The second Eid of the year is here and while we understand that gifting is a very tricky affair, your kids may not.

Eid al-Adha is observed to commemorate Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son for Allah and so it greatly celebrates the spirit of sharing. Gifting has become an integral part of the festival, and Eid shopping has its own charm.

However, reaching this point of finding the perfect last-minute gift, especially for your children can be very taxing. The option to omit to gift your children is not even in the cards. They are eager to wear new clothes and receive gifts from you aka elders. Now, thanks to online e-commerce, the selection is made much easier, and thanks to, the deliveries happen within a day.

Indoor games

Treat your children to what many now be called “good old times.”

Minus the technology and video games, indoor games can be a great way to show them that the idea of fun is not confined to virtual reality. The packaging of the gift makes the gift look rather massive, which spurs them in excitement to tear it open. The bonus is that a meaningful board game also means good quality time for the entire family. Say Scrabble (above 5 years), jigsaw puzzles, Taboo, Monopoly, Game of Life, Twister, Carrom Board and much more.

Outdoor play

Gone are the days when parents used to yell children to come home. Now, parents urge their little ones to go out and enjoy a bit of the sun. Outdoor game supplies are the magic you’ve been waiting for. If your kids enjoy splashing water, then water play would be an ideal gift. With floaters and water slides and baby pools, it will be hard to keep them in.

Kid on tube with yellow sunglass in the pool


Building games

Legos, Jenga, and all building games harness the creativity of your kids so there’s all the more reason to gift them. Give them things to build and they might astound you. Lego’s creativity box comes with versatile legos that help unleash your child’s imagination. This set has three levels and comes with special elements such as windows, doors, wheels, and eyes. Classic creativity box is available on Noon, only at AED 68.80. Use coupon code ‘EIDI’ from VoucherCodesUAE to avail 10% off.

Art and craft

Is your child artistically gifted? Why not give them the gift of creativity with paints, clay, and drawing boards? You never know what magic may unfurl when you give your kids the right gift. DIY products open the possibility of self-expression, realization, and most importantly teach them to do things independently. If your child is above 3 years old, a DIY Button Bouquet can be a good start to trigger your child’s visual sense.


An easy option that guarantees your child’s happiness. Be it action figures or dolls or electronic toys, only a child understands their boding with toys. Toys are actually helpful in a way to determine your kid’s social interactions. Avengers action figure set is sure to delight your little Superman. When it comes to dolls, ensure to keep the message that beauty is not confined to the skin color and body shape and looking perfect or doll-like isn’t just looking about a certain way. Now with the varieties of dolls available online, the social conditioning of children can be avoided for them to grow up with a healthy ideology.


As books are an adored gift for adults, books are equally a beloved gift for children. This Eid you can gift your little one a book on your culture to familiarize them with the festival. Moral Islamic Stories for Children contains 41 stories and can help your child understand Islam. Children’s Stories from the Quran is another book to help your kids understand the sacred text. Other books on poetries and bedtime stories also make an ideal festive gift.

Whatever you decide you to purchase for your kids, don’t forget to use the code ‘EIDI’ to get 10% off on all items on Noon from VoucherCodesUAE. Have fun shopping, and next year, try not to keep it for the last minute.