Nowadays bathrooms are given priority as they are the mirror to your home’s hygiene. The right items play an important role in any bathroom space – both in how they create the space more usable or in general comfort of the user.

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List of 10 must-have bathroom upgrade items

We feel it’s high time for you to give your bathroom a makeover with few must-have bathroom items. Here’s a list of the most useful and efficient bathroom upgrade items from

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must haves in a bathroom

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A two-tier rack that you can use to organize all your shower products in one place instead of leaving them cluttered all over the sink. This rack transforms the wasted space on the wall into a spacious storage area. It helps you to keep everything organized within arms’ reach. This shelf will also give a touch of elegance to your bathroom!

Price: AED 59.00


Must have items in bathroom

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Apply some of this marble paper to your sink, counters, or even your walls to instantly modernize the area. This paper gives a delicate marble effect that makes the surface look more realistic and natural. The smooth surface is waterproof and oilproof and is easy to wipe clean with a cloth.

Price: AED 39.00


Must have items in bathroom

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Add this color-changing LED showerhead to make yourself feel like you’re living in 4021. When water flows down, the LED will light instantly. The color will change automatically and create a special atmosphere in your bathroom. You can enjoy a pleasing bath after a long day.

Besides, the colorful light may make your kids fall in love with bathing. The right side of the nozzle can help you save water. Brightness is limited so that there is no need for other lighting fixtures to help you save energy.

Price: AED 49.10

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This is seriously one of the must-have bathroom items for you to try. The set includes a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and a ring dish. Speaking of things that’ll make you smile, a mosaic bathroom set is equal part fun, cool and cute.

Price: AED 278


Must have items in bathroom

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 A chic golden towel bar is going to make your bathroom shine. Designed with clean lines and sturdy construction, the towel bars provide everyday efficiency with style. The towel bars are a handy place to store your towels that keep your towels dry and within reach.

Price: AED 99.00


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A fancy waterproof shower curtain is subtle but also pretty colorful. It is excellent for showers and bathtubs for your home. This curtain could be used as a stand-alone curtain or as a liner for a shower curtain.

Price: AED 12.90


Must have items in bathroom

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This bathtub tray is made of Eco-friendly high-quality durable bamboo material and covered with a thin protective coat of waterproof and mildew resistance varnish. The bamboo bathtub tray is your perfect item for a beautiful and relaxing bath environment.

Price: AED 139

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If you want to keep the simple yet unique theme going, get these water-draining bamboo soap holders. These soap dishes are friendly, being made from all-natural beech wood, a hardwood known for its strength and beauty.

Price: AED 20.99


Must have items in bathroom

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Add a burst of color to your plain white walls with these vibrant tile stickers. These stickers are waterproof and add color and elegance to your bathroom.

Price: AED 38.57


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Get these bathroom pedestal rugs, toilet cover, and mat to upgrade your bathroom look. This set has a strong water-absorbent ability, can absorb water quickly. You can keep your feet and your bathroom floors dry and clean. These bathroom rugs set have non-slip PVC rubber dots texture backing, that helps prevent random injuries.

Price: AED 24.40

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Must have items in bathroom

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Get a spray shower cleaner that’ll get your shower taps back to their original state so they look as good as new! It comes with non-toxic plant-based power green technology. No need to scrub your shower.

Price: AED 19.64


Must have items in bathroom

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A set of thick cotton hand towels will make you go, “That’s so soft!!!” every time you wipe your hands and body. Woven with low twist cotton yarn which makes them lightweight which increases the comfort and absorbency of these towels and dry quickly for a fresh feeling with each use. These truly indulgent towels are available in a variety of beautiful colors to suit any home or hotel bathroom. The pebble stripe detail adds style and elegance to quickly spruce up any bathroom.

Price: AED 89.99

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Get that new look for your bathroom. We feel that these ideas are the perfect solution for a clean and organized bathroom. 

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