Since its launch in 2005, the premium Amazon membership feature has come a long way. Amazon’s Prime membership program is enjoyed by more than 100 million members across 17 countries. Unlike anything we’ve known or had before, Amazon Prime offers an unparalleled combination of shopping and entertainment benefits. Today, there’s definitely a moment to consider the benefits of having Amazon Prime & Twitch services.

In the UAE, Amazon Prime can be accessed at AED 16 per month. A year’s subscription costs AED140, saving you AED 52. Prime runs for free in the first month of subscription.

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Amazon is arguably the biggest e-commerce market it the world. It is a market place for more than 100 million consumers annually. Amazon has already cemented a foothold in some of the biggest markets in the world and is now a big player in the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Currently, this e-commerce giant has its gaze fixed on expanding the brand in the market of the Middle-East. was launched on May 1, 2019, after the e-commerce giant took over

If you still don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you’re missing out on fast and free deliveries, action-packed shows and many other benefits. VoucherCodesUAE brings to you the advantages of having a Prime account.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

Fast, Free Delivery

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One of the best features of the Prime membership is the free next day shipping. Waiting is the hardest part after you place an order online. More specifically if it is something very special that you have ordered. This is where Prime comes in handy and makes it easier. Your box of happiness will arrive at your doorstep right on the next day of your order. That is not all, it arrives free of charge. However, keep in mind that the delivery time starts when the item has been shipped.

Free Expedited International Delivery

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There are times when you want to buy a particular product but it is not available in your region, so you decide to order from a foreign market. In doing so the price of the product shoots up considerably due to the delivery charges. This is another problem that has been solved by the services of You get quick and free delivery while purchasing international products. You also have a bigger market to choose the perfect product suited for your needs. The price factor remains the same.

Priority Delivery

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You never know when you face emergencies. For instance, there may come a time when you are in need of something urgent and you don’t have the time to go out. In that case, you can simply make a priority delivery order from and have the goodies delivered to you in no time. Strangely enough, you can even make priority international delivery orders. This is a service from that comes in handy. The Prime members get a 50% discount on all priority delivery charges. Also, AED 20 off on all international delivery charges.

Exclusive access to Amazon Originals

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With the membership, you also have access to Prime Video which is now emerging as a top contender to both Netflix and HBO. It streams hundreds of Amazon originals like Sneaky Pete, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Man in The High Castle, Homecoming, Good Omens, Hanna and more. There are many ways to enjoy your Amazon Originals. You can stream it on your laptop or watch it on your phones and tablets too. You can also stream it on your smart TV. It can be enjoyed at up to 3 devices at once.

For those who don’t know, is a service where people primarily stream and watch videogames. Twitch and Amazon have partnered to bring us an amazing service called Twitch Prime. Prime members can enjoy a selection of free games every month. Also, you get free in-game items and a free ad-free subscription to a Twitch channel. You also get twitch goodies such as an exclusive badge and emotes. This is a service that will entice online gamers and streamers a lot. Basically this is a platform where you can watch live game streaming for free.

Should you get an Amazon Prime account?

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Essentially you do get free-shipping without prime if you are shopping over AED 100. However, you might not be spending over AED 100  every time. It could come in handy if you are someone who shops more than 2 times a month. Without prime, you will be paying an extra AED10 for deliveries of goodies under 100. So gives you the advantage of ordering whatever you want at any price and you get it delivered for free. Besides, you will also get a free next day delivery.

As we all know, Amazon has no problems in giving huge sales such as Black Fridays and Tech Bazaar. During these big sales, there are thousands of people waiting in the wings to take advantage of the discounts. However, Prime gives you a 30-minute early access to all those deals and discounts. This keeps you one step ahead of the rest of the public. As a result, you will be the early bird and get the worm that everyone wants.

Expect more features on Amazon Prime

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The prime members of some other Amazon markets like the US and Europe pay double the money you are paying but also get additional services. For instance, there is Kindle, in which you get access to a lot of free reading materials. Prime Music, which is something like Spotify. Then you get the cloud storage feature as well which functions like the google drive or the one drive. These are the additional features that still haven’t been released in the UAE. However, slowly but surely these services will also be a part of shortly. is a good service that can become very handy. It saves you the hassle of getting into your car, navigating through all the busy traffic and getting to the store. You will love it even more if you are someone who is looking for an online media platform to entertain yourself.