It is the month of the tenth sign in the zodiac and this one’s gonna be a special one. They are the GOAT which means ‘greatest of all times,’ and sure you agree.  People born between December 21 and January 20 fall under the Capricorn zodiac sign and possess the Earth element. This sign originates from the constellation of Capricornus— the horned goat or mountain goat. With all that said, you must be exploring gift options for your favorite Capricorn. Don’t you worry, we’ve got your back as always! VoucherCodesUAE brings to you a list of Capricorn gift ideas you can surprise your dear ones with.

First, here are a few traits these Earthy ones possess. Capricorns carry massive energy and are often called master planners. They are said to be patient and plan for long-term results. Ruled by the mountain goat, people under this zodiac sign are determined, persistent, focused, and willful. They’re also very hardworking and loyal, and that is why they make true friends.

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Capricorn Gift Ideas

Earth Tone Apparel

Ruled by the Earth element, it would be a good idea to present your dear Capricorn apparel in the Earth tone. In other words, it refers to any color containing some brown— the color of ground or soil. These are our picks from the H&M Holiday Collection:

For Her:

Capricorn gift ideas

This Knitted Polo Neck Jumper would be a perfect gift for the winters. Price: AED 99.

For Him

Capricorn gift ideas for her

This Brown Hooded Top for his casual day-outs. Price: AED 99.

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Fitness Tracker

Capricorn gift ideas for him

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Capricorns are active and energetic ones, and a fitness tracker would be of great use to them. Our pick would be the Xiaomi Mi Band 4— one of the best-sellers on Amazon UAE. The band allows you to check your heart rate, track the number of steps walked in a day, the number of calories burned as well the distance. Basically, it’ll help them monitor their health, and trust us, they’ll love this one.

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Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Capricorn gifts for her

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The active ones sure do get tired at the end of the day, and something to help them relax would be an amazing idea. This Back Neck Shoulder Massager available on Amazon is the perfect gift idea for this reason. It comes with a heat massage pillow that adds gentle warmth to soothe aching muscles and simultaneously improves blood circulation. Price: 179.99.

A Useful Gift

Best gift for a Capricorn man

Capricorns are practical by nature, and a gift they can really make use of is something they’d love to receive. This would perhaps make for one of the best Capricorn gift ideas. Besides, winter is here, and they could easily do with another layer of the duvet. Choose from a wide range of duvets from Home Centre and pick your favorite.

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Gift Sets

Again, something they can make use of practically, gift sets also work wonders as Capricorn gift ideas. These are a complete package and classy too. These are our picks:

For Her:

Capricorn gifts for him

The Body Shop Strawberry Gift Set includes a Shower Gel, Body Polish, Body Butter, Soap, and a Mini Bath Lily. Price: AED 115

You can even customize your own gift basket of goodies. Make a list of the things you think your dear Capricorn would like, put them all in a pretty basket tied with ribbons and present it to them!

For Him:

Gifts for Capricorns

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This Beard Grooming Kit includes Beard Cream, Beard Oil, Beard Comb, Beard Brushes, Beard Scissors, Magic Makeup Mirror, and a Storage Bag. Price: AED 84.98.

Instant Camera

Best gifts for Capricorns

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Capricorns are so full of energy, they’re always up to something or another. Gift them an instant camera to capture some instantly-made memories. Our pick is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera from Amazon. It is packed with various features and a best-seller on the site too. Price: AED 189.

Potted Plants

Gift ideas for Capricorn

Caps are patient and persistent. They would gladly take care of a plant, and watching it grow to its fullest would give them utter joy. Gift them this set of 6 Potted Succulents from Plant Shop to liven up their indoors. Price: AED 126

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The Capricorn Journal

Best Capricorn gift ideas

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A journal is everyone’s favorite gift! It’s useful, thoughtful, and sweet. Gift them this themed journal from Amazon and help them stay on track with their daily plans and activities. Price: AED 29.53

Crystal Kris Bears

Best gift ideas for Capricorn

Capricorns are the loyal ones, and pretty sure you’ve been friends for quite a long time. Here’s a way to mark your long and special friendship on a special day, i.e, their birthday! If you’re waiting to splurge a little, then you can invest in this super adorable pair of Kris Bears celebrating friendship and happiness. Get it from Swarovski.

Price: AED 595. Use the code “SAH” to get 5% off on your orders.

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Gift Cards

Capricorn gift ideas for woman and man

So none of the above gifts worked for you because you’re not sure if they’d like them? Never mind. You can always send them a gift card. With this, you will not have to worry about them liking the gift or getting disappointed. Because who wouldn’t be pleased to receive a gift card? Get a gift card from al giftcards and gift your dear Capricorn their personal favorite moment to pick whatever they like. You will never go wrong with these gift cards— after all, it’s your gift, their pick.

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