You’ve been spending so much time with yourself during the lockdown, you’re definitely starting to realize what kind of personality defines you best. Here are 10 different personalities we think people generally are, and you’re definitely one of these. Give it a tick mark!

VoucherCodesUAE has curated some recommendations according to your quarantine personality to help you complement every bit of them. So, what quarantine personality are you?

The bookworm

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Are you curled up in your couch all day with a book in your hand and eyes fixed on the pages? You’re definitely the bookworm personality. Now that you have so much time in your hands, you’re probably running out of books to read during the quarantine. Check out this huge collection from Amazon to feed your ever-hungry appetite for books. Use our code “AMAZON15” to get a 15% off on your first order. You can avail a discount of up to AED 50.

Also, check out this list of books you can read during quarantine.

The fitness addict

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Gyms and parks are all shut down now, but that doesn’t give you a legit excuse to miss out on your workout, does it? You’ve probably already set up your mini home gym or been practicing your yoga in full swing indoors. If not, check out how you can stay fit during quarantine with these handy gym tools.

Also here’s what you need for a stress-free quarantined yoga.

The Netflix binger

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Running marathons continuously? Yes, I’m talking about movies and series’ marathons. Doesn’t matter what time it is or what day, you’d rather just ‘Netflix and chill’. No matter how many such marathons you keep running, Netflix will never run out of interesting shows. Keep yourself tuned for the coolest releases. Sign up now and get a free trial for 30 days.

Also, if you’re into anime shows, these are our must-watch recommendations.

The foodaholic

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Do you have to keep munching on one thing or another? Whether it’s during your Netflix-and-Chill sessions in quarantine or just otherwise, this makes you the ultimate foodaholic. If you love eating but not cooking or preparing it, order your favorite meals and have it delivered conveniently to you by UberEats.

Use our code “GET50AE” to avail 50% off on your first order. On a side note, remember to eat healthy!

The gamer

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

If you love spending time playing video or computer games, we’re going to label you the gamer. These games sure can be addictive since they generally have no ending. Even if your body may not, your mind is surely getting a good dose of workout during this quarantine period.

Kul has an array of video games and accessories to help you complete that mission or beat a preset standard or high score. Use our code “PULL” to get 10% off on all items.

The dancer

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Do you move to every beat you hear or spend hours grooving in front of the mirror? You were born to dance! This might even turn into a fun workout routine during the quarantine.

Make your dance sessions more fun and power-packed with this Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon. A single charge can give you up to 6 hours of play. Now you can play your favorite dance numbers non-stop.

The cosmoholic

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

If you’re not giving up on your makeup sessions even when you’re quarantined at home, you’re definitely the cosmoholic. Starting from the basics of skincare up until your final touch of lipstick, you leave no step in between.

Whether its for a picture or simply because you’re used to it, if you’re addicted to cosmetics, you should definitely take a look at this range of fine beauty products from Mac Cosmetics. Find your perfect makeup essentials for that quarantine-selfie-on-point! Use our code “GIFT54” to avail 10% off on selected items.

The singer

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Whether you’re a good singer or even a good bathroom singer, staying indoors has definitely sharpened your vocal skills to an extent.

You can have a nice karaoke session with your family during this quarantine period with this Promate Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone from Amazon. Take your singing diaries a note higher!

The chef

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Doesn’t matter if you’re a foodaholic or you’re cooking for your dear ones, if you’re bringing out your culinary skills during this quarantine stretch into full swing, you’re definitely the master chef of the house.

From baking to preparing basic home food to experimenting on exotic dishes, Tavola will make your job easier with their fine range of kitchenware. You can get free UAE delivery on all orders above AED 200.

The workaholic

Quarantine personality VoucherCodesUAE

Lockdown or not, you’re just not going to stop working, even if it is from home and in quarantine. If you weren’t used to working from home, it is a new environment altogether. But shutting down of workplaces and social distancing has not kept you from completing your work on time.

You’re the workaholic and you can still make the most when you work from home with these.

Well, you can thank us later for helping you with this!

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