

AED: 67.50 – 147.50

Pine Cones

While pine cones are common to accessorize a Christmas tree, it isn’t a good idea to overdo it. In fact, adding a pine cone, adds gender to your Christmas tree. Only female trees produced pinecones! That is why you should definitely add the pine cone flair to your tree, but still keep room for other ornaments.

christmas tree decorations uae

AED: 34.95

Christmas Lanterns

Call what may, but Christmas is still the festival of lights and it isn’t confined on trees. Christmas lanterns featuring a candle holder can be lit in and around the house either clustered together or individually. Lanterns can be decorated like the trees, with bows and tinsels.

christmas tree decorations in uae

AED: 32.90

Christmas tree lights

Electric lights have been a range since the late 1800’s when President Grover Cleveland decorated his Christmas tree in the White House with lights. From white to yellow, to pink, to green, your Christmas tree can light up in any color you want it to. However, our pick is this snowflake-shaped Christmas light that glows like snowflakes!

christmas tree for sale uae

AED: 68.25


Though a sign of victory during the Roman era, a wreath is often featured on the Christmas tree to signify the thorns worn by Jesus. The red berries decorating the wreath is considered blood, but the Christmas wreath is still a positive addition because of the belief in salvation and eternal life. The fancy wreaths, now feature almost all Christmas tree ornaments, including bows and acorns.

christmas tree for sale in uae

AED: 87.50

Shape decorations

A generic round and sparkly Christmas balls, bell-shaped designs, and candy canes shapes are some decorations commonly spotted on a Christmas tree. Our pick is to opt for unique shapes this year, including a tree-shaped decoration, which would reflect a mini version of your Christmas tree on your Christmas tree. This 25 cm design features a tree outline and is heavily adorned with acorns, berries, leaves, and shrubs. Bows and tinsels can play extremely well on a Christmas tree so go ahead and make your tree shine!

Christmas tree deco

AED: 77.50

Christmas Stocking

Whether you have kids or not, a Christmas stocking or a sock is a fun addition for Christmas eve. The idea is that Santa Claus uses the Christmas sock to fill in the gifts. Your Christmas sock can contain candies, gifts, money, toys, etc, and can be used to surprise your family members.

Christmas sock vouchercodesuae

AED: 74.40

Christmas Presents

At the foot of the Christmas tree, compile a set of neatly wrapped boxes complete with pretty packaging and bows. It’s best to have real presents aligned there to give and your dear ones, but to ensure the presents are still intact to your tree, you could have a few empty boxes wrapped alongside. It’s all for feeling good, and your Christmas tree deserves to look really good.

Christmas bow vouchercodesuae

AED: 15.95