Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still scrambling for a gift idea, don’t worry! With these last-minute gift ideas, you can thoughtfully show appreciation for the maternal figure in your life. From personalized gifts to experiences, there’s something for every mom on this list. So, let’s look at some great last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2024.

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The best and unique Mother’s Day gifts for 2024

Amazon has become a go-to destination for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift. From personalized jewellery to beauty products, many options are available to suit every mother’s taste and style.

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1. You are my sunshine music box

Beige Colored Music Box

Price: AED 47.66

She brightens up your life every single day. With the simple turn of the handle on this petite wooden music box, she will be reminded of just that.

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2. Knock knock! What I love about mom book

Mothers day 2023

Price: AED 46.69

Time to get a lil sentimental! With this fill-in-the-blank book, each page prompts you to write down everything that defines your mom – from her sense of humor and love of adventure to her ability to stay calm in any situation.

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3. Rechargeable hand warmer

Grey Rechargable Hand Warmer from Ocoopa

Price: AED 180

If there’s an ongoing joke about how she’s always feeling cold, consider gifting her this top-rated hand warmer to help keep her warm and cozy. It can last up to four hours on a full charge and is small enough to be stored in any convenient place.

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4. Pink satin eye mask

Light Pink Satin Eye Mask

Price: AED 29.99

If she’s never tried an eye mask before, she’ll be pleasantly surprised by its ability to help her fall asleep faster. This satin eye mask not only provides a comfortable sleep but also helps to protect her skin as she drifts off to sleep.

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5. Luxury shower steamers

Mothers day 2023

Price: AED 83.78

To quickly achieve relaxation during her shower, she must remove the wrapping and drop one of these aromatherapy steamers into the tub. According to the brand, the shape of these steamers is flat for scent release.

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6. A 5-year journal for mums

Q & A a day for Moms Journal

Price: AED 58.01

She can create an amazing memento in five years by dedicating a few minutes every day to jot down anything significant between her and her baby, whether it’s a milestone, difficulty, or something trivial.

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7. Women’s pyjama set

Mothers day 2023

Price: Starts at AED 65

These pyjamas are highly sought-after on Amazon and are praised by reviewers for their comfortable and flattering fit, thanks to their buttery soft and stretchy fabric. Moreover, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute, they are the best-value PJs for women, costing half the price of comparable sets.

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8. An inspirational book

Micheal Obama the Light We Carry Book Cover Page

Price: AED 82.92

While Michelle Obama’s latest book speaks to a broad audience, it resonates especially with mothers who will find her discussions on life’s challenges highly relatable. In the book, she shares her strategies for navigating difficult times and unlocking the inner potential that lies within all of us.

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9. Essential oil diffuser bracelet

Silver and Golden Bracelet with Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: AED 59.90

If used appropriately, essential oils can effectively address various areas of discomfort. For instance, lavender is known to promote relaxation. When seeking relief, she can apply two to three drops of her preferred essential oil onto the bracelet pad and inhale for a soothing sensation or any desired effect.

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10. Light up rose

Mothers day 2023

Price: AED 168.35

This glass rose is more than just a regular bouquet; it is designed to last a lifetime. Enclosed in a dome, it is ideal for showcasing. The pictured option showcases multiple colours but is also available in solid colours such as red, blue, and purple.

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We hope that our compilation of Mother’s Day gift ideas has provided you with some inspiration on how to express your love and gratitude to your mother on this significant occasion.

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