March 21 is celebrated as Mother’s Day in the UAE and other countries of the Arab World. Mustafa Amin, an Egyptian journalist, began this tradition in 1956. Every year since then, mothers in the UAE are celebrated and thanked with gifts and blessings. To help you with picking gifts for the favourite person in your life, VoucherCodesUAE brings you all the cool ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

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Mother’s Day Gifts ideas for 2023

Here’s a mother’s day gift guide for the upcoming celebrations.

1. Flowers to celebrate the forever bond

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Flowers are the most perfect way to brighten someone’s mood. There are so many that you can choose from, from tulips to roses, a beautiful bouquet will surely light up your mum’s smile. Check out 800flower’s mother’s day floral collection. Browse VoucherCodesUAE to enjoy discounts on Mumzworld and more.

2. Spa Essentials are awesome gifts for mom

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Aren’t all mothers multitasking magicians? The way they take care of everybody’s every need isn’t something short of magic. Of course, magicians need rest too. Say thank you with some bath essentials to let her relax and enjoy a much-deserved me-time.

3. Home décor for mum, because she gives meaning to the word Home

Mother's day gift ideas - home

Home is where you can feel your mummy’s presence. She’s the one who painstakingly nurtures a house and turns it into a place of comfort. So to revere your mum on her special celebration, why not dedicate a special home décor item to her? We suggest this lounge chair where she can enjoy her space at home.

4. Skincare to show your mama that you care

Mother's day gifts - cosmetics

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A good skincare regime is important but so easily neglected because of chores and responsibilities. So, this time let your mama know you care, by pampering her with some skincare essentials.

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5. Clothes for the comfort Mummy adds to your life

Mother's day gifts - clothes

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Isn’t life a little more comfortable when mummy is around to take care of us? From fresh laundry to the newest fashion essentials, mothers always get us the clothing we need. Maybe it’s time we acknowledge her actions by gifting her mother clothing that she would love.

6. Plants for the parent that nurtures you

Mother's day gift ideas - plants

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Plants are evergreen gifts, literally and figuratively. If she’s fond of gardening, plants are the best choice for her. From low-maintenance house plants to exotic saplings, there’s a plant for every kind of gardener with exclusive discounts on plant shops. me.

7. Makeup to make her smile

Mother's day gift ideas - makeup

A little makeup has the power to give anybody a feeling of self-love. So indulge your mamma in some of it by gifting her makeup essentials. Whether it’s bright red lipstick or some sombre eye shadow, it will surely highlight your radiant smile.

8. Jewelry for your precious

mother's day gift from daughter

DESERTCART- Mother and Daughter Necklace AED 137

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, we all secretly know that mum is our one true friend. To celebrate her by gifting your mom jewelry that she will cherish. This pendant is the most thoughtful mother’s day gift from her daughter. While you’re at it, you wouldn’t want to miss mom deals on Desertcart.

9. Perfumes are a classic choice for Mother’s day gifts

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Perfumes are an elegant choice for this special occasion. While it may be difficult to express bottled-up emotions towards our loved ones, a fragrance bottle can do the trick as well. Choose a long-staying fragrance that will be a keepsake to remind her how much you love her.

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10. Give time to her

thoughtful mother's day ideas

Isn’t it sad that as we grow up we miss out on spending time with our parents each passing year? This mother’s day gift, make up for the lost time by just sitting with her discussing the snippets from your life. You’ll both cherish this memory for a lifetime.

11. Or a watch!

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Time is always running out, but watches are a timeless choice. You can celebrate your mum’s special day by donning her hands with a timeless timepiece. Your thoughtful gesture is going to remind her of you every time she looks at the time.  

12. A personalized mother’s day gift card  

personalized mother's day gifts

Sometimes, words are the best way to express our emotions. Wish mama on this special occasion a customized present. You can go all out and show some love with a gift card. Decorate it with doodles, poetry or even a make write a letter to your mom.

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13. A blanket that will hug your mummy when you’re unable to

Mother's day gifts

AMAZON- The Comfy Original Wearable blanket AED 268.23

This comfortable comforter that doubles as a cozy hoodie are perfect for the times that your mummy wants to stay in and relax. It will keep her warm when she’s at home lounging. It makes for an awesome gift for your mummy to make her feel special.

14. Cookware for the one who fed you first

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Breast milk is perhaps every child’s first meal. You can acknowledge every meal that your mommy has cooked for you by gifting her a long-lasting cookware item. You can even take it up a notch by cooking her favorite meal on!

15. Mother’s Day Special fried chicken bouquet from Roost Rotisserie and Deliveroo

Deliveroo friend chicken bouquet

This year, Deliveroo has come up with a fun initiative in partnership with Roost Rotisserie. You can now order a beautiful chicken bouquet for Mother’s Day in UAE! This is definitely a unique mother’s day gift.

16. Some vitamins to take care of your mom


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As we grow older, our vitamin needs increase but the body’s ability to synthesize those decreases. So it’s important to get our requisite vitamins from food or even supplements. Whether it’s from a son or a daughter, vitamins are a smart mother’s day gift idea and special occasion.

17. A mug so that mum’s cup of life always overflows

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AMAZON- Mother’s Day Gift, Best Mom Ever Coffee Mug AED 25.50

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Whether is mother’s day gifts or birthday gifts or other celebrations, Mugs are a classic gifting choice on any occasion. You can get awesome mugs from Amazon, or even personalize them with something special for your supermom.

18. A bag to Light up Your Mum’s Mood!

Beige colored Mommy Bag from Babysouk

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Babysouks iconic Mommy Bag celebrates its 5th anniversary with a brand new version: the Mommy Bag puffered. This bag is a must-have for new and expecting moms all over the world.

19. A Movie Date with Mom

Mother's day gifts ideas

The theaters may be shut, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some movie time with your mother. Select your mum’s favorite movie and watch it together. You can even prepare her some movie-time snacks and let her enjoy them to the fullest.

20. Celebrate a new mom

new mom

If you know someone who has just become a new mom recently, this occasion is a special one for them. Add to the happiness by gifting a goodie bag for her child and her.

21. A Photograph to relive the memories

favorite photo mom

Here is a unique mother’s day gift idea way to celebrate this special occasion. Look for an old photograph and retouch it digitally to create a high-quality version. Print a life-size version of her favorite photos so that she can always muse over them.

22. A Full Body Medical Examination

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In our busy lives, we often fail to notice that our parents are growing older. Take time out on such special occasions to coax your elders into a full medical checkup. Ensuring that they’re eating healthy and mildly exercising is sometimes all that’s needed to show that you care.

23. A Jab Against Covid-19

mother's day covid vaccine

Post-Covid, celebrations are hardly going to be ordinary. Now that the vaccine is here, it isn’t such a bad idea to take your old lady for a shot that will protect her health.

24. A Tea Set for when she entertains guests

tea set mother's day amazon

AMAZON- Vintage Tea Cup And Saucer Set AED 86.29

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If there is one thing common to mothers in UAE, it’s the fact that they enjoy having guests over. So a beautiful tea set could definitely lend to her happiness.

25. A canvas painting that celebrates her beauty

canvas painting

There’s something so special about getting a portrait painting of yourself. Give your mommy that special feeling by bringing home a beautiful painting of your beautiful mom.

26. A musical box that sings her praises

Gift for Mom from Son DesertCart

desertcart- You are My Sunshine Music Box, Gift for Mom from Son AED 89

Musical boxes are dreamy choices for gifting someone. Get this sweet singing box that’ll hum to your mama just like the lullabies she sang when you were young.

27. A board game to bring out the child in her

gift board games

Let your love for mommy show this year by gifting her a board game that you can enjoy with the whole family. Whether it’s a puzzle or monopoly, some childish fun can surely make her forget the chores for a while.

28. Some shoes for the one that taught you how to walk

mother child baby shoes

They say a pair of good shoes take you places. Wish for the most fruitful voyages for your mum by giving her a pair of solid land-lasting shoes.

29. A Health Insurance Policy

Sometimes it is better to be practical with your gifting choices. A health insurance policy for both your parents or even grandparents will prove to be a sound investment if ever the need arises.

30. Hamper to Pamper your lady

Mother's day gift hampers

A customized gift is the most personal way to say you care. Collect her favorite photos and other stuff she likes. Put it together in a thoughtful hamper. Here’s what you can put into your box:

  • Flowers, chocolates, and a personalized card
  • An assortment of her favorite snacks
  • Make a hamper with handmade goodies, such as cakes, sugary treats, and cookies.
  • Homemade potpourri and decor items that will lift her mood instantly.
  • Mother’s day gift’s from amazon or noon

The Most Unique mother’s day gift: Say Thank you, Mum

Mother's day gifts

Sometimes the quietest gestures leave the biggest impact. Take time out on this Arabian Mother’s Day to Say Thank you, Mom. Remind her how much you value and appreciate her presence in your life. That will count as the most precious among all mother’s day gifts for your mama. Looking for ways to save? Here is a better and easier way for you to find the coupons you need! Visit and let the bot find you the best deals. Get access to hundreds of coupons with a few simple clicks right away! Chat with ChatBots and get the perfect coupon for you instantly! Visit our site and you may just score big on coupons every day!