After a long day in the scorching heat, your sensitive skin needs all the care you can give. A good bath is always helpful to relax your muscles and clean up. But that’s not enough. You deserve more than just a simple bath. And what better than a good treat of great fragrances, creams, and all the body care essentials? Get them from ‘Bath & Body Works.’

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Introducing Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works logo

Bath & Body Works was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. It is an American retailer under L Brands (formerly Limited Brands). It is known for its good quality products and great customer service. This brand has expanded across 6 continents. It became the largest bath shop chain in the United States of America in 1997.

Bath and Body Works specializes in a wide range of body care products. From shower gels, lotions, fragrance mists to perfumes, you’ll get it all.

History of Bath & Body Works

The first store was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts mall and soon enough a secondary brand called Bath & Body Works at Home was launched. This took up the name ‘Slatkin.’ However, the name was changed to The White Barn Candle Company.

The year 2006 saw a great profit for the brand as a seasonal catalog, a website, and a TV commercial were launched. This year the company had a sale of $2.3 billion beating all other companies except Victoria’s Secret.

In 2008, the company announced opening 6 locations in Canada. This was further extended outside America in 2010. Presently Bath & Body Works has 1600 stores operating all over the world.

Best-selling products and categories from Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works - best-selling products


Bath & Body Works specializes in a wide range of body care products, but what makes the brand a notch higher than its competitors are the regular launches of new products and revised versions of the old. The categories include:

  • Body care
  • Home Fragrances
  • Hand soaps
  • Favorites
  • New Arrivals
  • Gifts

Body care

Body care or skincare comprises a wide range of practices mostly to enhance skin quality, better the appearance, and relieve skin problems. Bath and body care provide for you a wide range of body care products like shower gels, body creams, body mists, and body lotions.

Shower gels

These are specialized liquids used for body cleaning and cleansing. These are different in terms that they do not contain saponified oil and are mostly made of synthetic detergents which are derived from plant sources or petroleums.

Our pick:


Bath & Bosy Works body wash

AED 40.00
Buy it here.

Shower gels and body foams are mostly preferred over soaps because soaps tend to leave the skin dry. On the other hand, shower gels and body foam develop a thin layer on the skin preventing moisture from escaping.

Body creams

Body creams are used to treat dry and cracked skin and to maintain good skin quality by keeping it hydrated. These are found for all skin types. Get the best range of body creams for all skin types on Bath & Body Works.

Our pick:


A green tube of Rose body cream

AED 42.00

Body Mists

Wearing a body mist is the lightest way of wearing your fragrances. While perfumes and body mists serve the same purposes, there is a considerable difference in terms of strength. Body mists are made of small amounts of fragrance mixed with water or alcohol. Perfumes have the same composition but with a higher concentration of fragrances.

Our pick:


A blue bottle of seasalt travel size mist

AED 49.00

Get it here.

Body lotion

Body lotions are used for moisturizing, smoothening, and softening skin. These are available for dry, oily or intermediate skin types. These are most crucial to maintain good skin and are body care essential that cannot be neglected.

Our pick:


A cian color bottle of cucumber body wash

AED 36.00

Get it here.

Home Fragrances

Scents have a major impact on a person’s mood. These have the power to calm the mind and help you relax. Bath & Body Works has the widest collection of home fragrances. Get 3-Wick Candles, Single Wick Candles, Room Scents, and Scent portables.

Our pick:


Home fragrances - Bath and Body Works

AED 100

EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT Concentrated Room Spray

AED 39.00
Room fragrances - from Bath and Body Works

Get it here.

Hand soaps

Keep your hands nourished with the goodness of aloe vera, shea, vitamins, and more. Keep germs away with these great sanitizers as well.

LAVENDER CLOUD Foaming Hand Soap

A pink floral bottle of handwash

AED 42.00

Get it here.

SUNSHINE & LEMONS PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer- hand care from Bath and Body Works

AED 16.00

FavoritesFavourites-body care from Bath & Body Works

It’s tiring looking for good products. Checking the contents and reviews can be tedious at times. Bath & Body Works makes shopping so much easier for you. A separate category of Favorites and the most popular products helps you choose more conveniently.

New Arrivals

Bath & Body Works provides new updates and new arrivals very frequently. So keep your makeup bag updated with new, better-modified products to suit all your needs and necessities.


Bath and Body Works - gifts

Looking for a good gift for your loved ones? Why not give them body essentials so they can pamper themselves to the fullest.

Bath & Body Works have a separate Category for gifts. Ranging from gifts for him and her along with home essentials. Take your pick and make your gifts memorable.

For some more gifts and gift cards check al giftcards.

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