Runners might be fussy about the equipment they use, so if you’re a runner, we have compiled a list of the best gift ideas for runners. This gift selection includes must-haves for runners of all levels of experience, from novice runners breaking their first mile to health enthusiasts and marathon runners. So, if you’re seeking the best gifts for runners, look no further than our gift guide.

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10 useful gifts for runners

Cooling towel: Set of 6

gifts for runners

Price: AED 41.75

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With this cooling towel, you can stay in the game and combat the heat. You can be ready to face the heat in seconds. Allow it to soak. Wring it out. Calm down. It’s that simple. Warming up the towel again? Simply rinse and repeat! So, what’s stopping you? Get started and start crushing.

Instant happy feet gift set

gifts for runners

Price: AED 352.17

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Runners’ feet can develop painful blisters, dry skin, and callouses if they are not properly cared for. However, part of the reason we run is to look good, especially our feet. With this gift, you can help the runner in your life keep their feet as sexy as the rest. This set includes a calming foot bath, salt and sand foot scrub, peppermint foot balm, and a pumice stone, making it ideal for post-run self-care.

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Foam roller

Price: AED 19.99

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For runners, foam rolling is vital. It can shorten healing time and alleviate discomfort. Furthermore, utilizing a foam roller daily relieves muscle tension in tight areas such as the hamstrings. By reducing muscle tension in persistently tight places, a foam roller and related equipment can give some of the benefits of deep-tissue massage.

Dr. Scholl’s running insoles

Price: AED 63.90

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Even if you’ve found the ideal running shoes, Scholl’s insoles can improve their performance. Dr. Scholl’s gives a 3D touch to engage your 70,000-foot nerves thanks to its Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT) paired with improved cushioning. That means incredible comfort, improved motion, fewer injuries, and increased stability for increased confidence. A sensible jogging gift that their feet will appreciate.

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Soft hydration water bottle

gifts for runners

Price: AED 49.99

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Hydration is essential! You can keep hold of it thanks to the bottle.

If you believe this isn’t a real issue, try running with a soft hydration grip water bottle to see how you like it. This 20-ounce bottle will get you through the runs. The bottle is also BPA-free. With a broad neck design, it is simple to fill water; simply hold both sides of the pot’s top to fill. When you wish to drink water, simply nibble the groove of the valve or use a straw without taking your running backpack off or pausing your stride. The high-flow bite valve auto-seals after each sip, without leaking.

A Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow book

Price: AED 89.50

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A bad diet cannot be outrun, therefore even the most determined runners must eat well. However, this does not imply a diet consisting of protein drinks, brown rice, chicken breast, and broccoli. Instead, run Fast, cook Fast, and Eat Slow recipes blend the nourishment required by runners with the deliciousness required by foodies.

First aid skin balm

Price: AED 97.00

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Legend’s products are well-known among those interested in health and wellness. They are organic and do not come into contact with any harmful chemicals, dyes, or fake fragrances. Comfrey, Plantain, Ginseng, Rosehip, Essential Oils, and hemp oils are used to make this balm. The all-purpose hemp salve relieves aching muscles and can also prevent and relieve chafing.

Compression socks

Price: AED 59.90

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You’ve probably heard that compression socks can help prevent DVT while flying, but did you realize they can also help with muscle recovery? They work by increasing blood circulation, which increases oxygen circulation and reduces lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid is responsible for post-workout soreness.

Blisters prevention tape

Price: AED 48.17

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Why are blisters so painful?! A blister may appear to be a little inconvenience, but it can entirely derail a run. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and these patches do just that: they prevent blisters from forming. If you’re too late and already have a blister, these patches will rescue your run.

They’re great for running, but they also look well with dress shoes. These patches do not adhere to your skin; instead, they adhere to your shoes, but you will not feel them. They are only 0.015 inches thick, so they will not alter the fit of your shoes.

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Run ultra weave faster jacket by Puma

gifts for runners

Price: AED 314

Buy here

It’s difficult enough to motivate oneself to go for a run in the winter without the added pressure of feeling cold and clammy from sweating. However, running equipment has evolved significantly in recent years. This jacket keeps you warm while also wicking moisture away from your body. Place it directly on top of your t-shirt. It also includes thumb openings to protect the sleeves from riding up and keep your hands warm.

Running sneakers

Price: AED 299

Buy here

An essential gift for runners is a pair of running shoes. The Adidas Duramo 10 is lightweight and has a durable upper mesh. It has eyelets with lace-up closure for a secure fit and cushioned ortholite sock liner for comfort. The light motion midsole is for added comfort and the patterned rubber outsole is for traction and grip. 

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