Yellow Friday: what is it?

Forget Black Friday or even Red Saturday when Noon brings to you your very own Yellow Friday! After Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day gifts, there’s a special time for making small presents – for loved ones and yourself!

The end of this year will witness some raging sales during this big yellow phase all across the world. It is that time of the year when stores don’t hesitate to slash prices and you don’t hesitate to splurge. E-commerce goes ballistic with best deals, so VoucherCodesUAE brings to you the details you need to know about Middle East‘s homegrown Yellow Friday, which first made its debut in the gulf on November 20, last year. It became an instant hit and this year, customers are vying for even more offers.

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The online marketplace recently announced that they will be targeting around 25 million consumers in the 2019 edition of the Yellow Friday. The idea is to expand its reach and give tough competition to all its competitors. The Yellow Friday sale will run from November 22 to 28 this year and is backed by a series of national and international campaigns, so don’t be surprised if you keep seeing the color yellow all around you.

The young company is adamant about once again raising the bar by breaking the record sales they procured last season. As a result, you can expect great deals, big discounts, and extra benefits in all diverse categories.

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Health, home & lifestyle discounts to expect on a Yellow Friday with Noon

Yellow Friday deals and sale.

Yellow Friday sale begins on November 22nd, 2021 (

Best deals for your health benefits

Sports and health discounts for Yellow Friday.

Fitness equipment on Yellow Noon sale

A sound mind resides in a healthy body. Health is essential for all the activities of our lives no matter what our profession is. So, keep your health on track with the aid of the latest fitness trackers in the market. You can get these trackers for up to 85% off during Yellow Friday. If going to the gym is a big deal for your routine, you can get your equipment at home to help you tone your body and keep those muscles pumped up. You can find these types of equipment for up to 65% off during the flash sale at Moreover, you can also get various sporting goods such as rackets and footballs at a very low price.

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Kitchen appliances at the best bargain rates

Yellow Friday fryers and other kitchen appliances.

Phillips Air Fryer on Yellow Friday

Buy now

Nothing can compare to the taste of the food prepared by your mom, the old-fashioned way. But hey, let’s be practical here most of us don’t have the time to do it the old-fashioned way. Life has become much faster and to help you solve this problem, Yellow Friday offers sales on kitchen appliances. With these appliances, you can prepare your meals in a healthier way without any hassle. You are also less tempted to order your meals from outside, which means you get to save and reap the benefits of good food at home. Get up to 50% off in air fryers, microwave ovens, and coffee makers

Stock your fragrances

High-quality fragrances - one of Yellow Friday deals.

Perfumes sale on Yellow Friday sale

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Premium Fragrances from luxury brands like Gucci, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and many more never come cheap. However, you get lucky for your holiday shopping during Yellow Fridays. Believe it or not, scents have a lot to do with how others react to us. It makes you feel more confident and attractive. When putting on perfume, you not only improve how you smell. You also let people know more about who you are with a nice simple sniff as you pass by. So, you might consider getting yourself a small bottle of Burberry or Dior this Yellow Friday. The wide range of fragrances starts from AED67 on all the brands. Here are the top-selling perfumes for men this year.

Beauty products are very reasonable

Noon Yellow Friday discounts on cosmetics.

Skincare and beauty products: best deals


A good skin routine can have a magical effect, but for that, you need the right products. Shoppers can invest in some quality skincare and beauty products that are abundantly available at noon throughout the year. However, during Yellow Friday get up to 50% off on products from Loreal and Maybelline.

Your home gets a makeover
Yellow Friday VouchercodesUAE

Minimalist bathroom design (Pinterest)

The home provides us with, security, belonging, control, and privacy among other things. So this November, make your homes more comfortable with deals in Home Decor. You could also upgrade your television sets with up to 60% off on televisions and home theaters to notch up the experience of watching all your favorite TV shows and sports to the next level. Also, you can get up to 80% off in all the bathrooms and furniture designs that bring about an elegant vibe in your home. A

Gadgets, fashion & entertainment deals

Expect massive deals on the latest techs

 Electronics UAE Online in Dubai Abu Dhabi noon

Buy Electronics

Technology and innovation are something that makes our lives easy in addition to the entertainment factor it provides. We always tend to drift towards the latest tech that gets released. There is no better time to hook yourself up with the latest tech than the upcoming Yellow Friday. Get good deals on gadgets such as the latest phones, laptops, and Apple products. Noon Discount Code is also giving good deals on laptops. The best deals are always gone in an instant so stay alert and follow the old saying, “early birds get the worm.”

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High-quality fashion becomes affordable
Noon Yellow friday sale on Adidas clothes.

Adidas Originals on sale

Buy Adidas Originals Collection

Fashion is a way of presenting ourselves to the world. It is very essential to have a good wardrobe that is versatile and is equipped with good clothes for every occasion. However, building such a wardrobe is an investment and can be quite expensive. So you can use the opportunity provided by Yellow Friday to build a quality wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. Get exclusive deals on brands such as mango, Adidas, Adidas Originals, Nike, Reebok, Brave Soul, Shoexpress, and Iconic. As the report suggests, people tend to buy clothes on sales above anything else.

Your child gets to steal the sale

child sitting among toys

While your child makes your house a home and brings all the joy in one place, the cost of baby care products, on the other hand, is unforgiving. The product prices are on a continuous rise and show no signs of slowing down. The Yellow Friday is the perfect opportunity for you to pamper your baby without burning a hole in your pocket. There are going to be massive deals on all the categories in the kids’ section at noon. You can accessorize and dress your little one with the latest fashion as well as buy the best baby care products at the lowest possible price. So, take this opportunity to stock some of the necessary items. This is also a good time to spoil your baby with cool toys such as scooters, skateboards, and more with offers going up to 50% off.

It will be a gamer’s paradise

Yellow Friday Vouchers for gamers.

Console gaming in this age has become very expensive. The latest consoles, accessories, and games sure cost a lot. But that still doesn’t deter the dedicated gamers from buying all those products. If a person goes on a shopping spree during the Yellow Friday, they will reach level 100 of happiness as there are massive discounts on gaming consoles and accessories which go up to 70% off. You can get up to 70% off on PS4, up to 50% off on Xbox and Nintendo products, which include consoles, games, controllers, and many other accessories.

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