Gambling is a fascinating world of intrigues and thrills that catches the attention of mature novelists. At some point, every skilled author wants to write a story on the subject. Many literary fictions are incredibly engaging and emotionally evocative. If you’re looking for worthy titles to add to your bookshelf, here you are with the finest fictional gambling and casino-themed novels of our time.

1. Casino

Nicholas Pileggi’s book inspired the homonymous film set in Las Vegas. The story depicts mob dominance in the casino environment through the daily gambling activity of two mobster characters. The book shows the darkest side of the land-based casino universe, which explains why many gamblers choose to play online rather than attending a mortar-and-brick casino. From hundreds of new slots and classic table games, online casinos have it all on top of extraordinary rewards: the no deposit casino bonuses you’re searching for are now available on this website with specific guidelines about games and brands.

2. The House Always Wins

Brian Rouff’s story has a main character, Anna, who falls in love with a bassist in a band she’s interviewing. She follows him to Las Vegas and gets in touch with the casino world. This novel is a light-hearted casino fiction story from a woman’s perspective.

3. Megacasino: The 13th Casino

Written by Frederick Schofield, this book deals with the corporate takeover of Las Vegas. The story illustrates the city’s moguls competing to build the next large casino, the 13th one.

4. Loser Takes All

Here’s an intriguing and immersive casino story by Graham Greene. Bertram and his fiance are in Monte Carlo to meet his boss. They’re staying at the most luxurious hotel in the city, but they lose a large sum of money at the casino. So, Bertram tries a strategy to win big at the roulette by gambling all his money.

5. Molly’s Game

Written by 26-year-old Molly Bloom, this novel is a memoir about high-stakes poker games at some of the largest underground poker tournaments in the USA. Molly arranged private games for Hollywood’s wealthy gamblers. The book offers an insight into the hidden poker world and its intrigues.

6. The Dark Side of the Felt

Tyler Nals wrote his novel based on real-life casino experiences. His writing is a thrilling ride across the casino planet. Tyler uses humor and pain to show the gamblers’ ventures between high stakes and no-limit playing. This book is an adventurous rush into the gambling real world that rarely other writers depict.

7. Comped

Bill Kearney illustrates Atlantic City as a dark and shady place where celebrities attend casinos and go through all kinds of troubles and unbelievable lavishnesses. This novel is the other face of casino gambling among wealthy people during the 1980s.

8. The Gambler

Here’s a classic title by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The author provides an entertaining story for casino fans through Alexei’s obsession with roulette. The book is a realistic insight into the casino environment, including issues like money, status, and personal gambling problems.


Nowadays, you can find many casino-themed stories to read. Check out our daily list of the best coupons, deals, discounts, and promo codes from the top book retailers. Each fictional work offers a different perspective on the casino universe, responding to the expectations of different reader niches. The genre is booming worldwide, so you’ll find more titles in the future to enjoy and add to your bookshelf!