Austin Richard Post popularly known as Post Malone may be covered in controversies from head to toe, but he sure knows how to cover himself with style.

With his recent collaboration with H& M, the ‘Circles’ singer has firmed his grip in fashion, as effortlessly as in music and lifestyle, becoming one of the most influential figures today. Releasing a series of 12 amazingly aesthetic and cool merchandise, Post-Malone x H& M is promoting his “Runaway Tour.” These pieces include printed sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, and denim jackets.

Verdict on Post Malone X H&M

The color scheme is rather plain and somber with neutral tones including beige, black, rusty brown, grey, and white, which is exactly the kind of thing that makes the collection look so neat. The prints are eye-catching. Especially the ones that feature the winged demon with the lyrics of his song ” Otherside” written at the bottom.

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Posty H&M collection.

This aesthetic print on a simple plain background is exactly the kind of thing that goes with your angsty black outfit. So guys put on that black beanie with the emo hair and girls, put on that black eye shadow cause you know even the lyrics make sense.

post malone H&m vouchercodesuae

Orange Post Malone H&M collab jumper.

Faded is what seems nice nowadays. The older it looks, the better it is. This rusty brown sweatshirt would go very well with some faded denim pants and a pair of chucks. You do not need to be a huge fan to wear Posty Co. Merchandise, what matters is that you look good while wearing it.

White long-sleeve Post Malone H&M collab.
And what’s the news you say? Oh, just some Post Malone x H&M references. Who says newspapers are becoming obsolete? When was the last time you had the whiff of a newspaper? Newspapers will not be aesthetic. Period. This white sweatshirt is also available as a black T-shirt and trusts me, it still looks amazing.

Post Malone H and M collab - black jacket.

The line also introduced denim jackets and god bless them for making them black! With the front being a plain H&M black denim jacket, the back has 2 different prints to offer. One with Post’s face himself and the other on with the Flying demon as mentioned before, and trust me, it looks even better.

post malone H&m vouchercodesuae

I have said it once and I will say it again. You don’t need to be a fan to wear this merch and look good!

Post Malone H&M collab: check it.

A faded black hoodie with the print of the title to his song and yup, after wearing this you will surely feel Better Now.’

And again these clothes are the type that can literally be worn with almost anything. That is the best thing about simplicity. You can wear the hoodies under your denim and bomber jackets or you can wear it just like that. The key word is Versatile and how to wear it is totally up to You.


T-shirt signed as Post Malone x HM.

Well, wearing a shirt with patterned CAT scans will not make you smarter, but it will make you look good and I see that as a win-win for everybody. This cotton shirt is inclined more towards the summer side, but hey! It is totally up to the person who wears it.

Post Malone x HM hoodie.

The final piece is a simple hoodie (available in black and grey) promoting Post’s official merchandise company. Still doesn’t change the fact that it looks cool and is versatile to be worn. Is it just me, or does black go well with every outfit?

Now, despite being shrouded with controversy, Post Malone can be a pretty decent role model when you really look at it. Especially when you are looking up to him for fashion ideas or sense and when you see it that way, you can literally look up to anyone for ideas.

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