The season of love is finally here. The shelves are stacked with all things red and pink, from flowers to chocolates, you can find everything for your loved one. As they say, love and care should be shown year-round, but a special day for your special one just seems right, doesn’t it? We bring you the best ideas to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

At, VoucherCodesUAE, we know exactly what you are looking for. There are different Valentine’s Day ideas for every couple, some love flowers, some love holidays and the list goes on. Whether you want to clear out her entire wishlist or just do something mellow, we have a ton of things that will help you wow her!

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Best ideas to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s day

Best ideas to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's day

Let the creative juices flow, and flex it on your special one! You can easily wow and surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Night in, night out, affordable ideas, food ideas, long-distance relationships, and last-minute surprises, we got it all!  Planning the perfect surprise with step by step guide from a girl, what can be better than that?

If you don’t know where to start, don’t want to get broke after the day, or don’t want to go overboard, follow us through the end, you may find exactly what you are looking for. Be unique and creative gift ideas for her.

1. DIY a Valentine’s Day Basket

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's Day

DIY adds personal elements to your gifts, making them one of a kind. Check out already listed amazing finds to put in a Valentine’s Day gift basket for her. We chose the cutest gifts from Amazon. ae to make the basket, you can easily lookout for more. You can even add, a few personal touches such as a handmade card or customized keychain. Also, add something unique and creative gifts to the basket.

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2. Movie night with her

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's day

You must have thought of this already. Let’s take it up a notch and change your bedroom or the living room into a personal movie theatre. Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s day with an authentic movie experience at home with our list of recommended Valentine movies on Netflix.

Not a homebody? Check out the new release across your nearest movie theatre. Remember to check the tickets beforehand and follow the social distancing guidelines.

3. A day out with her

surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's day

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day by quenching her wanderlust. Plan a day out, (obviously), or it can be a week-long trip for Valentine’s week if you want to be romantic like that.  Just make sure, it is according to her will. If she loves nature, go visit the Green Planet or Miracle garden to witness the beauty of nature. Adrenaline junkie? Visit the Ferrari World or The Haunted manor. The list goes on.

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4. At-home spa treatment

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's day

Let her relax for the day at home, with you as a personal attendant. When she said you were her everything, she meant everything! So, don’t be lazy and grab that apron and run a bath! It will help her unwind and relax, instead of stressing about looking pretty for the day. You can check out a few stress-relief products for her to use for a proper self-care day at home. We are sure, she would love that. After all, who doesn’t need a little bit of loving?

5. Go for some charity service

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Giving and paying forward is a very important part of being human. As a couple, it provides opportunities o learn new things about each other. If you understand your partner well and know about her personal take on important issues, we are sure, you can easily find an organization that needs your help.

You don’t need to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s day, you can discuss it beforehand or save enough for the said charity. It gives you both a chance to explore each other at philanthropic as well as personal levels.

6. Breakfast or brunch in bed

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's day

A small gesture, both, old and romantic. Wake up early and make her the best breakfast you can. No need to order in, just make whatever comes to your mind. Plate it nicely and wake her up. Just, don’t spill it. Start the day with feeding her breakfast and your day is bound to be good. The route to the heart goes through the stomach.

7. Dinner at home or her favorite restaurant

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's day

Candles? Check. Mood? Check. Good food? Check. There’s the perfect recipe for the perfect dinner date. You can choose to stay home and order in your favorite restaurant or you can go out to her favorite place to eat! Plan the reservations ahead and make sure you don’t forget any details about the time or place.

We recommend having your dinner date at home. Why? First of all, it is the safest option. It is also a comfortable and personal space that you two can share without other people staring as you eat. Order in from her favorite restaurant and make sure, you check out all her favorite dishes.

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8. Deliver her favorite flowers

Surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Be a gentleman, keep the touch of old classy love to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s day. You can order her favorite flowers for same-day delivery from 800Flowers. Their Valentine’s day collection and love collection is something you should definitely check out! You have the option of adding anything to the bouquet: chocolates, teddy bears, vases, and much more.

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