Our kitchen has become a delight to work in, thanks to a plethora of modern home gadgets available in the market today. Existing goods are being updated with smart technology, and exciting new inventive kitchen gadgets are being introduced all the time. Kitchen tools enhance the aesthetic value of a kitchen while also making food preparation easier. 

Many of us are finding it difficult to keep up with the flood of new kitchen tool ideas. This year’s best kitchen gadgets will help you save time and have fun while cooking! Don’t forget to check out the verified deals from VoucherCodesUAE to maximize your everyday savings!

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12 unique and budget-friendly kitchen tools 

We have curated some of the most unique kitchen tools from our one-stop-shop destination Amazon. You can simply use the code ‘APP10‘ to get an extra 10% off on your first order. 

The 8-in-1 kitchen tool

kitchen tools

Price: AED 45.80

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Is it a citrus squeezer? Is it a grater for cheese? Is it a cup for measuring? Yes, yes, and yes again. This useful tool contains eight tools in one. It has a funnel, a squeezer, cheese grater, spice grater, egg masher, a measuring cup, and a can opener. All of those pieces fit together to form a wine bottle and have different colors for easy identification.

A 7-blade spiralizer

kitchen tools

Price: AED 225

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This spiralizer is one of the most powerful kitchen tools on the market, with 7 labeled blades that are always razor-sharp. It’s tough enough to cut the toughest veggies like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and beets. It has a suction pad that stays firmly locked onto your countertop for hours. Simple to clean and store and is ideal for anyone interested in eating healthy. The quickest tool to replace high-carb/high-calorie meals with healthy, vegetable alternatives.

Angry mama microwave cleaner

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner with Blue Base

Price: AED 12.84

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Remove food splatters with steam rather than by breaking a sweat. Fill this angry lady halfway with water and white vinegar, then microwave for seven minutes. Mama’s head emits steam, which softens microwave dirt and stains for easier cleaning.

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Butter spreader knife

kitchen tools

Price: AED 37

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With this handy butter spreader, you can easily shred cold butter for a smoother application. This butter knife is made of food-grade stainless steel that contains no harmful components.

A pancake mixer

Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer with BlenderBall Wire Whisk

Price: AED 35.98

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This squeezable bottle won the 2021 Kitchen Gear Awards. It will mix your pancake batter and allow you to dispense it neatly. When finished, simply rinse the inside and place it in the dishwasher to clean.

Pizza scissors

kitchen tools

Price: AED 119

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You’ll never use a knife on pizza again. These are designed to cut straight through, allowing you to cut a slice as wide or thin as you want. The sharp edges and easy slicing action of the kitchen scissors allow them to cut through thick crusts. It is dishwasher safe and has a safety lock.

Mini crumb sweeper

Portable and Handheld Cordless Multifunction Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Price: AED 79.99

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With this pint-sized battery-operated vacuum, you can get rid of crumbs and coffee grinds on your countertops. Sweeper uses a high-quality engine that works quickly and quietly. The compact vacuum cleaner can serve you efficiently with only two batteries.

Frog-shaped silicone yolk separator

Frog Shaped Green Silicone Egg White and Yolk Separator

Price: AED 28

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You don’t need an egg separator, but how can you say no to this little cutie? Squeeze the frog, bring its lips gently to the yolk, release to swallow the yolk, squeeze again to release, and done! This kitchen tool eliminates mess and yolk spills.

Corn peeler

kitchen tools

Price: AED 34.34

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You can remove corn from the cob with a knife, but this peeler makes it more fun – and safer. The handle is ergonomic, non-slip, and easy to use. The blade is sharp, and the outer circle serves as a hand guard. This stainless steel and plastic kitchen tool are safe, environment-friendly, healthy, and practical.

Sandwich cutter and sealer

KASTWAVE Sandwich Cutter and Sealer

Price: AED 49.99

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This sandwich cutter transforms a mundane lunch into a visually appealing flying saucer shape. Sandwiches can be easily cut and sealed. The Savoychef sandwich cutter set is completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, mercury, and phthalates.

Coffee scoop with clip

Two-in-One Stainless Steel Coffee Measuring Scoop with Sealing Bag

Price: AED 35.50

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This scoop quickly measures out your grinds and also functions as a clip to keep your bag of beans fresh. Its high-quality, long-lasting steel measuring scoop spoon comes with a comfortable thumb grip pressure clip that helps seal in the flavor of your tea bags. One-cup measurements yield the best coffee, whether instant or ground. This coffee scoop and bag clip is ideal not only for coffee but also for tea, sugar, and other similar items.

Monster oven rack and tin puller

Joie Monster Silicone Oven Rack And Tin Puller

Price: AED 20.50

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No more burns while removing something from the toaster oven. Simply hook the open notch over the edge of the oven rack to push or pull it away. The monster grabs the hot rack with its fangs. This puller comes in a colorful and quirky monster design. It is dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 280°C.

With these tools, you’ll be equipped to serve up some great treats for foodies or yourself!

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