Gone are the days of outdoor games for children. Robotic toys have become some sort of a novelty amongst the kids of this generation. Nowadays there are many more high-tech toys aka robots to indulge in. Human-like toys are slowly taking over the conventional toys in this generation. Is that a good thing? Debatable perhaps, but robotic toys are more than just toys since companies are developing them for an interactive, fun, and practical learning experience.

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Robotic toys: what are they all about?

Most of the robotic toys are more like animated figures from movies or cartoons and less like the stereotypical image of robots that sci-fi has put in our minds. However, don’t let this animated facade fool you as these tiny things are supercomputers on wheels. There is a lot of cool things that they can do on their own, thanks to the artificial intelligence that they come with.

These are very technical products but not techy products, which means, most of these toys are very easy to handle. All you have to do is power and set them up. And just like that, boom, you are ready to go.

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Once you set it, your bot will start doing things on its own. Your mini bot will also interact with you through an app on your phone. This application is a communication medium between you and your robot. You can also program its actions using the app. Your robot will also be able to recognize people and pets as well. It will also be able to explore and interact with its environment.

These things are more than toys, they have a big brain and a personality to go with them. These are smart toys for a new generation of smarter kids. No wonder conventional toys are in danger of being taken over by these robotic models. Some of these robots are more than just toys, they can also be some sort of a companion figure to your child. The artificial intelligence that these robots come with is designed for interaction and understanding.

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Top 10 robotic toys in the UAE

1) UBTech Iron Man MK:50 Robot

Robotic toys

Ironman MK50 (Amazon.ae)

With an innovative bipedal design, the iron man mark 50 robot combines cutting-edge robotics and an integrated app entertainer. This provides a window into the exciting world of ironman. You can design your custom animation sequences using block-based programming that can be downloaded and triggered via voice commands. The robot hardware features create an interactive ironman augmented reality experience like no other. A first from Marvel, this walking talking robot from UBTech brings Tony Stark to life. Create, control, code, and battle against enemies. inspired by iconic marvel cinematic universe fillings. High tech air battles. You can also upload your face and record audio to re-enact some of your favorite Iron Man moments.

AED: 1,260

2) Evo; The Ozbot

Robotic toys

Ozobot: The Stem Robot (Amazon.ae)

This is an excellent introduction to coding and robotics for your child. This robot is an educational and creative influence for the kids. This little robot will be able to follow instructions, music and has many escape tricks to keep children entertained. This robot can also help stimulate the minds of young ones. As the children can program new codes to teach the bot new tricks. You can connect the bot to a free app to play, explore, and share and get and creative ideas from the Ozobot community. You can also go screen-free and code the Evo with the markers and stickers from the experience pack. Evo is an award-winning robot for the next generation of creators.

AED: 461

3) OP One Robot

Robotic toys

OP One Silverlit (Amazon.ae)

The OP One Robot is a cool android with a sci-fi human look that will follow your commands. OP One features arms and hands that move and grip, so it can perform cool tricks, pick up small objects and even dance! You can also transmit your voice from the remote to OP One to share messages from a distance. You can even disguise your voice using 5 different options. It can spy for you too, as One can listen for you and Transmit the sound from OP One back to the remote for two-way communication.

You can use the 2.4 GHz remote to control every move OP One makes – forwards, backward, side to side, and even hand and arm movements! The advanced controller lets you take charge of OP One’s every movement. Plus, spy mode and the voice modulator work through the remote too. This cool android performs, dances, and even spies making it a cool gadget to have, not only for your kids but you too!

AED: 507

4) Wow Wee Chip

Robots VouchercodesUAE

Wow Wee Chip (Noon.com)

Chip is an intelligent, affectionate robot dog, a perfect partner for your kid. With advanced sensors and smart accessories, CHiP is always aware, and ready to play. Every chip has a unique personality as it builds its personality in accordance with how you react with your chip. Artificial intelligence algorithms enable Chip’s adaptive personality. CHiP follows commands and adapts to your preferences. Your likes uniquely shape his character. This is a wonderful way for your children to have fun while developing cognitive and social skills. CHiP responds to your hand gestures as well as commands from your smart band and the CHiP app. You’ll fall in love with Chip’s adorable woofs, fun poses, and unique personality. It is a perfect gift for your kids to help them grow with fun.

AED: 1,700

5) Wow Wee Roboraptor

Robotic toys

Wow Wee Roboraptor (Noon.com)

Another one on the robotic toys is an intelligent dino robot that responds to you, whether it is with your hands, his trackball, or with an app. It is smart enough to take on your every command and mischievous enough not to. Equipped with a gesture sense tech it responds to the swipe of a hand, you can swipe side to side, spin in a place or cover its eyes to scare him. It has an aggressive side too, yank his tail and find out. Roboraptor also has some small tricks up its sleeves like sitting forward or backward and pop back up with a clap of your hand. This bot also comes with a free app loaded with different games. Control it with drive mode or even fight with other robots.

AED: 799

6) Tekno Robot Puppy

Robots VoucherCodesUAE

Tekno Robotic Pup (Amazon.ae)

This is another robot puppy on this list and it comes with expressive eyes. Tekno robot puppy also responds to hand gestures very fluently. It is also equipped with other sensors such as touch and sound. It will wag its tail when you touch it and will obey all your voice commands like an obedient pup it is. You can use your apple or android device to program the pup with the free tekno app. It also has some cool tricks up his sleeves such as a 360 backflip and many more. Hailing from a new generation of micro pet robots. Tekno is very sweet and loveable. It also interacts with you by singing, begging for your attention, and jumping. It acts like an 8-week old newborn puppy. Tekno Robot Puppy is the perfect companion for your little ones.

AED: 146

7) Wow Wee Coji

Robotic toys

Wow Wee Coji (Noon.com)

Coji is a robot that is educational and can be a lot of fun as well. This robot that coding fun by using emojis. With its one-touch commands, your kids will be coding in seconds and having a blast. It features games that are built on key skills like memory, sequencing, logic, and problem-solving. You can send the bot through virtual mazes, or play memory games that will help you learn more about computer programming. Kids can even create and store custom programs that are as unique as they are. You can also drive Coji around on the tabletop or floor using the app as a remote control. Also, you can pick your favorite emoticons for the robot’s display and choose a sound to match it.

AED: 449

8) Anaki Cozmo

Robots VoucherCodesUAE

Anaki Cosmo (noon.com)

From the makers of the groundbreaking Ananki racing game, Cosmo is a supersmart and an overly adorable tabletop rover. It has two treads that help it move along. They are also customizable as they come with a variety of color options. For anyone, who has dreamt of having a small robot friend like the one in the movies, Cozmo may be the answer. It is a supercomputer and a loyal sidekick all in one. This is one smart and loyal robot. Not only it can express hundreds of emotions, but also fist bumps you and sneeze. It can also recognize its owners’ names, faces, and quirks.

At its core cozmo is a robot who loves games. It also explores and interacts with its surroundings and is always updating itself. The more you play, the more new games and activities are updated for constantly evolving fun. To sum it up cosmo is a little robot, with a big personality. Like a character in a Pixar movie, he is quirky, rebellious, and endearing. It will win you over with its charm and humor.

AED: 600

9) Fisher-Price: Think and Learn Movi

Robots VouchercodesUAE

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi (Amazon.ae)

Another robotic toy is this little robot which is ready to roll and ready to get the kids moving and learning along with itself. With 360 degrees mobility, it encourages the preschoolers to get their minds and bodies moving, while teaching them how to follow directions and think critically of the world around them. With three different game modes and six exciting games to choose from, gets kids thinking and moving. Whether it is asking them questions to engage their critical thinking skill, prompting them to follow directions while playing a fun game, or getting silly on the dance floor and showing off its smooth moves. This awesome robot buddy engages preschooler’s minds and bodies through fun interactive learning games.

AED: 268

10) UBITech Jimu Robot Buzzbot and Muttbot

Robots VoucherCodesUAE

JIMU BOT (Amazon.ae)

The Jimu Robot kit is a buildable, codable, interactive Robot from UBTECH robotics. This will encourage you to use your head to assemble your robot piece by piece. In this kit, you’ll find everything you need to build a buzz bot, mutt bot, or your very own JIMU Robot creation.

You will also be able to learn hands-on engineering by programming JIMU Robots to dance, move, play, and more using Blockly coding. the children can also program JIMU Robots by creating entirely new, custom actions with the PRP (Pose, record, play) function. A compatible IOS or Android device is required to run the UBITech app. This is a very meticulously designed set that is built to inspire young minds to be innovative and creative. Jimu robot is the award-winning interactive robotic building block system for ages 8 and up. 

AED: 487