With the month of Ramadan ticking away and the pandemic keeping us all mostly indoors, have you been searching for activities to entertain your kids? Since Eid-ul-Fitr is just around the corner, this fun indoor project can help you count down until the celebrations. Here we present instructions to make some of the coolest DIY Eid cards for kids. Read on and do share with us how your Eid crafts turn out at VoucherCodesUAE social media.  

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1. Royal Crescent and Moon DIY Eid Card

diy eid cards for kids

This greeting card looks like it could have been bought at a gift shop. But, you’ll be surprised to learn that this is an easy do-it-yourself Eid project that your kids will love.

Here’s a step-by-step illustration to make these DIY Eid cards for kids:

Stationery and Tools required

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  •  A purple-colored chart paper: We have used these origami papers from Amazon UAE for our card. They come in a riot of colors and were super easy to cut too!
  • A golden glitter paper 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • A scale/ruler 
  • Glue
  • A pencil
  • Golden lace for decoration (optional)

Procedure to make this Eid Card for Kids 

ramadan card for kids1. Cut out the card 

  • Take the purple chart paper and let your little one measure a rectangle of 60 cm x 30 cm size with the help of a scale
  • Mark the measurements with a pencil and cut out the rectangle
  • Now, repeat the same with the golden shimmery paper so that you have two rectangles
  • Fold the papers at the center horizontally to create your card‘s outer body

diy eid mubarak cards for kids UAE

  • 2. Add various decorative shapes to the card 
  • Let your kids get creative with their imagination and decide on shapes they want to use on their Eid Mubarak cards.
  • Here we have used a Golden Crescent and Moon
  • Using a pencil draw the shapes on the golden sheet
  • Let your little kid assist you as you cut the shapes for them (be careful to supervise your little one while using scissors)
  • Now take glue and stick the Eid moon and stars on top of your greeting card design.
  • You can even decorate the edges of the card with lace or ribbon embellishment.

Voila, Your Kid’s DIY Eid Card is ready!

2. Paper Plate Moon and Stars Eid Cards for Kids

diy eid cards for kids

Any activity for kids that teaches them an important lesson is definitely worth your time. This Recycled DIY Eid card for children is one craft that will definitely teach your baby about the importance of sustainability.

Here’s how you can create this fun Ramadan card:

 Stationery and Tools You Need

diy amazon supplies

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  1. 2 Disposable plates that you’ve got lying in the house (*make sure to recycle old plates instead of buying new ones)  
  2. Paint and glitter of your choice (Gold and black Crayola paint from Amazon has been used for illustration)
  3. Paint brush 
  4. Glue
  5. Scissor
  6. Pencil  


How to make this DIY Eid Card

eid card for kids

  • Take one disposable paper plate and help your child neatly paint it black with a paintbrush
  • With the second paper plate, draw out a crescent and moon with a pencil
  • Cut out the shapes for your child and let them arrange it on the first paper plate
  • Stick your Ramadan moon and stars on the card and your child’s Eid card is ready! 


3. Printable Eid Mubarak Lantern Card

eid card for kids printable

Sometimes, the simplest designs turn out to be the most thoughtful gifts for Eid celebrations. In the age when digital media is freely accessible, printables can be your best bet for making quick and easy cards for kids. This one is a playful design for an Eid card that your children will surely enjoy making.

Here’s how you can make a printable Eid Mubarak card

Eid card printables

1.Turn your Kid‘s design into A Card

  • Search the internet for some fun eid-inspired patterns and designs and print them on paper.
  • You can even scan and print your child’s own drawings of ramadan lanterns and stars.
  • Now, take a sturdy piece of paper and glue your child’s eid drawing on it. Your digitally printed eid card is ready! 

We used the HP Smart Tank printer from Amazon for our Eid card printables. They turned out glossy and beautiful. If you’re a first-time shopper do use the coupon code “AHSNEW” for a discount of 15% on your first home services order! 

4. Buy DIY Card Kits Online

If you’re somebody who loves ready access to craft supplies, you can try out various card kits that are available online. All your child will need to do is put the various elements of the KIT together.

Here are some cute and useful card kits that we found online:  

  1. This 5 Pcs. DIY Kit is perfect for creating cute paper quilling designs

Amazon- 5Pcs. DIY Greeting Card (AED 50.69)

2. If you’ve got many children, this 1000 Pcs. art and craft supply from Hala will be perfect for engaging all of them.

art and craft supplies

Amazon- Hala’s1000 pcs DIY Art Supplies ( AED 75.49)

3.  We also loved this pastel DIY kit for card making. The floral print against and the gold embellishments will look pretty on your kid’s Eid greeting card

card making kits uae

Amazon- 1 card making set ( AED 49.18)


Eid mubarak

With the Pandemic still grappling with us, activities like these can really uplift your loved ones‘ spirits during festivities. While they may not be able to frolic at theme parks this year, we hope this little project to make DIY Eid cards for kids will bring you joy this season. We wish you a Happy and Safe Eid-ul-Fitr!

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