Long gone are the days when people had to put in quite a lot of effort to stay clean and keep their homes to the nines. The invention of certain home appliances has made life so much more comfortable and chores can be completed with the click of a button. Well, one of these inventions that have made life better is definitely the washing machine.

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you the best front load washing machines in the UAE. Yes, we know there are endless types and varieties of washing machines, but after much comparison and contrast, we’ve come to the conclusion that front-load ones are the best. Although this type of washing machine may cost more initially, it will definitely provide many benefits in the long run.

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Why front load washing machines are the best?

Best front loading washing machines

In a post-pandemic world, it is even more necessary to take care of our personal hygiene. Wearing freshly-washed clothes is an important part of our personal grooming, and this can be achieved with the help of a good washing machine.

While the benefits of washing machines, in general, are not unknown, the reasons why front loaders are better than top loaders are here:

  1. Front-loaders are more efficient at cleaning clothes while damaging less.
  2. They have a larger loading capacity that allows you to do more laundry at once.
  3. The front-loading type can clean as efficiently but use only one-third the amount of water, energy, and detergent as compared to top loaders.
  4. Even though the initial investment is higher, you need not worry. Every penny spent will be worth it eventually.
  5. They produce significantly less noise during the spin cycle, so you don’t have to worry about getting disturbed or disturbing others.
  6. Front-loaders come with more features and options.

A quick list of the best washing machines:

Washing MachineCapacityItem WeightColorRPM (Revolutions Per Minute)Features
Samsung Front Load Washing Machine,
7 kg43 kgWhite1200Easy trouble-shooting; Chemical-free drum sanitization; Save time on smaller loads; Gentle fabric care
Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine, FWF71052W7 kg67 kgWhite1000Durable and reliable; Resource-efficient; Ultimate color preservation; Up to 30 mins quick wash
LG Front Load Washing Machine, FH2J3QDNP07 kg59 kgWhite1000Enhanced speed and efficiency; Energy-efficient; Reduced noise and vibration; Smart diagnosis feature
Bosch Front Load Washing Machine, WAK24260GC8 kg51 kgWhite1200Reload function; More stability and less vibration; AllergyPlus feature
Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine, NA148MB28 kg68 kgSilver1400Quick wash up to 15 mins; Child lock; Wide drum inlet; Quick & delay program

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

Best front loading washing machines - Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

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Whether it is printers for home use or budget-based smartphones, Samsung is a well-known brand when it comes to electronics. With annual water consumption of 7400 L (approx.), this is one of the best front load washing machines and comes with these features:

  • Easy Trouble-Shooting

The Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system is built to detect and diagnose problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions using an app on smartphones. This helps save time and avoids the cost of engineer callouts.

  • Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization

For the ultimate convenience, the Eco Drum Clean technology keeps your front load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. It even notifies you automatically when it needs cleaning.

  • Save Time on Smaller Loads

Its Quick Wash program is the perfect solution for your busy UAE life – cleaning lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently, so you can save more time.

  • Gentle Fabric Care

The machine’s design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges is really gentle on your clothes. Its small water exit holes also help protect fabric by preventing clothes from becoming trapped.

Furthermore, it uses the Eco Bubble technology so you can save more energy by washing your loads at low temperatures. Bubbles activate detergent, so it penetrates fabric quickly and removes dirt easily – even in cool water. The transparent Crystal Gloss Door provides an elegant and pleasing look that will complement any modern home.

Price: 1599

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Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine, FWF71052W

Best front loading washing machines - Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine

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Give your garments a quick and efficient wash using the Whirlpool Freestanding Front Load Washing Machine. Equipped to handle a total load capacity of up to 7kg, it works with a speed of 1000RPM and is incredibly fast and resource-efficient. The highlighting feature of this appliance is the Colors 15 program which provides optimum color preservation that protects your garments from dulling. Also, its Start Delay feature allows you to set the washing program as per your convenience.

Get up to 30-minute quick wash, washing your fabrics even at 15°C, yet achieving the same cleaning results as 40°C.

Other features:

  • Ultimate Hygiene

This Whirlpool front loader is designed to ensure optimal hygiene with every wash eliminating odor-causing bacteria from your garments. Featuring the Fresh Care technology, the appliance gently tumbles your garments once the washing cycle has ended.

  • Durable and Reliable

Owing to its precision-engineered design, this Whirlpool washing machine scores high on durability and reliability. Furthermore, it is equipped with the Soft Move feature that offers customized use for delicate fabrics. Its unique drum movement handles your soft fabrics with gentle care while effectively cleansing them.

Price: AED 1148.95

LG Front Load Washing Machine, FH2J3QDNP0

Best front loading washing machines - LG Front Load Washing Machine

LG is a brand known to produce a lot of smart appliances. With a speed of 1000RPM, give your garments the ultimate wash using the LG Front Load Washing Machine. This appliance offers faultless cleaning while being resource-efficient. It also has the Smart Diagnosis feature that troubleshoots any issue with ease.


  • Powerful and Quick Washing

The LG front-load washing machine is designed with the TurboWash 3D feature that enhances its speed and efficiency to give you quick and efficient washing while being energy-efficient.

  • Durable and Reliable

Owing to its precision-engineered design, this front loader is durable and reliable. Also, the appliance is equipped with a wide-control touch panel that provides easy visibility and convenient use.

  • Inverter DD for a Powerful Wash with Less Noise

With LG Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly connected to the drum without the use of a belt or pulley. As a result, minor mechanical parts dissipate less energy, which cuts down electricity consumption, enhances washing performance and durability, and reduces noise and vibration.

  • Optimal wash for fabrics with 6 Motion DD

The highlighting feature of this appliance is its 6-Motion DD technology that optimizes the washing program for different fabrics. So it delivers powerful washing performance with less damage.

  • Smart Diagnosis

LG’s Smart Diagnosis offers a fast and easy way to troubleshoot issues without having to call a technician. Simply call the LG Customer Service Helpline and place the phone on the appliance. The appliance itself communicates with a computer that diagnoses the issue within seconds and provides an immediate solution.

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Bosch Front Load Washing Machine, WAK24260GC

Best front loading washing machines VoucherCodesUAE

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With better build quality than most other brands, Bosch is one of the top producers of washing machines.


  • EcoSilence Drive

This Bosch washing machine is extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation and comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • AllergyPlus

The machine has been specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. So for those prone to pollution, this one is definitely for you.

  • WaveDrum

It offers a gentle and efficient wash thanks to a unique drum structure.

  • Reload function

The reason why this appliance is one of the best front load washing machines is that, unlike most other front loaders, it allows you to add any forgotten item comfortably while washing. Just pause the running cycle and open the door, to simply reload your forgotten items into the drum and continue the wash. However, please note, reloading is not possible when the suds temperature is higher than 50°C or when the water level is too high.

  • Anti-Vibration Design

Thanks to the special vibration protection, this feature provides an extremely stable and quiet wash. The new design of the side walls is not only eye-catching: the system also provides more stability and reduces vibration. Also, the enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels.

  • Outstanding washing results

The droplet-shaped structure and the size of the paddles ensure faster and more even water distribution. Thanks to this optimum water distribution, it produces outstanding washing results.

Price: AED 3699

Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine, NA148MB2

Best front loading washing machines - Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine

Panasonic is a trusted Japanese brand that produces various appliances. With 1400 RPM, the Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine provides super quick and efficient washing. It comes with features like the Rapid 15 Quick Wash option and is one of the best front-loading washing machines available.


  • Abaya Wash

This feature allows you to wash even delicate clothes like abayas in this machine, which otherwise requires careful hand wash or dry cleaning.

  • Large LED Display

It features a large LED display for your convenient operation.

  • Cube Drum

With 2196 holes each with a diameter of 2.4mm, its ‘Cube Drum’ effectively helps in massaging and soaking clothes. This feature is designed to create the perfect environment for gentle and effective washing of clothes by generating more foam into the drum.

  • Speed Wash

All you need is one key to optimizing the washing program by reducing time and energy. It further increases the efforts in the washing process by penetrating more foam.

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