Players evolve and so do games. PlayStation 5 console brings forth new challenges to be conquered and new player to be born. Are you ready for the next big upgrade?

PlayStation 5: an introduction

Sony PlayStation 5 console

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The PlayStation 5 or PS5, a home video game console by Sony interactive Entertainment has caused quite an uproar in the gamers community.

It is scheduled to launch in late 2020, but the internet has already take over comparing to its predecessors. We will discuss all there is to know about the PlayStation 5, so hang on!

Features of Playstation 5

The PlayStation 5 will launch two variants of the console for you. First, as a base PlayStation 5 system which has a disc drive and another without.


The biggest upgrades Sony has brought in the league of PlayStation with PS5 are:

Sony Playstation 5

AMD’s SmartShift technology: PlayStation 5 uses AMD’s SmartShift technology which can adjust the frequency of the system based on the current activities of CPU and GPU. The main target is ideal power consumption. That is, the boost system increases the frequency of the required unit to run at higher performance without affecting cooling or power issues.

Tempest Engine: The new audio technology names tempest Engine allows hundreds of sound sources within the game as opposed to the 50 sources in PlayStation 4. The audio is presented based on the user’s device and preferences.

Custom SSD storage: It allows PS5 to increase date input and output rates resulting in faster loading and larger bandwidth for your immersive game experience. This speed supports 8K resolution.

DualSense controller: The dual sense wireless controller is made in discussion with game designers and players. It has a two-tone coloring, white with black facing, with light bars at the sides of touchpads. A built-in microphone array has been added such that players can speak to each other using controllers only! Headphones who? 

Additional accessories: Several accessories such as the charging station for the DualSense, HD camera, and a media remote control were also announced. A wireless headset named Pulse 3D is designed to complement the console’s 3D audio technology.


PlayStation 5 all you need to know

Revamped User Interface: PlayStation 5 user interface provides real-time updates. The players will no longer have to “boot the game” when they need updates. The interface makes it accessible and informative.


PlayStation 5 all you need to know

Cross-Generation play: The console will support cross-platform and backward compatible games. It will enable the players to switch to and fro in between systems and your friends can join the same multiplayer games with you.

Backward compatibility: PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with a number of PlayStation 4 games.

Launch dates

Sony Playstation 5 console

Sony have declared that the PlayStation 5 will launch by the end of 2020.

Two versions will be launched. The base PlayStation 5 with the disc drive and the PlayStation 5 digital Edition without the drive.

The digital edition is a lower-cost version, if you prefer a digital download of games instead of games discs. DualSense controller will be shipped with both the versions. The official price hasn’t been announced yet but it is estimated to come around US $470 or roughly AED 1726.

We hope you enjoy your experience with PlayStation 5. Don’t forget that all your family and loved ones may not like gaming as much as you. Have a little fam time and sit down, play some indoor games to ease the boredom. Set up a mental gym to keep your mind active  and fresh.