What if we told you that online shopping with your favorite brands will render a helping hand to fight the coronavirus pandemic? Some of our favorite fashion labels are playing an active part in the fight against the virus. With the Corporate Social Responsibility programs of these few brands, you can donate a percentage of your purchase by basically staying in and shopping online.

Nobody knows how this pandemic is going to play out in terms of economic, physical, and mental well-being with the widespread impact it has on a global scale. But despite this fear, many of the businesses are showing altruistic responses in defiance of the ongoing crisis. Although governments are rolling out stimulus packages and businesses playing their part; individuals can play their cards also within their own communities. Let us see how certain brands are working and how can we can virtually join hands.


Do you feel bad that you are not able to contribute something during COVID-19? You cannot be of any help to the frontlines fighting for us and others? H& M not only aided their employees with salary but is also quickly producing personal protective equipment to be provided to hospitals and health care workers. So what you can do in this regard is contribute to the cause by shopping your favorite spring designs for 20% off. Spend the whole day at home looking classy in this Linen-blend shirt dress or stay cozy in a linen T-shirt paired up with Pull-on linen-blend trousers. For more offers, codes, and deals check out here.

Linen-blend shirt dress AED 199.00

Linen T-shirt AED 75.00

Pull-on linen-blend trousers AED 99.00

H&M Linen-blend shirt dress

H&M Linen-blend shirt dress

MAC Cosmetics

Don’t let your life come to a halt during the quarantine. You can always video call your friends and host a virtual party while looking lovely. Yes, it will be more about make-up than OOTD but applying some of the loveliest shades by MAC Cosmetics will not only make you ready for that amazing video call, but with the purchase, you can pay back 100% to those at risk of the ongoing crisis. The MAC Viva Glam fund is accelerating $10,000,000 USD to over 250 local organizations around the world to support vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19. Get your hands on other products and take advantage of discounts.

Viva Glam Lipstick 95 AED

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

The Body Shop

You cannot miss out on the talking your skin does. Try to pamper yourself by creating a new skincare quarantine routine. Grant your small share into products The Body Shop is delivering to the front-line workers. It is launching several initiatives to combat COVID-19 globally. In the UK, the brand team is donating care packages to local hospitals including handwashes. Choose the products that best suit your skin and get 20% off using our codes.

Seaweed Cleansing Gel Wash AED 79

The Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing Gel Wash

The Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing Gel Wash


It never occurred to us before that, a day would come when we would talk about the importance of looking good while staying indoors. Many of us are working from home. We never would ever want to look unfresh on our virtual get-togethers or Zoom meetings with the clients and the like. Luckily we have Gap Inc. which is not only making use of all of its resources to make masks, gowns, and scrubs for healthcare workers on the frontline but also offering amazing discounts. You can avail of 64% discount on this Perfect Tie-Belt Shirtdress which will do the needful for your home-office meetings. Check out all the promo codes and coupons here.

Perfect Tie-Belt Shirtdress 119 AED

GAP Perfect Tie-Belt Shirtdress

GAP Perfect Tie-Belt Shirtdress


Stay optimistic by having a calm state of mind. It’s okay if you are unable to go to a gym. Try setting up your work routine with home workouts you never did before. It will not only give you peace of mind but also help you out stay in shape. So Adidas here is going to pay all its employees for all the hours they were scheduled to work. Get your hands on Solar Drive 19 shoes and avail 49% discount. You would not want to miss out on more coupon codes and deals.

Solar Drive 19 Shoes AED 270

Adidas Solar Drive 19 Shoes

Adidas Solar Drive 19 Shoes


Do you know what is important?  To feel good at the end of the day.  It will be you nurturing yourself in the space that surrounds you. This is the perfect time to declutter your home and organize it. Make it look beautiful and elegant. Renovate your house in the most modish manner by ordering your favorite pieces from Bloomingdale’s and enjoy their discounts. It will be paying all its store associates throughout the closure period.

Bloomingdale's Home Decor

Bloomingdale’s Home Decor


When meeting up on video call gets boring, adopt fashion. Indulge yourself in the act of getting dressed, pose and snap. Dressing up this way can remind you of good times that you might have on a holiday. You can also sizzle your daily routine and shop online, but Zara has been much busier into making masks and hospital gowns for first responders in Spain. Check out their special prices collection and contribute. We have more deals and discounts sorted out for you here.

We have all been pinning for human connection just to not feel sequestered, be it in the form of staying in contact by having group chats, celebrating important events by a virtual hangout, making plans for the future, having meaningful family time, showing solidarity by hopeful singalongs from balconies, or finding out different fun activities, but remember, the point of contemplation here is, “are we playing our part as a human in this crucial time?” and shopping is helping. Who knew?