“I am too old for Netflix and chill, I want Amazon Prime and commitment.”

Amazon Prime UAE is ready to provide online services like never before. With 100 million members across 17 countries, it’s loud and clear, that Jeff Bezos is doing something quite right. Today, among the various benefits, we will be guiding you to the must-watch shows on Amazon Prime UAE which are originals and exclusive and you cannot miss.

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List of 10 must-watch shows on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime shows which are must to see

Amazon Prime Video offers approximately 18,405 movies and 1,981 TV shows. We would love to talk about each one, but we think you should discover some on your own as well.

For today we will be talking about the 10 must-watch tv shows on Amazon Prime UAE you absolutely cannot miss. Tweets and reviews about these shows have been off the charts, which also means the spoilers are all over the place. We believe in anti-spoiler reviews so you can read ahead, rest assured.

10. The Tick

Must watch shows on Amazon prime series - the tick

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If you love a world of superheroes and villains fighting for justice, this might be your jam. The Tick premiered in 2016, right now, with two seasons, it has a score of 95% on rotten tomatoes and 7.4/10 on IMDb.

On this two-season journey, you will meet Arthur, a normal accountant with no superpowers. Let’s just say, he is into conspiracy theories like everyone was in 2019. While he is obsessed with solving the said conspiracy, which makes everyone think he is crazy. (Well, it does feel like that sometimes) he finds an ally in a blue bizarre weird superhero named The Tick.

9. Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the Jungle - List of Best Amazon Prime Shows in UEA


Western classical music? Check. A genius maestro? Check! A love story? Check! Now that’s exactly what we call an awesome mix. Mozart in the Jungle is on the list as one of the must-watch Amazon Prime shows, because of the beautiful music, fantastic scenery, and heartwarming characters.

The social and economic potholes for an artist is clearly shown and felt in the series. If you don’t have “too indie” as a word in your dictionary, we suggest you should give it a try!

8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

List of Best Amazon Prime Shows in UEA - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


A fearless lady conquering her dream is such a mood. Based in the late 1950s, she has everything that a “lady” is supposed to desire – two kids, a perfect husband, an apartment in the Upper West Side of New York. She leaves all of that for a talent she discovers; stand-up comedy.

Boy, her life takes a TURN! From taking care of the house every day to going through cafes and nightclubs for her gigs, she finds peace in her work. Rejection, drama, chaos, sexism comes hand in hand. Live in her shoes for a while and enjoy it!

7. Forever

Forever - List of Best Amazon Prime Shows in UEA


Forever will serve you a slice of real life. If you’re married and know-how predictable daily life can get, this is the show you need! The power duo, June and Oscar are happily married, but they have one issue, everything is done routinely. Same conversation, same meals, and even the same rented lakehouse for their vacation.

A ski trip is what June suggests to have some break in the cycle. Little did they know, the skiing will bring an avalanche in their marriage. With questions about love, commitment, and compromises, the show brings you into the world of adults.

6. Catastrophe

List of Best Amazon Prime Shows in UEA - Catastrophe


Rob meets Sharon, and then the catastrophe begins. A business trip in London with no strings attached policy, they seem to enjoy their time together. Things get a little bit, by that, I mean a lot, when Sharon finds out she is pregnant. The situation demands them to try and understand each other. The complications are chaotic! Different countries, recent acquaintances, and pregnancy, how will they overcome this?

5. The Boys

The boys amazon prime show


The next Amazon Prime shows is based on the original comic book named “The Boys” by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. We love superheroes, everyone has their favorite one from different universes. What if, your favorite superheroes go rogue and abuse the power for their own interest? Chaos, right? That’s what “The Boys” is about.

Uncovering the lies and dirty deeds of heroes, worshipped by society. Are you feeling the chills like we are? A much-needed breath of fresh air where the superhero universe is no longer black or white.

4. Fleabag

Fleabag Amazon prime show


With a 100% score on rotten tomatoes, Fleabag is here to make your heart feel some kind of way with the comedy-drama. You’ll meet Fleabag, an angry woman who has no filter in her system. She lives her life in London, trying to heal from her grief.

With deadpan humor, she keeps her bravado and guards up at all times. Sometimes, to such extremes, that even when she clearly needs help, she rejects the one who offers her the same.

3. One Mississippi

One Mississippi Amazon prime show


One Mississippi is a semi-autobiographical, tragicomedy story is based on events in Tig Notaro’s life. Toh Notaro is the writer, program creator, and star of the show with the character of the same name.

You will feel uncomfortable, you are supposed to. A comic who is recovering from a double mastectomy and serious health issues. Returning to her hometown in Mississippi, when her mother becomes ill, she uncovers secrets about herself and her family.

Be part of her journey when she tries to heal herself physically and emotionally. The experience will be painful and hilarious for you and her both.

2. The Man in the High castle

The Man in the High castle Amazon prime show


Have you ever imagined how the world would be if history was a tad bit different? You will see the actual horrors of World War II had turned out different.

Based loosely on Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name, the dystopian world comes true. The Axis powers win the war, the United States is divided into three parts. Japanese, Nazi, and a buffer zone. While dealing with oppression and humiliation, a film turns up, which shows a different world.

No one cares to believe it as they see no hope but one woman believes the films contain the key to their freedom. She goes on a journey to find the mysterious guardian in the films and what happens next is for you to see.

1. Bosch

Bosch Amazon original prime show


Murder, crime, mystery, drama, if that’s what you look for, then BOSCH should be on your ultimate must-watch shows on Amazon Prime. Spanning over 6 seasons, you see the journey of Harry Bosch, a father, husband, and most importantly, a detective. Not just a regular one, but someone who is accused of murdering a serial killer.

The whole series is a masterpiece, with a script that flows smoothly and slowly. The loose ends and dots with different cases and scenarios will be connected which is bound to astound you. If you’re ready for the binging and “can’t wait” mode, this is the one for you!

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