Chocolates and flowers are classy, but we both know these are overdone. Confused about what to gift the lady of your life? We got you covered with unique and creative Valentine’s day gift ideas that will surprise and delight her!

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Creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her – inspiring list

Valentine's day gifts for her

Making the day a little more special is very easy, think of something that will add meaning to your gifts. Not too big or fancy, but a thoughtful approach can make all the difference. We have chosen few trinkets from, that is absolutely the best choice for you right now. With us, you can save on your every order. 

1. Fill in the Love Journal

Valentine's day gifts for her - what I love about us

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You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to fill in the love on these pages. This little book of 112 pages contains fill-in-the-blank lines. It will perfectly describe you two as a couple and some part of affection. The “What I love About us” edition will turn your number one into a mush. Don’t afraid to be lovey-dovey, sappy, or frisky, just complete each line! We are sure these books as creative valentine’s day gift ideas for her that will win her heart!

Price: AED 53.28

2. Engraved wooden hearts

Valentine's day gift for her - wooden hearts

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If she loves handcrafted items, then you know what to get now! This box of engraved wooden hearts will make her love grow 10 times larger! These can be used as paperweight or wall hangings as well. you can get a little creative on your own and make a wind chime out of it!

Also, the 10*10 cm box makes a perfect storage box for her jewelry, ring, bracelet,  and more!

Price: AED 49.00

3. Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

Creative valentine's day gift ideas for her - Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

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This pair of ceramic mugs have been all the hype for the last few days. It is a perfect gift for your wife and can be a sign for your partner, that you may want to make her a Mrs. soon. It is made up of ceramic marble and weighs 1.25 kg in total. As it is non-toxic and dishwasher safe, it won’t be giving you trouble.

With a 14 fluid ounces capacity, you are sure to have a long conversation while sipping your favorite drinks.

Price: AED 69

4. Explosion box

Creative valentine's day gift ideas for her - Explosion box

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People think explosion boxes are not worth the hype, we say, the opposite. It is meaningful, creative, and personalized, and it will fit perfectly as a gift for her. If you can make one out of scratch, that better. But if you don’t get the time, you can simply buy this explosion box, and fill in the most love and memories you two share.

The excitement of it “exploding” and revealing the gifts inside is quite a thrill to witness. Also, you can hide another gift in the middle!

Price: AED 55

5. Leather Scrapbook

Velntine's day gift for her - Leather Scrapbook

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A leather album book to store your favorite happy and wonderful moments together with her! The self-adhesive pages of memory scrapbook photo albums are dust-free, air-free, and glue-free for a long time and high-quality preservation of your memories. you can place your favorite photos in your own preferences. You can remind her of a trip or the first time you met, with all the memories stored in one place.

The 180- degree sheet rotation of the album book gives it a unique and convenient design. It is lightweight and durable with a Hard PU leather cover. We are sure she will love the scrapbook, with all your memories put together. 

Price: AED 50

6. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Valentine's day gift for her - Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

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The Da Vinci code mini cryptex will add that interesting spark to Valentine’s day gift ideas for her. Want to gift a ring, but a ring box is just too common, gift it in the cryptex! She will need to put the password to get it. The default password is ILOVEU, you can also set up their own passwords. When you want to set a new password, you only need to turn the screws and the sequence of letters re-editing 6 password ring. 

This exquisite piece weighs about 750gm and is made of zinc alloy. Upgrade your gifting style with the right packaging.

Price: AED 143.74

7. Expanding photo locket

Valentine's day gift for her - Expanding photo locket

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An expanding photo locket is something you absolutely need to gift her if you haven’t already. The angel wing clasps hold o this gorgeous rose gold locket and expand to reveal 4 pictures of precious loved ones. You can include her best friend or parents along with you in the locket. 

On top of that, it is a scent diffuser locket that requires only 2-3 drops of essential oils every time she wears it. It is made with high-grade copper, so it is easy to wear and nonallergic reactions. 

Price: AED 38.98

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Flower and chocolates? Get only the best

creative valentine's day gifts for her

Add the touch of classic love and get her the prettiest bouquet of her choice from 800flowers. You can save up to 15%  with the code “GIVE“. The perfect love flower collection will be the perfect gift for her. You can even add a selection of gifts to go along with it! From chocolate to soft toys, cakes, and much more, this makes it different from other flower boutiques. Now, go win her heart with this collection of the most unique and creative Valentine’s day gift ideas for her.

That’s all we got for you today. On this Valentine’s day, let the gift ideas be filled with love and care. You can check out our blogs to get more ideas and saving tips for you!

Creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her with VoucherCodes UAE

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