Valentine’s day is slowly creeping closer and the heart-shaped items, chocolate, and flowers are not helping in any way. Let’s just say it is fun for the ones who have a partner to celebrate it with, but what about the ones who are happy to spend the day with themselves? Don’t worry, we got good news! For all the single ladies – and men, we have curated a list of the best anti-Valentine movies and shows.

Enough rom-coms are celebrating the joy of having a partner, centering your life around them, and blah blah. We say, why not have a slice of life, and celebrate your independence. Not depending on someone else for your happiness is something to be proud of.  Now, let’s take a look at this year’s best anti-Valentine movies VoucherCodesUAE has selected for you.

Best Anti-Valentine Movies: Must watch

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1. Gerald’s game

best anti-valentine movies

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Who is ready for some trust issues? You will be glad that you don’t have a partner on Valentine’s day after watching this movie. This 2017 American psychological horror-thriller film will grab your attention and keep you hanging to the edge of the seat. Why? We got two words- “Stephen King”.

Gerald’s Game is based on Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same title, and if you know him, you know what is coming for you. A romantic getaway with your loved one, passionate role-play session, sounds like the perfect trip. How about the worst-case scenario? Easy, one of them is going to have a heart attack, while another is chained to the bed, with no keys.

Wow, love can actually kill you. Who would have thought?

2. Tallulah

Anti-Valentine movies

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Would you have rather a platonic, unconditional love or a romantic love? Tallulah is a 2016 American comedy drama film. This Netflix original revolves around a young woman who unexpectedly takes a baby from her irresponsible mother. She loves and cares for the child like her own. It is a perfect movie for someone who has been in self-destructive relationships and been healing lately.

We say it is one of the best anti-Valentine movies because it makes you believe in knowing what’s best for you, including leaving bad partners and building up a family in the most unexpected of places.

Toxic people? Bye.

3. The Invitation

best Anti-Valentine Movies

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Ever sat down for a “Dinner from Hell”? Now you can see it. This 2015 movie is centered around a lavish dinner party. Both friends and lovers(ex) are reunited. Let’s just say this movie will give you the validation that your ex is our evil and that love actually really sucks.

This is a slow thriller, so you gotta be patient. From broken relationships, depression to coping with the events, you can find everything here. Mot giving the plot away, but a tip: Don’t you ever accept an invitation from your ex. Yes, block it!

4. Secret obsession

Oh boy, you are going to get mad after this movie, but then, you will be happy about not having a person sticking to you 24/7. This Netflix original starts with an introduction of Jennifer, who had an accident and lost all her memories. She wakes up with her loving husband doting on her and nursing her back to health. Sweet? Oh, Her “husband” is not actually her husband. Didn’t see that one coming eh?

This movie will make your deepest fear come true: Not knowing the real intention of the loved ones. Ladies, you are never trusting anyone again after this movie.

5. Berlin Syndrome

Best Anti-valentine movies

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Thank us already, because, after this movie, you will feel lucky of not being involved with anyone else but you. Watch Berlin Syndrome and you will never want a one-night stand ever again. The story revolves around a photojournalist named Clare. She is enjoying her dream vacay: backpacking across Europe. Doing what no responsible adult like you would do, having random hookups.

This psychological thriller kicks up a notch when Andi, an innocent-looking guy doesn’t take the hook-up casually. Oh yes, it turns dark real fast. Andi locks Clare in his apartment, making her his captive. Will she survive? Tell us when you finish it!

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