Online and offline retailers are buzzing with back to school sales, and while that is extremely important to perk up your child’s interest in getting back to school, it is as important for you, to gear up for office time.

Winding up the holidays to return to work is quiet, um, disheartening. Your child may also be dreading going back to school, but as a parent, you need to get that poker face on and encourage them to be excited.

The trick, of course, is getting new things. You may be surfing the internet to get your child that perfect set of lunchbox or crayons, but you need that push as well. Excitement does not discriminate. So, here are the best deals online, well suited for you and your child to your hands on.

Magnetic planners

Monthly magnetic calendar sets the mood right to work. Nothing better than waking up to a planned week, if not a month. Getting the planners at home will help you and your child organize, plan and stay ahead.

Our pick: Amazon’s white board planner can be easily stuck on the refrigerator and comes with three colored markers to note what’s to be done and tick off what’s accomplished.

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As expected in the mentions, notebooks are needed in every phase of our lives. But what is better than buying two separate notebooks for your child and yourself is getting a whole set.

Noon has a fancy set of ten spiral notebooks that can be easily distributed at home and school.

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Capacity pencil case

We are not just talking about school, we are talking about office and school. So the pencil box that’s apt to be carried is a capacity pencil case where every stationary fits.

Amazon has got you covered on that. The four layers high capacity pencil case doubles up as a makeup case as well. From pencils, to pens, to color pencils, to brushes, all fit in one handy layered case.

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Filing envelopes

It takes extra caution to carry important documents. Filing envelopes not only segregate important paper works but also saves it from getting misplaced. Be it your child’s report card or your client’s document, you need to be alert when carrying around. Tucking documents inside colorful envelopes helps you remember where you’ve kept besides shielding it from tearing and staining.

Get a set of colorful filing envelopes that come with a closure to secure your files. has a set of these files that come with a cardholder to inscribe your name.

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If office duties call for a backpack then why not get something durable and fancy which your child will not hesitate to carry it to school as well? A good school backpack doesn’t just qualify with fancy, it needs to be extra comfortable.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s backpack is rated a good bag for office and school. Featuring padded shoulder straps, your child can comfortably carry the medium backpack to school and you can carry it to work on days you have extra stuff to carry. Depending on the size of your laptop, it may or may not fit.

However, another one from the brand is a tote bag which is durable and ideal to be carried at work. Have a look here.

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Something as simple as a pen can create waves of excitement. If your child is going from using pencils to pen at school, then a new set of pens should skyrocket their enthusiasm. As for your benefit, there’s nothing called “too many pens.” Whether you are starting a new routine, taking notes, sticking reminders, carrying a pen in your bag is a smart move. You never know when a pen comes in handy, as they say, it is mightier than a sword. has a set of blue ink pens, ideal for students and office workers. A set of 12 pens cost only AED 23.85. Colorful ones cost AED 29.

How to save money on school supplies?

Buying school supplies that double up as office supplies and vice-versa is a good way to start saving. Given that the rise in the price of school supplies is alarming, it is imperative to consider saving during the back to school season. Here are other ways to save:

  1. Check before you buy

You may already have what you think you need to buy, so it is wise to scan the house before purchasing. Check your closet as well as your child’s and shell out the pens, pencils, sharpeners and papers that may be lying around. That way you will be buying only what you need and not what you think you need.

  1. Purchase online

Online is the best place to be for school shopping. Not only is your child away from temptation but you get to see the best deals when you follow brands on Social Media. Amazon UAE is giving 50% off on back to school supplies and is giving 20%. You can easily compare prices online and secure the best buy.

  1. Coupon codes

This is the best time to utilize the coupon codes that are waiting for you. VoucherCodesUAE gives a minimum of 10% and a maximum of over 50% on already discounted products. Survey the codes and copy-paste it when checking out to save a great deal when shopping online.