2021 is here and it’s your year. A fresh new decade and a fresh new start towards a brand new you. No! You don’t have to change completely. However, it is high time for you to start treating yourself better, and what better way can there be than to get into fitness and take care of your body; killing those fats and cholesterol. Getting fit is anyway on your resolution list, so gear up to start your new year with a positive mindset.



Going to the gym does not take a strong body but a strong determination. Might as well look good when you start your membership and it is not set in stone that you have to go to the gym in order to get fit. There are more fun ways to reach that perfect summer body that you want, like sports!

Suck in that gut forever with hard work, willpower, supplements and you should totally look good while you’re at it.

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Here are some of the things that you should equip yourselves with before hitting the gym, court, or the field.

Fitness Starter Pack

What to wear

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First things first, you should know what to wear. You just cannot step inside the gym or in the field with your jeans on. Surely, you need something with mobility and comfort and most importantly something that allows your skin to breathe freely. The keyword is perspiration. Any amount of sweat you shed is directly proportional to your progress and you would find it very uncomfortable if your clothes get saturated with sweat.

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The materials you should look out for are cotton or any light synthetic fabric which are the base materials for most of branded companies like Puma, Nike, or Adidas. You don’t need to worry about “not being fashionable” as these brands take 3 things as their priority when making clothes. They are comfort, performance, and style.

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Are you gonna run on the treadmill with those boots on? I don’t think so. Coming back to the topic of comfort and mobility, you don’t want blisters and sores on your first day, do you? Your feet are the most important part of your body when it comes to physical activities so I suggest that you take proper care by giving your feet the best possible gear. Amazon has hundreds of sports footwear to offer and almost all are durable and of a branded quality.

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Putting emphasis on the fact that most of the brands are already “fashionable” enough, you really don’t need to worry about the pair of shoes not suiting you or finding the one that’s meant for you.

What to carry


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Fact: You cannot continue working out or playing your sport if you’re dehydrated.

The only thing better than drinking water is drinking your protein supplement and you need to have a proper vessel for your energy drink. Amazon has an array of different protein shakers depending on what kind you want. The silver metal spring ball helps to mix your drink properly so that you don’t get any lumps while chugging down that protein.

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One also needs a certain amount of solid intakes along with their drink. The best source of energy and protein that can be consumed quickly is dried fruits. Lucky for you, your shaker comes with small detachable compartments at the bottom of the bottle which are exactly for that use. You can put dried fruits like almonds, cashews, and dried grapes which can revitalize your body to certain limits and will help you get to that fitness level you want.

Gym Bags

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Where would you put your stuff after buying them? You need something to carry your towel, an extra t-shirt and the protein shaker don’t you? On Amazon, you can literally find almost anything. If you are a stubborn person and you feel like you won’t look good in those sporty sneakers outside, don’t worry. You can buy a sports duffle bag and guess what? It has a compartment for those shoes. Now you can wear whatever you are comfortable in, put your sports gear in the duffle bag, and then go to your destination for fitness without worrying anymore.

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Not comfortable carrying a hefty-looking duffle bag around? Amazon also offers backpacks. You can put your gear in it, put it on your back and then traverse comfortably. You can also wear these bags while cycling, so now you can travel more on pedaling wheels.

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Is the backpack also too big for you and you want something that is just enough for you to put your wallet and cell phone? Well, Amazon has got you covered in that too! You can put on these cool fanny packs around your waist or you can sling them around your shoulder. There is no limit to your comfort and mobility.

How to track your progress

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Won’t you find it annoying to check your phone every now and then for messages, calls, or maybe to track your health and how many calories you have burnt? I suggest you purchase a fitness tracking smartwatch. The Apple smartwatch can be connected to your iPhone so you can receive your calls, check your messages and track your fitness without any hassle. You can also change the music you’re listening to with just a simple tap.


Don’t own an iPhone? That’s not an excuse not to own a smartwatch. There are hundreds of other watches that are compatible with your Android phone like the LEMFO M1. With calls and notifications viewing features. It has a heart rate tracker and also tells you how many calories you have burnt. That’s not all, it also comes with wireless earphones and full music control. So what are you waiting for?

2021 definitely is the year for you, so you should be devoted to loving yourself. Equip yourself with the best that you deserve and work out your way towards that perfect body that you think you should have!

Just Do It!