Get-togethers may be unlikely this year, but gifts can very much be a part of the quarantined Ramadan celebrations. You may not be able to present the gifts to your near and dear ones personally but you sure can have it delivered to their doorstep. Besides, an unexpected delivery would definitely make an even better surprise.

Not sure what to gift your loved ones this Ramadan?

VoucherCodesUAE presents to you ideal gift ideas that you could present your loved ones with this Ramadan. Also, for the best offers, discount codes, and coupons, check out our top Ramadan deals to brighten your quarantine mood.

1. Prayer Rug

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

This holy month is all about spirituality and there’s definitely going to be more prayers. That’s why a prayer rug would make a really nice gift. We’ve picked out this Unmovable Prayer Mat from Amazon. The anti-slip feature of this mat makes it convenient to use for prayers. You can use our discount code “AMAZON15” to avail 15% off on your first order. This code is valid for UAE users and you can get a maximum discount of up to AED 50.

2. Book Stand

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

It is encouraged to read the entire Quran during the month-long festival of Ramadan. Since this is a time for prayers and worship, a book stand to hold the Holy book would make a really thoughtful gift. We’ve picked out this book stand from Amazon to aid in the reading of the Holy book during this sacred month.

3. Dates

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

Dates are a popular Ramadan staple and this would make an excellent choice for gifting during this holy month since, according to tradition, people break their fast by eating dates first. Besides, it also helps restore the sugar level in the body. Take your pick from this wide array of dates on Amazon.

4. Abaya

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

Modest clothing is encouraged during this holy month, and Abayas would make a great gift to present to women. You can choose from a wide Abaya Collection on 6th Street. Use our Ramadan discount code “6ST008” to avail a flat 15% off on all orders.

5. Hijab

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

Hijabs would make an ideal gift for women observing fasting during this holy month. Choose from a range of Hijabs from Modanisa. You can use our Ramadan discount code “ANDI” and get an extra 10% off.

6. Dry Fruits & Nuts

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

Gifting something healthy and nutritious like a box of dry fruits & nuts would make a pleasant gesture. Nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals and are good to snack on after breaking the fast. You can even customize your own choice of dry fruits from this collection on Amazon and gift it in one of these pretty boxes for dry fruits, tied with a ribbon.

7. Arabian Perfumes

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

Arabic perfumes are fragrant oils worn traditionally which makes it a great personal gift. Some of these also contain essential oils. Gift your dear ones a fragrance to remember. Choose from a variety of Arabian Scents from Golden Scent. You can use our Ramadan discount code “DC043” to get an extra 5% off on all orders.

8. Chocolates

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

Sweets and desserts are a vital part of the Ramadan celebration. The evenings after Iftar are followed by the consumption of sweet delicacies. Although these items are usually prepared at home, sweet products like chocolates are still worth gifting. Choose from a variety of chocolates from this collection on amazon and gift it to your loved ones.

9. Personalized Gifts

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

You can also customize your own basket of gifts and mix everything from food items to other essentials which you deem may be necessary. You know what the person you’re giving the gift to would like, so keeping it all in mind, put together a basket or a tray of goodies and have it delivered for a wonderful quarantined Ramadan.

10. Gift Card

Ramadan Gift Ideas VoucherCodesUAE

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to gift your loved one/s on this special occasion, sending a gift card would be a great solution for you. Have doubts about this? Here’s why gift cards would make the best present. Get your perfect eGift Card from You Got a Gift and send it as a wonderful surprise. You can use our code “SE_LOVE5” to get 5% off on all orders.

Along with pleasing your close ones with gifts, do keep in mind Ramadan is the month of giving. Offering charity and donations to the poor should be taken equally into consideration. Having said this, we hope you have a wonderful Ramadan 2020. Here’s wishing everyone, Ramadan Kareem!